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  1. As POTUS, who would win a fist fight: Ronald Reagan or LBJ?
  2. not planning to see the movie but i'm digging Ruby Rose.
  3. Not on Netflix but I'm really enjoying "The Path" on Hulu. It's really well done. Great project for Aaron Paul post-Breaking Bad. Solid cast with Hugh Dancy ("Hannibal") and Michelle Monoghan (who I think is Ellen Pompeo from "Gray's Anatomy" apparently) with a fun plot. I'm almost done with Season 1 and it's done good work to this point.
  4. Khan has been laser focused on these Russian ties for months. I finally had to stop following because I needed a break.
  5. Oh, see, I think this is one of those standout films of the era. Hayden is great in it. Huston is in full command of the storytelling. It's the template for heist movies that followed. Without this, there is no Kubrick's "The Killing" for example. I'm not totally surprised that you got impatient because films from that period have different kind of pacing.
  6. i don't have much affection for her manner or her music. heck, i don't think she's especially attractive but that's some cleavage. she's clearly very desperate to remain in the public eye.
  7. did we think she was happy when the Billy Bush recordings were released? did she think DJT was faithful to her?!
  8. they're only our allies if they're paid up, apparently. otherwise, good luck to you and yours...
  9. “There’s the menu, you guys order whatever you want. Chris, you and I are going to have the meatloaf.” The indignities for Chris Christie are just epic.
  10. We did get down there for a week. It was a *really* good time even if it wasn't especially wild. We did a jungle hike, spent the day at Punta Uva, kayaked into the jungle, and river rafting on the Pacuare. We did a little day trip to Porto Viejo and it's just as hippy as when you when there. It's more crowded but just as chill. I'd probably go to the Pacific side if we went there again.
  11. Lesbian Until Parole