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  1. i wouldn't be surprised if Jennings is moved to 3rd down duties with Darkwa getting early down work. Jennings hasn't lit it up as a starter. He seems to be already breaking down. He's a capable, if unspectacular, receiver too. Jennings value to the Giants is with his pass catching and blocking.
  2. term "thugs" robbers, crooks, bad guys even are acceptable. "thugs" is a term that has been co-opted and misappropriated.
  3. Some of it is the glowing reports from training camp both this year and last. Personally, I think he's still very talented and capable. Most "rookies" look raw after all.
  4. He needs to learn how to run more than one single route. Every throw to him was the same downfield one. He's so easily defended that way.
  5. they have quit on Fox.
  6. meh. still more questions as far as i am concerned.
  7. All Hillary has to do in the debate is hammer Trump about his two-faced, inconsistent, and ever present lying. He stands for nothing more than vague, retrograde policies.
  8. Kessler playing smart, which is nice.
  9. Debate organizers won't allow it and said as much.
  10. "Zootopia" was fun. Great animation, solid voice acting and a decent script. I think it was a little above my 6 year old's head but whatever. Best Disney in some time.
  11. He was a great show to see. Always fun, lots of dancing from the crowd.
  12. NYC, LA, DC are the locus of info-tainment and news media world. Communities there are far more progressive than most. If only Time Warner were based in Omaha or Tulsa!
  13. Watched "Tucker and Dale vs Evil" last night. Good, light fun and a clever take on the genre. Tudyk and Labine were awesome. Loved the blonde from 30 Rock in barely anything too.