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  1. Could have sworn she took time to address this after the initial dust up recently.
  2. She's still my number one but it's not going to happen. She took her shot and it didn't happen. I think she can continue to do good in the Senate.
  3. i don't think he's anything special but he fits the offense. He's not a liability at this point. I'd expect a 3- year deal.
  4. Watched "JoJo Rabbit" last night. While not exactly a revelation, it was still enjoyable. Plenty of fun, absurdist moments in it to get past some of the more creaky points in the film.
  5. "The Future Is Unwritten" is a good documentary about the life of Joe Strummer. Done a few years after he passed away. Choice moments in it include recounting how the Clash first met the Ramones in the UK.
  6. Lazard seemed to grow up before my eyes last season. I like him a lot there.
  7. I got him to autograph a $20 bill from his wallet for me.
  8. Two different buffet brushes with celebrity. One was with author William Styron while in college and the other was Robert Duvall after a movie premiere. Both gents complained about the crappy food. Ben Stein during his "Win Ben Stein's Money" years while at a Comedy Central upfront. I talked with the late Stuart Scott about Carolina basketball at an ESPN upfront. I grew up in Nashville and connected to the music industry there. I've met dozens and dozens of songwriters and performers over the years. Most of them were pretty nice.
  9. 20 years in sales now and most of it in the k-12 space. sales is not for everyone, for sure, but you'll learn a lot about yourself either way.
  10. what if i could help you vomit more easily? #solutionselling
  11. Connery's got a losing record when it comes to good films. Fantastic career but he's done plenty of meh to terrible films in it. Outland is meh at best.
  12. S4 of "Better Call Saul" dropped. Wife and I enjoy the show immensely. It's been so long since we watched that we felt that we might have to watch a few episodes of the previous season to jog our memories.
  13. There is one done by the Architecture Foundation is generally regarded as the best.
  14. I loved WWW when I was a kid. I remember something about his contract on the show requiring at least one moment with his shirt off. He was definitely of his Hollywood generation.