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  1. These are probably the same people that left Muslim prayer rugs near the border.
  2. Literally all Trump has to do is get out of the way, let the experts do their jobs, and claim credit for doing so. It's the easiest thing in the world, and he's going to screw it up.
  3. The coronavirus could play strongly in Trump's favor if he got out in front of it and made it a public health priority for the government in a high-profile way. This sort of thing subliminally plays on xenophobia and anti-Chinese animosity in particular, normalizes things like travel bans, closed borders, and immigration restrictions, and generally sets a positive narrative for the kind of authoritarianism that Trump represents. But to nobody's surprise, Trump's in the process of handling it in as counter-productive a manner as humanly possible.
  4. The first boss fight took me a couple of tries to get past. Everything else has been pretty easy. There is a very long "accumulate a bunch of real estate" sub-game in and another very long "run a successful night-club" game in back-to-back chapters. Fortunately I have enjoyed both of these, but they could turn into grinds for people who just want to beat up yakuza thugs.
  5. Gen X never having a president is probably the most on-brand Gen X thing ever.
  6. I guess that explains why my wife is in such good health.
  7. When he said "move more in that direction," I read that as meaning how he would like to see our criminal justice system change.
  8. Then why nominate Bernie? Why not pick some other candidate who isn't as ideologically out-there?
  9. I agree with you on this. This particular ad is basically a pro-Bernie general election ad.
  10. Hi, BF. I sympathize with this line of argument -- we have a ####ed up relationship with Saudi Arabia. I think it's mostly a realpolitik thing because the Middle East is a cesspool and it's hard for us to be at all engaged there without allying ourselves with somebody terrible. But also our sycophanticistry toward Saudi Arabia has dated back through basically my entire adult lifetime. The particular story you're citing is one that I could honestly see occurring under any president from Reagan through Trump. That's bad, obviously, but I think it's a little unfair to lay it entirely on Trump. Edit: On reflection, it's likely that SA would never have pulled this sort of thing with a different administration in place, so there's also that.
  11. Thanks. I don't think there's any nefarious plot here either. I think Sanders says nice things about Castro because he likes Castro. Lots of hard-left types from his generation hold that view.
  12. "Bernie doesn't actually want to recreate a Cuban-style communist totalitarianism in the US, he just has a weird romantic attachment to Cuban-style communist totalitarianism. I mean, who doesn't?"
  13. Why do you think Sanders has such a difficult time saying something like "Yeah, the Castro regime was pretty terrible" without adding a "but" and then going on to tell us about the great things they did?