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  1. This is like one of those classic Jets-Browns who-wants-it-less games.
  2. Yeah, I felt kind of sorry for her when she plunged into Mount Doom too.
  3. We're through the looking glass this election cycle. So bizarre.
  4. Just remember: this is supposed to be the competent party.
  5. Having seen the clown show the GOP just put on, the Democrats will make sure to run a tight, professional ship. Oh, wait.
  6. I always knew that Rubio was ahead of his time.
  7. Ending the drug war is actually a realistic goal right now, and it would be one of the single best policy decisions in the past few decades.
  8. "I didn't know that this guy existed until about 48 hours ago, and now I'm completely convinced that he'll be president in eight years."
  9. She's the second-most disliked candidate since they started polling. Of course a stronger candidate would beat Trump. Even Hillary will probably end up winning comfortably, and she's terrible at this.
  10. This is an interesting issue that I hope will get a lot more play as the election moves along. I think the Ls are going to pick up a bunch of disaffected Republicans and, as a result, are going to be seen as a R-in-spirit party. That's going to push away Democratic voters because of tribalism. In the end, Bernie supporters and Dems who can't stomach Hillary end up sitting at home or biting the bullet and voting for Hillary, not for Gary Johnson. I'd love to be wrong about this and see him pick up bipartisan anti-statist support.
  11. Basically, this. If you're Hillary, you might as well double down with moderates and run on a you-can't-be-serious-about-Trump platform. Make it "reasonable government" vs. "insane monkey-### government" and hope that voters are rational. This figures to be a no-brainer strategy that in a normal year would lead to a double-digit win, but who knows. I thought Trump would be eliminated back in March.
  12. I have to agree with tim on this one. Basically, the DNC asked "should we go there?" and they eventually decided not to. Nothing bad actually happened here.
  13. Really? Law & Order is one those shows that I can fire up at random when it happens to be on (e.g. all the time) and expect to be entertained for an hour. SVU is too dark IMO though.
  14. 2024 is too far down the road. Hillary needs to pick somebody who can win in 2020 after she's removed from office.