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  1. I haven't gotten to play as much as I would like, but I really like the MP. The comments above about the interface are on point though -- not sure why you can't tinker with your loadout someplace other than in-match.
  2. Pretty sure Harambe lives on with Tupac.
  3. If you can conceive of something in real life, it has made an appearance in The Simpsons. (Fighting Hellfish).
  4. Yes. I think if you remove the social and legal sanctions from murder (say), you would see quite a bit more of it. Just look at the international news some time.
  5. I never got this far in the comics, but I agree with both of you. This show badly needed a compelling villain, and it looks they did a great job of casting Negan in a way that's going to bring some energy back into this thing. In two episodes so far (counting last season's finale), he's been exactly the kind of scenery-chewing antagonist that this series needed.
  6. I doubt many of them hate Neegan. People in this show seem to gravitate toward the violent charismatic types, and Neegan's obviously done a good job getting his group to the top of the local food chain. I'd expect that he's respected by his people.
  7. Imagine instead that this episode was the season finale. That's why the end of last season sucked.
  8. They're still dragging it out.
  9. Agreed. 4-3 is sort of okay, but the teams we lost to hurt us.
  10. And that's that.
  11. I know you're focusing on offense, but you figure Dareus would have helped today too.
  12. Because we needed to lose even more WRs . . .
  13. I agree philosophically with this sort of screening for jobs that require an eye for detail. The no-period-after-Inc thing is kind of extreme since I'd imagine your spell-checker is yelling at you for leaving it that way, but your-vs.-you're is really egregious and nobody should be making that mistake in any kind of professional correspondence. What people are saying though -- and it's perfectly in character for you that you're missing the point -- is that there was no special reason for you to be a #### about it. Just delete his email and move on with your life. Edit: Or, if you want to pass along some career advice, you can do that without being a ####. Unless the career advice you want to provide is "Investment banking is full of #####," in which case I salute you on your helpfulness.
  14. After reading the spoilers from the leaked script, I agree even more with (HULK) that the cliff-hanger was stupid. If that script is accurate, it would have been a great season finale.
  15. I would go to visit the city and skip the game if I was allowed to do so. If I have to go to the game, I could screw around on my phone for a couple of hours to pass the time, or bring a book or something.