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  1. let's not put him up there as jamarcus russell superbust
  2. i know we hv a lot of big names to play these last 2 games snf/mnf but the cutoff sitting 116 ish just blows my mind our only active rbs this week were lamar miller and peyton freakin barber thank goodness the TEs came thru BIG! thank you ertz & burton! and smokey brown
  3. is this gonna be a record low cutoff? crazy low scores this week so far!
  4. forgot to come in and wish everyone good luck. got bumped last week by 0.05 pts. top name below the cut line. ouch. good luck!
  5. FBG contest and MFL are not either, apparently it's offensive play, rushing TD
  6. so will the jacksonville fake punt TD count for corey grant rush or Jags ST?
  7. apparently you said your prayers this morning? ingram carried enough for both of em i guess.
  8. is that current cutoff line for real? 107? that's the lowest i've ever seen with 1 game left to play. knew it was a bad week across the nfl but DAMN!
  9. and the brownstains will still trade down to NOT take a qb
  10. pullin for ya, i need 24 300 yds + 2 TDs (tho no INTs) or 250 + 3 TDs (allows 2 INTs)
  11. as a gio owner i would caution, that isn't sayin much. i grabbed watkins and thielen instead, also bailed on perkins.
  12. and i knew this before i started and forgot while panicking i knew this cause i also have dalton. but never fear, i picked up alex smith to cover wk 9 when they host jags. KMN