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  1. It would be a bigger story if his charity isn't a scam.
  2. Republican primary voters must be so proud right now.
  3. This is exactly right. I haven't played enough yet to comment too much, but I've very naturally stumbled into a playstyle where I have a couple of characters who I'm investing in and being very careful to keep them in good shape. Everybody else gets sent on what are essentially suicide missions to generate money and resources to build up my hamlet and pay for stress treatment and level-ups for my "good" characters. Basically I take a group of new recruits off the stagecoach, run them through a dungeon, and anybody who accumulated stress gets dismissed immediately to make room for the next group. It's like being a Lovecraftian HR manager. I think this what the game is intentionally going for, because it just isn't possible to advance without throwing a bunch of your heroes under the bus. The meta-narrative about how you (the player) are an evil ####### is actually kind of clever.
  4. ? According to this, 43% of non-Hispanic whites voted for Obama over Romney. That makes whites more Republican than the electorate as a whole, but not anything close to a solid bloc. Obviously Hillary is going to get plenty of white votes as well.
  5. I started Darkest Dungeon on PS4 a couple of days ago. I'm enjoying the game as much as I thought I would (a lot), but it's taking me a long time to get used to the controls. You can definitely tell that this was designed for PC -- the console interface is a mess.
  6. I'd ignore it -- not getting sprayed.
  7. I get what you're saying, but I guess I see Johnson's nomination (twice) as a big step forward for the LP. They actually nominated a guy who has real experience in governance (arguably superior to either of the two main candidates) and a solid streak of pragmatism. I never expected the party to go from "fringe weirdos" to "major party" overnight, so I'm not going to get worked up over the half-full glass here.
  8. Keith Jackson -- college football.
  9. Another way to look at it, is that the Libertarian Party is made up of a sizable number of people who are hard-core ideologues and/or slightly nuts. And they nominated Gary Johnson, who admittedly has some faults that get exposed when he's on in prime time. But it's a third party who's big accomplishment is getting their candidate on the ballot in all 50 states. In most years, getting 1% of the national vote would be considered a huge victory. Parties like that don't generally nominate flawless, seasoned candidates. By way of contrast, the Republican and Democratic parties have been around for well over a century. They're dominated by people who practice politics for a living, who understand what it takes to build coalitions and win elections. They have a massive apparatus for identifying and screening candidates, a coterie of donors who are invested in the well-being of the party, and a professional staff to provide electioneering support for candidates up and down the ballot. And those parties nominated Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton respectively. Where was the real quality assurance failure here?
  10. This. It's a little odd seeing people criticize the LP for choosing Johnson as their nominee because they think Johnson is too flaky and unpolished. He's probably the least strange candidate they've put up ever (not completely sure about this -- Bob Barr maybe?) and miles better on that dimension than anybody else they might have picked.
  11. On occasion, but I don't make a habit of it. Except that I check email pretty much all the time. Not sure if that counts or not.
  12. He's obviously not going to win, but I would seriously rather have have Johnson as president than either of the other two candidates, and it is not a close decision at all.
  13. Still the best candidate in the race.
  14. Yep. Those guys are pummeling Hillary in the alternative universe where the GOP didn't lose its ####### mind and nominate a psychopath instead.
  15. I've seen lots of videos on the internet in which cops like her have to take control of a situation, usually requiring the pacification of one or more men. This is kind of a plot twist, but I'll roll with it.