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  1. My first post in like 3 years, and this is what finally got me typing
  2. See...I love Cash and all...but I think that is one of the most overrated covers of all time.I dig the orginal and was never a fan of Cash's version. I always found Cash's version to be a lot more "authentic"More authentic than the author's rendering?Someone please just say no, it can't be more authentic than the original. Just do this for me so I don't have to have this fight again. I'm sure it's the thread Belljr linked earlier in which I had this same argument before - I don't have the energy to do it again.Why can't it? The Johnny Cash cover is more authentic. The Trent Reznor version is overly-dramatic and a tad phony IMO.What? Do you understand what authentic means? This is like saying the Venetian hotel in Vegas is more authentic than Venice because Venice has some weird smells floating around it and there are bums on the street corners.I'm only referring to how the song is performed. Cash's performance is more authentic IMO.It cannot be. You can LIKE it better, but it's not more authentic. This is the equivalent of you writing a poem about the darkest, most despairing moment of your life. Imagine you were teetering on the brink of suicide and poured those emotions out on to paper. It was everything you were, the most intense emotional experience of your life. You had the stones to go on the air (imagine the world cared about what you or I was going through, not just famous people) and read this poem. Then, a year or so later, Morgan Freeman re-read it at an inaugural address or something. And America said - "The Freeman reading was so much more authentic. I wasn't really buying it when medium aristotle read that poem, it rang hollow and seemed like the emotion was artificial. But when Morgan Freeman read it... man. You could really tell those words were about him."That's what you're saying. If someone said - "It's a really great poem, but I think it sounds better in Morgan Freeman's voice", you couldn't argue with that. It's an opinion. But for someone to say your words were more authentic coming out of someone else's mouth? Would you really accept that? ^ More authentic than EG's version.
  3. I'm only referring to how the song is performed. Cash's performance is more authentic IMO.So your answer is "no".
  4. It bothers me tremendously that Whitney Houston and Reba McEntire were both listed in this thread, and EG was in here all before anyone mentioned Killswitch Engage "Holy Diver."
  5. Smith was definitely great last night, but I thought a lot of the Hawks shots were more rebound attempts than true shots. After the first period flurry the energy was pretty fleeting and the 'Hawks power play was beyond horrific. Once the second goal was scored, the energy was gone (after the third, most of the crowd was gone, too). Not sure if it came through the broadcast, but the crowd started a "Hossa" chant a couple of times that was pretty cool. If Cornelison had done Tri-Man's idea the roof would have come off that place!!
  6. Torres shouldn't be allowed to walk out of the UC under his own power tonight.Suspended indefinitely.saw that - doesn't change the result from last night tho. The non-call was egregious, and I honestly think there should be a suspension among the officiating staff as well.
  7. Yep. I'm a pretty jaded mofo...not even the cat video got to me...but those stupid surprise homecomings are the devil. Even the dog ones.ETA: This is the one I believe YF23 is talking about. It wipes me out from go.
  8. I was solid until 6:35 - that killed me.
  9. Torres shouldn't be allowed to walk out of the UC under his own power tonight.
  10. First off glad you had a great time. I have been to WDW many times and I still really enjoy it. One of the advantages of going so often is that I don't have to jam everything in -- I have pretty much done it all so if I miss something it is not a big deal. One of our favorite things is the Wine & Food Festival in EPCOT -- it is a lot of fun for adults.I'll address your other points:1. Spring break is a busy time at WDW and so it can get crowded. We typically go in September/October/November when the crowds are smaller and wait times are shorter.2. Going at night is awesome. Our strategy is usually to arrive at the park before rope drop and leave around noon -- then head back to the park around 4:30.3. Fastpass is awesome but look for a major change coming soon.4. These apps are cool but only as good as the people feeding the info in. The two that I used on my last trip were "off" quite a bit.5. I agree that Toy Story Mania is a tad overrated -- the problem is that DHS has few rides for little kids so FP go quickly and the wait times are long. What is needed is another "E" ticket attraction for little kids. There have been rumors about a Monsters, Inc ride in the Pixar location of the park so that might help although it is supposed to be a coaster so I'm not sure how suitable it will be for young kids.6. AK is an awesome park but a lot of people miss out because they are just looking for rides. One thing I think Disney should do is drop the "poacher story" aspect of the Safari -- it is dumb and detracts from an already great attraction. There is a major expansion of the park coming that is based on Avatar -- not sure I like the idea but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.1. I assume 5Rings is talking about Magic Kingdom taking an hour, since you have to go through the extra Transportation Center step. I've never seen any of the other parks take anywhere close to that long when driving.3. Sucks that the return window is being enforced now. Could make things run more smoothly overall though. The rumored xPass thing sounds interesting, but kinda risky from a PR standpoint.5. Toy Story Mania may be overrated, but it's clearly an upgrade over Buzz purely from a ride standpoint. I like them both, but c'mon... What they need at Studios is a "Cars" attraction geared toward kids.6. I know the animatronic elephant is being removed from the safari ride to make room for a zebra watering hole. Is the "poacher story" leaving with it? Avatar sounds interesting and seems like a good fit, because of the conservation themes in the film. And a major expansion (rumored at $500 million) is a nice boost for the Animal Kingdom. Also a nice replacement for the "Beastly Kingdom" that never happened.Good points, God and Stu.Yup, I was talking about MK taking an hour. If I didnt wait 90 minutes in line with 3 kids, I probably would have enjoyed Toy Story more. As it was...and hell, that was really my own fault. I went in thinking we could just "wing" it at the park, I don't need no stinkin plan. Changed our tune real quick come day 2 :lol:The other parks were a breeze to get into. The 3D shows at each park were surprisingly excellent.The staff is amazing at each park. Very impressive experience.I was at DW last week for Spring Break as well - 6 day hopper passes and we stayed at the Wilderness Lodge. Me, my wife & our sons (5, 6) and another couple with boys the same age. It was an exhausting week but we had a total blast. The DW apps were definitely helpful to give general wait times before heading across the park (or not) to get in line, but most of the time I found them to list longer than actual times. In general, afternoons were ridiculously crowded and we couldn't get much done. By the end of the week we just went back to the hotel pool after lunchtime and hit the parks again at dinner. Since we stayed on property, we were able to take advantage of the "magic hours" and that was great. Friday night we stayed at Epcot until midnight (9pm - 12am magic hours) and just ran the kids into the ground. Regarding the Fastpasses, I definitely recommend sending someone to get them while the rest of the party hits another popular ride. That way, you (hopefully) hit one attraction with a shorter line right away and can walk right onto the next.
  11. First time I've been in the FFA in 6 months and this thread is on the first page again. It's like time stands still around here.
  12. What does that mean? the difference on a $300k loan between 4% and 5% is $2138/year. For one year that isn't astounding, but over time that certainly adds up. Besides which, at least in my situation, I'll be refinancing for less than my original loan, since I've been paying against it for 8 years. So the refi difference from a monthly payment standpoint is more pronounced. My bigger concern currently is the potential downside of a 7 year vs. 30 year.
  13. As a general rule, is a 7 year ARM a bad idea? It appears that I missed the bottom of the 30 year rates, but I can still get a 7 year at 4% (currently 8 years into a 30 year at 5.125%).
  14. For anyone in the Chicago area, this is the place we used and loved: Hinsdale Center for Reproduction Can't recommend them enough. Their approach was so much different than either of the two drug-pushing "specialists" we tried before finding these folks. Also, if you click on the "Education" tab, that's my son on the left in the header.