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  1. Both major parties are big supporters of corporate welfare, and they both support having the government pick winners and losers, block entry through regulation, and other stuff like that. The Libertarians are at least consistent and serious when they talk about scaling back the ability of big businesses to get their way through lobbying -- when the government doesn't do much of anything, there's no reason for anybody to lobby it for favors.
  2. You would think so, but apparently you would be wrong. Honestly, this election has been extremely eye-opening for me. I don't know anybody (that I know of) who embraces racism or white nationalism, but there's obviously a pretty significant number of people out there who do. Not enough to elect a dolt of a candidate, but enough to get that dolt nominated and enough to provide him a 40% or so floor. I'm still anti-PC and pretty much a free speech absolutist. (Actually, it bothers me that "free speech" and "anti-racism" have somehow become opposing sides -- they shouldn't be). But I've become a lot more sensitive to issue of systemic racism than I used to be even a year or so ago. I figured that the racism that existed was more or less dying off on it's own, but the alt-right managed to convince me that that isn't the case and that there's a lot more of this sort of thing out there than I had previously believed.
  3. Resident Evil 4 currently downloading. I am going to show El Gigante what is what tomorrow evening.
  4. This. Europe has had mid-major parties devoted to this ideology for decades. Trump either figured out that there was space in the US for him to tap into those same ideas, or he did it by accident. It would not surprise me if the 2020 GOP nominee was a brighter and more articulate representative of the alt-right. The really scary thing is that that candidate would probably be winning right now.
  5. You guys are playing checkers -- squistion is playing a really demented form of chess.
  6. Gonna need FSM to weigh in on this latest development.
  7. You just called out HT for posting stuff that was unlikely to change any votes. Literally, you just did that minutes ago.
  8. Meh, lots of people have parents who hold views that they don't share. Besides, Hillary Clinton is a miserable candidate for all sorts of good, legitimate reasons. No need to gild the lily by going after her staffer's mom.
  9. I don't particularly care what Kaepernick does or doesn't do during the national anthem. Personally, I stand and take off my hat, but that's just because I'm basically a conformist. If we got rid of this little ritual, that would be fine with me too, and it doesn't bother me if others choose not to participate.
  10. Obama would never be in this situation to begin with. He promised transparency, and by and large he's followed through on that promise. Setting up his own email server to skirt public records laws isn't the kind of thing he would do.
  11. I think I'm probably skipping BF1, but that's just because I'm not really interested in a shooter right now, not because of this. Battlefield titles have always provided fantastic value in their vanilla versions, and the expansion packs have been stellar. I have no objection at all to paid map packs when they're high-quality, and these probably will be based on past trends.
  12. The FBI just went through a slow spell and was looking for things to do, apparently.
  13. Well, she's facing an opponent who could be systematically taken down by a bright middle-schooler. Not sure this is a big accomplishment.
  14. A much better economic argument in favor of estate taxes is that the government has to raise revenue somehow, and estate taxes figure to create far fewer distortions than income taxes or sales taxes. Yeah, sure, rich people waste some resources seeking out loopholes. But those distortions are almost certainly an order of magnitude or more less than the distortions caused by progressive income taxes. An estate tax is pretty close to being an old-school head tax, except the person being taxed is already dead and can't suffer a deadweight loss from beyond the grave. (They may spend their silver years in angst over their inability to pass their entire estate on to their heirs, admittedly).