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  1. i would not give up singletary for lindsay but i wouldve taken that '20 1st, even last pick of the 1st.
  2. this is the Q i think given what we've seen historically from BB and the Pats, they have roles, and players that fill roles. so if they like him in the slot, feels like that's what he's gonna be. also feels a bit like this young kid julian edelman that made some splashes while sitting behind wes welker. good stash in dynasty but that's it for now. if i'm stashing a pats wr in dynasty, it will be the rookie vs 4th yr redskin castoff signed to only a 1 yr deal in NE, so answering my own Q from a few posts ago, i choose jakobi over maurice harris.
  3. wouldn't call harry a flier personally. maybe he doesn't win starting gig from wk1 but he will
  4. so if you wanted to take a flier on a Pats WR, who do you like - Meyers or Harris?
  5. kept getting stuck at 20 thinking 'dude you need more depth'!! glad i'm not alone here.
  6. Patrick Mahomes now, name the first player you Unselect, also Patrick Mahomes
  7. maybe this isnt the best place, but cant find anything in help section i've stumbled on a feature before but cannot find it again there was something you could set like "wait for X number of players" at a position before selecting in the autodraft settings. looking all over and damn if i cannot find it again!! anyone?
  8. anyone's thoughts on impending FA Jacoby Brissett in 2020? does he get a shot for starting gig or is he destined to be no better than elite backup or temp bridge QB at best?
  9. currently WR27 in redraft-ppr rankings, with the latest 2 entries #14 (7/18) and #4 just this morning (before this announcement) where do we rank him now? i say around 7-8ish, cant quite put him top5. NFL definitely left the door open to reevaluate, which is how they should do things anyway, and i'm also not so sure we've heard the end of the audio tape comments.
  10. let's not put him up there as jamarcus russell superbust
  11. i know we hv a lot of big names to play these last 2 games snf/mnf but the cutoff sitting 116 ish just blows my mind our only active rbs this week were lamar miller and peyton freakin barber thank goodness the TEs came thru BIG! thank you ertz & burton! and smokey brown
  12. is this gonna be a record low cutoff? crazy low scores this week so far!