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  1. Anywhere but CPAC that would be a possibility.
  2. At CPAC today... ‏@PeterHamby 9m 9 minutes ago More Crowd at CPAC waving these little pro-Trump flags that look exactly like the Russian flag. Staffers quickly come around to confiscate them.
  3. you write all of this with the assurance of someone who actually lived it. i love it when art imitates life...
  4. How dare he have a column! I'm glad the guys over at Zerohedge passed....
  5. being wary of Rasmussen polls is cherry picking? especially when putting their polling in a broader context (ie, other polls)? that's a unique definition of "cherry picking" polls....
  6. From ABC News.. Sounds strangely similar to complaints from GOP and their supporters when Obama said that "Elections have consequences and I won" to Eric Cantor.
  7. collecting bids is unamerican! so much for letting the market decide!!
  8. Honestly, I would love to see what happens in the "newsroom" of, say, InfoWars but I'm pretty sure they sweep for bugs and other surveillance devices before any show. :tinfoil:
  9. also, JOK has put on some pounds. Acorn vs CNN. Put down the weinerschnitzel, JOK!
  10. CNN? I'm hoping they finally get some dirt on Don Lemon. I think he's hiding something about this bombshell...
  11. i miss that guy on occasion.
  12. how so? i'm pretty devoted Mint user here.