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  1. I thought Zane was perfect as Shelmderine. I like Potter even if she's not perfect. She has a voice. Admittedly, I haven't been paying much attention to her in recent years but still.
  2. So you got your wife to watch porn with you? Welcome to #theresistance
  3. i've been a big fan of hers since Sally Potter's adaptation of "Orlando".
  4. i think he could be very productive in the red zone but mostly as a potential TD monster. he's just not going to get much love outside of that.
  5. Eifert shouldn't cost that much (bad offense, history of injury). Same with ASJ (Bortles, playcalling, mostly unproven). Engram maybe but I think there is a case to be made for cost-adjustment (OBJ returns, for example). If you want flyers, WW or lottery ticket options then that's something different.
  6. this think she is like this at all?
  7. Eifert. ASJ. Engram.
  8. You think it was brown mustard?
  9. Rinovirus, i suspect.
  10. Announcer: "Fans, please stand and give a rousing welcome to the visiting Shelbyville Fingerblasters..."
  11. mostly what i was thinking too. Gore can be a good infuence but especially in the game preparation. Drake needs to take care of himself if he's going to be the lead for the season.
  12. how i feel
  13. Finding yourself strangely intrigued by Mr. Cooper tonight? It's okay. We're not going to judge.
  14. Murder's row of films.