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  1. i have b2b picks in middle of 1st, considering a move up. but the more i look at these prospects i cant help wonder why? I'd love to get my hands on swift/taylor or juedy/lamb but omg i could be really happy with akers/chuba combo or any of those back end of 1st WRs. any opinions if swift/taylor stand out enough to you vs sitting put for 2 of in the middle of round?
  2. i'm gonna throw a line in for gaskin personally (14tm ppr)
  3. maybe i sold low but just bailed last week in dynasty and consider myself lucky to get out. course the long game would suggest wait for a spark and then sell but i just cant watch anymore, have to turn away.
  4. or Tampa, Chicago, Cincy... Teddy gonna make some $ next year, he's earned it these last few weeks.
  5. i would not give up singletary for lindsay but i wouldve taken that '20 1st, even last pick of the 1st.
  6. this is the Q i think given what we've seen historically from BB and the Pats, they have roles, and players that fill roles. so if they like him in the slot, feels like that's what he's gonna be. also feels a bit like this young kid julian edelman that made some splashes while sitting behind wes welker. good stash in dynasty but that's it for now. if i'm stashing a pats wr in dynasty, it will be the rookie vs 4th yr redskin castoff signed to only a 1 yr deal in NE, so answering my own Q from a few posts ago, i choose jakobi over maurice harris.
  7. wouldn't call harry a flier personally. maybe he doesn't win starting gig from wk1 but he will
  8. so if you wanted to take a flier on a Pats WR, who do you like - Meyers or Harris?
  9. kept getting stuck at 20 thinking 'dude you need more depth'!! glad i'm not alone here.
  10. Patrick Mahomes now, name the first player you Unselect, also Patrick Mahomes
  11. maybe this isnt the best place, but cant find anything in help section i've stumbled on a feature before but cannot find it again there was something you could set like "wait for X number of players" at a position before selecting in the autodraft settings. looking all over and damn if i cannot find it again!! anyone?