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  1. Oh good, now we can have another three-page slap-fight over whether left-wing violence is better or worse than right-wing violence. These add a lot of value to the forum.
  2. This. It greatly irritates me when people conflate peaceful protesters with rioters.
  3. Seriously, people ask "But Ivan, why don't you want people injecting politics into your football escapism?" and it's as if nobody understands how unhealthy this situation is.
  4. I feel like this country went from "functioning in kind of an embarrassing but whatever" state to "failed state" in like three months. Our CDC had one job and couldn't do it. Our FDA had one job -- kill people through unreasonable risk aversion -- and performed admirably, but not in a positive way. Our federal government did nothing during the pandemic and left states to fend for themselves. Now these riots come along and our president, who doesn't really have anything to do with any of this, actively works to make things worse. While police assault peaceful protesters who are exercising their first amendment rights, and while privileged white kids LARPing as anarchists burn down buildings owned by innocent third parties. I am just about checked out at this point.
  5. I get that too. It's kind of strange that this is an Orange Man Bad situation when the Governor of Minnesota, Mayor of Minneapolis, and City Council of Minneapolis are all members of the other party. It's almost as if neither party really cares about this issue . . .
  6. Okay, I get all that. And I definitely agree with the last sentence. There are no magical words that are going to suddenly make everything better. My problem is that this president actively makes everything worse. I bumped into one of my colleagues today who I hadn't seen in a long time, and naturally we got to talking about covid-19 and how none of this is really Trump's fault in some existential sense, but his active involvement made the situation worse. If he had sat back and done nothing -- go play golf -- while the experts did their job, we would be marginally better off than we are today. This is the same thing. Doing nothing would be better than making inflammatory tweets and berating governors for not being militaristic enough. I know you and I agree on the general contours of these riots, but it just seems to me that Trump is not at all helpful here. He certainly doesn't have the political capital to do what Bush did, and that's really all on him.
  7. I asked you about people saying they would riot if Trump was not reelected, and you're giving me quotes from folks who (rightly IMO) want to take a more aggressive stance toward antifa larpers. Come on.
  8. As you well know, Nixon was an extremely talented politician. You can toss all sorts of criticism his way, but the guy was highly competent. Trump is. . . not.
  9. I don't like federalizing law enforcement either. I really sort of hate it. But let's face it. When GHWB called up the military to contain the LA riots, nobody thought it was a move toward totalitarianism because it was GHWB. Trump rightly doesn't get that benefit of the doubt. Whatever the opposite of the benefit of the doubt is, he's earned that.
  10. None of them are harming anybody. They're just kneeling in a public park or university campus by the looks of the it. Who cares whether they disperse? They're not harming a soul.
  11. If I was an officer who was forced to kill a man in self defense, I would want video evidence to document that. How unfortunate for the police that their body cameras malfunction at the worst moments.
  12. This part is at least a step in the right direction. No reason to not hold people accountable for this horse####.
  13. The traffic. I'm all for criminal justice reform, and unlike anybody who voted D or R in 2016, the party I voted for actually takes that issue seriously. So yeah, I don't need to have my awareness raised on this one.
  14. Here's another one. Cops in full body armor and armed to the teeth react like toddlers when confronted with mild criticism. Good thing we have this thin blue line standing between us and people exercising their first amendment rights.
  15. Here's a nice one. Guy is on a knee, giving a speech, harming absolutely nobody. Finally a couple of cops decide aw #### it let's just arrest him.