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  1. The author of that piece has spent way too much time in internet rabbit-holes and not nearly enough time talking with normal people. When you hear someone say "free speech is good" and you immediately assume that they must be defending revenge porn, your brain has been poisoned.
  2. I clicked on the link expecting to see some kind of edgy, grey-area content but nope it was just straight up racism.
  3. This is a really insightful comment. I think we're all fortunate that we live in a society that -- by and large -- gives people agency over their own lives. That's not something to take for granted.
  4. Very good school. I'm glad she's enjoying it.
  5. I kind of wish @TobiasFunke were still around, because he used to swear up and down that this stuff was all isolated to sophomores at liberal arts colleges and it would never spill over into the real world, and besides, Trump. Predictably, those sophomores went on to graduate and turned up in newsrooms and other media outlets with this same mindset.
  6. Don't worry. Tim assures us that this is totally okay.
  7. So there is now a response letter to the anodyne Harpers letter. I've only heard of two of the signatories before, but this should make for an entertaining read at some point. Edit: Also, quite a few people "signed" the letter anonymously, which is . . . something. "There is no such thing as cancel culture. Also, I decline to sign my name for fear of professional retribution."
  8. Congress can fix this by explicitly re-dissolving the reservations. (They're already de facto dissolved). It's only because we live in the stupid timeline that this is controversial.
  9. Yeah, the guy is very obviously drunk. But in my experience -- and this is an area where I can claim expertise -- being drunk really just makes you more of who you already were. When I'm intoxicated, I tend to play video games badly, watch ####ty television shows or Youtube videos, and swear a lot about miscreants like Jimmy Johnson and Leodis McKelvin. In other words, my wife still recognizes Drunk Ivan as the person she married. My hypothesis is that people who spout racism when they're intoxicated are really just racists who have a better internal censor when they're sober.
  10. I think I can take personal credit for pulling up my state's average.
  11. I thinking putting a racial qualifier in front of the POS part makes it explicitly racist. It's also kind of hard to see how the line about how "Trump is going to #### you up" isn't racially motivated. I agree with you that it would be often be helpful to see the full context of these altercations, but even if the other family started it (and we have no reason to think that they did), the guy still escalated things and did cartwheels over the line.
  12. Yeah, but Congress could vote to formally dissolve these reservations (which, remember, already do not exist as a matter of fact, only of law) tomorrow and we're all back to the status quo. That would be logical outcome that you would expect in a sane world.
  13. I don't think this is a surprise from Gorsuch. I am kind of surprised that it broke along the standard ideological lines otherwise.
  14. I'm probably the only person who's more interested in the do-Indians-control-half-of-Oklahoma case than the Trump cases. In theory this one can be easily resolved by Congress, but "in theory" is the important part of that.
  15. I saw somebody else make this point better than I will, but I forget who it was so I can't give credit properly. When it comes to protecting speech, we can draw a reasonably bright line between someone making a controversial truth claim vs. someone just being a jerk. The first is something that we should shrink-wrap with tolerance even if we strongly disagree with the claim being presented. The second is really more of an action than reasoned speech. The implication of this standard is that somebody who says something like "Research shows that peaceful protests are more effective than violent protests" or "Research shows that gender imbalances in STEM derive from population-level differences between the sexes" should get way more forbearance than some guy throwing a hissy fit in Costco. The other bright line is between saying "I disagree with your opinion and think less of you for holding it" vs. "Let's see what your employer thinks about this." The first is fine. The second is what defines cancel culture. Overall I think it would be good if we could avoid conflating all of these things.
  16. Meh, I wouldn't want my university's endowment put toward fringe sports teams, and neither would most donors. Edit: Obviously, if there is a donor out there who really wants to underwrite men's volleyball, then hey go nuts.
  17. I usually follow the arrows, but let's be honest. We know more now about how this virus spreads than we did back in March. These arrows were a good idea when we were all operating out of an abundance of caution. We now know that grocery stores are not a significant vector of infection and that fleeting interactions with infected people are very low-risk, especially if everyone is wearing a mask. The little arrows can go away now.
  18. It's both. A guess that covid will get worse as we head into flu season in late November, and also a way to avoid having everyone go home and come back en mass.
  19. No, France can go pound sand. I thought all gentlemen of good will agreed as such.
  20. By starting this thread, I have intentionally violated Chinese law. Come get me. Link
  21. I've seen people argue for a legislatively-mandated 90 day cooling off period before anybody can be terminated for a social media mobbing. I don't really like legislative solutions to these sorts of problems, but I suspect something like that would probably work. Most of these things are really just the daily Two Minutes Hate that would go away on their own with a little breathing room.
  22. All jokes aside, this is really kind of sad. I'm not a fan of Noam Chomsky or Dahlia Lithwick, for example, but I certainly welcome the opportunity to find common ground with folks who I usually disagree with. I hope it never occurs to me to react with horror when I learn that somebody else thinks the same way I do about some topic.
  23. I mean, our CDC is still recommending against testing asymptomatic people, and folks are asking about contact tracing? That's like wondering when your kid is going to start on the Formula 1 circuit when he still can't work a clutch.