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  1. I thought the PI/hold was a ticky-tack call that shouldn't have been made at that point of the game. The Bills have had that sort of call go against them over and over and over during my adult lifetime. They had a worse call go against them earlier in this game, and had a similar ticky-tack call on that final drive. Not feeling the slightest bit bad about this win, aside from the lingering issues with the defense playing horribly.
  2. Found it! Week 2 2011 we beat Oakland 38-35, and followed it up by beating New England 34-31 in week 3. That was Fitzmagic . . .
  3. On a trivia-related note, does anybody know the last time we gave up 32+ points and won? That has to be some kind of modern record for this franchise given the relative quality of offense vs. defense we've endured over the past decade and then some.
  4. I did a nice, easy 10-miler on Saturday and just called that my race for recording purposes. 3.1 miles at my weekend-long-run pace isn't a very impressive 5K, but at least I owned a bunch of libs.
  5. Okay, I'll just admit that I'm out-voted on the facemask and let it go. Just gonna enjoy the win and get some alcohol in my system.
  6. I normally agree with this sentiment, but that INT really was an objectively awful call that they got wrong even with the benefit of replay. Also, I watch a lot of football and two things you almost never see are 1) the QB getting a penalty for complaining about a call and 2) the ball-carrier drawing a facemask penalty on a stiff-arm. I'm glad for the iffy makeup call, but it shouldn't have come to that.
  7. You weren't paying attention when the Rams were moving the ball in the first half. Buffalo's defense never showed up today.
  8. After being up by 25 points, the offense is going to have to come out and win this game again.
  9. I mean, that "interception" was about as clear-cut a catch as clear-cut could possibly be.