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  1. Hey Sig, Just need one WR for an open slot, please Diggs, McLaurin, DeMarcus Robinson, Samuel Thanks--
  2. Hi Sig, Need 3 wrs from this group, I know health is a major issue right now-- Godwin, Gordon, McLaurin, Samuel, Demarcus Robinson, Diffs Thanks a bunch!
  3. Hi Sig, Need 3 wrs in a 0.5 ppr, Godwin, Diggs, Gordon, Demarcus Robinson (btw I'm playing the Mahomes owner), Curtis Samuel Thank you much!
  4. Hey Sig, 0.5 ppr, need 3 WRs, which one sits? Diggs, Gordon, Godwin, Demarcus Robinson I also have the option to sit Sony at RB 2 and play all 4 wr if it matters-- Thanks as always, sir!
  5. Called 3 different days and spoke with 3 different people, and got offered the same 25% off Max every time. Brought up the perks I see cancelled customers are offered, played the long-time customer card, told them I wasn't trying to get a free ride, just something I could afford, but none of my approaches that worked in the past would fly this time. Friendly discussion all the way through, but they didn't care and wouldn't give me anything else, said that was the only discount they are offering this season. Damn you Red Zone channel and your evil mind control...
  6. Hey Sig, Which one sits out of these 4 : Alex Collins, Jordy Nelson, Amari Cooper, Paul Richardson ( I have Wilson at QB) Thanks as always!
  7. Holy ####! Good on you man, that's the best deal I think I've ever heard in my years of haggling with them. I was happy to just get my usual $100 off over the extent of the season.
  8. Sucks there's no MITB match anymore. And when's Ziggler gonna cash his in already, I'm totally over his dragging around the stupid case all these months.
  9. Didn't Cena do that to Batista at a PPV a few years back? Loved Rock winning the belt, but surprised they let it change hands to a part-time performer, even as great as he is. Am I the only one thinking a triple-threat at Wrestlemania with Rock/Cena/Lesnar where Cena pins Lesnar or something and Rock loses the title indirectly so everyone saves face and there's a full-time champ again?
  10. Slightly off topic but is that true about ankles? I would think the opposite would be the case here.That surprised me too-- I have a hard time believing that, but maybe he's referring to a lower-ankle sprain, I don't know that you can do anything but ride out the time with a high-ankle. I had a bad one once and besides the doc handing me a pair of crutches, and a bill for $150, there's not much else they can do.
  11. There's a chat right now on with beat writer Jeff Duncan, who just posted this a few minutes ago in answer to Graham questions: "I think he plays. Ankles are one of the easiest injuries to play with. They can usually apply some painkiller injection and you can get through the game. I'll be surprised if he doesn't play." :fingerscrossed:
  12. I agree with this.Whining or walking away doesn't always work since they know the next guy in line will blindly pay. see Great BenefitAbsolutely. I work in a customer service field myself and hate having to be "that guy" in my own dealings with people, the one who whines and complains till he gets what he wants, just like the ones I deal with. Would be great to just be straight up and not have to play this game every year just to get a decent price I should be getting anyway for long-term loyalty. I don't expect to get something for nothing, but I don't want to get bent over every year either while new customers get primo deals just because Direct has the NFL monopoly.
  13. 7 year dtv customer and I called last week looking for a deal and nothing. Called back on Friday, chose cancel service and within minutes had ST for free. I gave them the whole long time customer and I pay a separate bill for phone and Internet and I know other people who are getting the deal who aren't new customers.Good luck!I had it since October 2000 and cancelled on Saturday, 9/10. I was offered to get it for $180 this year, but I wanted it for free. I was not offered that, so I don't have it anymore.Cancle service!! You have to be willing to do this. they will then transfer you to a customer retension agent. they are the ones who can give out the good stuff!!!!Just called for this year, Got $30 off monthly bill, Free HD, Free Starz, and Free Sunday Ticket with RedZone. You Have to say you want to cancel your service to get to a customer retension agent. it can be doneI just called and got offered the exact same deal minus the RedZone. I passed on it. The RedZone is only part of the Sunday Ticket Max, which also includes Sunday Ticket To-Go. I asked if I could upgrade to "Max" at a later date and she said "no, it would cancel the current deal you are getting and you'd pay full price". What magic words did you say to get the RedZone? I told her I'd think on it and call back soon.....she's going to achieve my current deal for me, so I can take it at any time. I know different agents offer different deals so I'll try to call back at a later time and see if I can swindle the Max package.Called back today and accepted the deal for $30 off my bill x 12 months and Sunday Ticket for FREE on top of it. The guy I spoke to today told me that I can upgrade to Sunday Ticket Max at any time for 4 payments of $25!! That fixes it.....can't beat getting $360 off my bill for 1 year. The way I am going to look at it is $260 off for the year and Sunday Ticket Max for FREE. Great deal! Thanks DirecTV!!Good for you, you got lucky. Negotiating was a lot tougher this year after the last 5 or 6 seasons of getting good deals. I talked to two different reps on two different days, and best I could do was $180 off my total service over the next year, which essentially brings the Max package down to $119. This is the earliest I've haggled with them, usually wait until July, don't know if going later makes a difference once they see how many renewals they're getting.
  14. Loved Raylan holding Quarles's severed arm with the gun still in the hand away from him so he couldn't get it Not quite on par with season 2, but still solid. Was bummed when Mags Bennett was killed off last year, hard to top her as an adversary, but they made up for it a little in quantity with Limehouse, Dickey, Duffy and Quarles. Glad they offed Quarles, the show needs a quality bad guy worthy of Raylan next season. Outstanding supporting cast and amazing dialogue.
  15. I agree with your take. I like the style and the look of it and think it still has a lot of potential if they could just tighten up the writing and quit having so many "huh?" moments. I don't get the hate for the way the season ended either. I'm sure I'm in the minority, but I never for a second thought they would solve the case by the end of season one. There were just too many characters and suspects and one layer to the story after another being uncovered, it would've felt to me like they abandoned the story if they neatly tied everything up at the end of last season. I think it's off to a good start so far this year, so I'm still in.And thank god AMC is in HD on DirecTV now. Sucked watching all those good shows in standard def.