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  1. Why lead with something like this in response to a calm, measured post? It makes you look like you don't understand how language works, which undermines everything that follows.
  2. Eight years from now, he'll still be a centrist member of the House of Representatives. Part of his problem is that his political career doesn't have a clear path forward.
  3. Yeah, we need something less verbose and nuanced than Twitter.
  4. Not sure whether I admire this person or pity him, but this has to be up there as an all-time gaming accomplishment.
  5. Same here. I agonized over 95 and ultimately went with Toy Story, but I could have easily been talked into some other option. 94 is a no-brainer.
  6. I actually (very mildly) agree with this one. It just sounds weird to use the term "female" as a noun in contexts where you would never do so if the sexes were reversed. Nobody would ever say "Look at those males over there."
  7. That's a good argument for not referring to women as broads or chicks, not against an informal method of reference similar to "boys" or "guys."
  8. Florida man shoots Facebook friend in buttocks after political argument
  9. Fair enough. There are close to zero white guys who would have a problem with this. I agree that there is a racial angle here, but the author of the article that we're discussing didn't address that point either, and her argument certainly doesn't hinge on that.
  10. I don't refer to women as "girls" because doing so is inevitably going to offend somebody, and why would I want to gratuitously give offense? Having said that, the article contained this line: This is so wrong it's not even funny. Call it male privilege, but I think there are approximately zero men who would get worked up over this, and the fact the author apparently believes otherwise goes a long way toward undermining her argument.
  11. Not sure why you see this as launching a missile at anybody. Straight-up Nazis, white nationalists, etc. would all love to proportional representation.
  12. In a vacuum, I could definitely get behind a test to determine voting eligibility. But in practice this sort of test has a checkered history in the US, and I don't know that I trust authorities to write an unbiased test without putting their thumb on the scale. I'd rather just stick with an arbitrary age threshold.