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  1. This is a fair observation for those of us who are third party observers. But it's worth noting that two different coaching staffs have gotten to work with Rosen day-in day-out and have independently concluded that he's not the guy.
  2. Tyler Kroft is apparently healthy (at least for now), and that's inevitably going to cut into Knox's production. I don't know whether Kroft will start over Knox, but at a minimum it's one more guy that Knox has to compete with for catches.
  3. I agree with everyone else that this is fine. I'm not sure why so many people are jumping down Joe's throat for posing the question. It's good to occasionally remind ourselves of what's okay and what's not okay and why.
  4. Uh, he's right about this. The US and Italy do share a cultural and political heritage that does date back thousands of years to Rome. It goes back further than that to Athens, but whoever wrote Trump's remarks called out Rome because the Italian president was there.
  5. I like going back to a two-bye season. It sucks for fantasy, but it's good for the league. #### the thing about putting players on a game count. That's a terrible idea. Fewer preseason games is awesome. I'm in the minority on this, but I love winter games. January and February games are fine by me. I would love to see an outdoor February playoff game up north. That is fantastic television, even if you would need be dressed for it if you're sitting in the stands. (I've sat through outdoor games in approximately-zero temps and I feel that I am an expert in dressing for this sort of occasion, which lessens my fan sympathy.) Please, not an odd number of games. This current rotation is great. Don't mess it up.
  6. But he was the most NFL-ready quarterback of the 2018 draft . . .
  7. This is actually a viable possibility too. We need to be firing on all cylinders next week against Philadelphia, and McD might want to use this as a tune-up for guys like Singletary, Kroft, etc.
  8. I started using exclamation points in emails a couple of years ago when I realized that people thought I was frowning at them by using periods instead. A little piece of my soul died that day, but it improved my email personality. Like here.
  9. This is just a friendly reminder that it is against board policy to call Trump and idiot or moron or otherwise to question his intelligence. For some reason I thought it was worth mentioning that fact. Not sure why this letter prompted me to recall that -- probably just coincidence.
  10. Gore IMO. I love Singeltary, but I expect McDermott to be somewhat conservative in pushing him back into action, especially in a game where quite frankly he isn't needed. Also, it has been abundantly clear that Gore is the guy they trust with the ball when they are trying to preserve a lead.
  11. One of my new favorite things about Amazon is the ability to buy half a dozen tubes of toothpaste, sticks of deodorant, cans of shaving cream, etc. in one delivery. I know I'm probably late to the party on this one, but not having to step into a brick-and-mortar retailer except for weird, one-off purchases is really nice.
  12. Are you saying that the problem with Amazon is that consumers get to buy things for lower prices? Edit: Also, how is that like China? I agree with tim in that I truly don't understand where you're going with that one.
  13. People used to make this same argument about Walmart. It's seems ridiculous in hindsight, but people were really worried about Walmart wiping out all of its competitors and taking advantage of its ensuing monopoly-retailer status. Applying that same argument to Amazon is even more ridiculous because at least you could make a plausible argument that an individual Walmart store might become a local monopolist in some rural community (at least you could that argument in the pre-internet era). That's not even remotely plausible for an online retailer. I get the concerns about Facebook and Twitter and the like -- network effects naturally result in a small number of very large social media companies that give them outsized influence on society. The retail industry is entirely different and not at all similar.