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  1. How dare he have a column! I'm glad the guys over at Zerohedge passed....
  2. being wary of Rasmussen polls is cherry picking? especially when putting their polling in a broader context (ie, other polls)? that's a unique definition of "cherry picking" polls....
  3. From ABC News.. Sounds strangely similar to complaints from GOP and their supporters when Obama said that "Elections have consequences and I won" to Eric Cantor.
  4. collecting bids is unamerican! so much for letting the market decide!!
  5. Honestly, I would love to see what happens in the "newsroom" of, say, InfoWars but I'm pretty sure they sweep for bugs and other surveillance devices before any show. :tinfoil:
  6. also, JOK has put on some pounds. Acorn vs CNN. Put down the weinerschnitzel, JOK!
  7. CNN? I'm hoping they finally get some dirt on Don Lemon. I think he's hiding something about this bombshell...
  8. i miss that guy on occasion.
  9. how so? i'm pretty devoted Mint user here.
  10. other things that i have been dealing with include GERD and a shoulder problem. in both cases, i waited about a month to meet with the doc.
  11. it hurt like hell. i was limping, couldn't run, and it sometimes felt like there was burning there. the downside of cortisone injection, according to my ortho doc was it wasn't a permanent solution. i would need periodic injections and that causes damage to the ligament. i was willing to do the injections for a time to put off the surgery. turns out, i needed one injection and have been as right as rain since.
  12. i had knee troubles a few years ago. turns out that i have torn meniscus in my left knee. my regular doc sent me to a ortho guy that gave me two options: surgery or cortisone. i opted for cortisone because the downside was minimal. i'd know shortly if the injection worked and not have to deal with rehab either. cortisone injection into the knee and i was walking better within an hour. i haven't had problems with my knee since.