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  1. I strongly approve of Cruz's non-endorsement and wish others had done the same. Trump doesn't deserve anybody's support. Bernie's situation isn't as much of an outlier.
  2. This. It's like Hillary's people finally lost track of all their scandals. How do make this argument with so little self-awareness?
  3. Agreed. Bernie has at least caucased with Democrats. Trump has no professional connection at all to the GOP.
  4. Yeah, how did I ever get the idea that you were second-guessing their decision to "allow" an independent to run for the party's nomination for president. It's not like you said that was the real question or the real story or anything like that.
  5. Yes, Hillary should definitely explain how Bernie never should have been allowed to run in the first place. That will calm things down.
  6. This just reinforces the assumption that Russia has all of her SOS emails.
  7. Agreed. Thats pretty innocuous.
  8. Back where? Her numbers have been in the toilet for months, not weeks. I agree with you that she'll win because Trump is wretched. But I'm starting to get slightly less confident about that if for no other reason than Clintons continued horrible campaigning. But you're right that she can potentially nail things down a bit this week.
  9. If her upside-down favorable numbers don't refute this hypothesis, what would?
  10. Have you looked at any polling data recently? Hillary would be the most unpopular candidate in modern history if she wasn't running against Orange Hitler. The email thing seems to have knee-capped her.
  11. This story is all that CNN, MSNBC and Fox have been talking about all day. I've been stuck in a hotel room with nothing better to do than watch cable news.
  12. Oh tim. Why do this to yourself?
  13. This is like one of those classic Jets-Browns who-wants-it-less games.