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  1. Enjoying "Schitt's Creek" as lighter fare. I think Eugene Levy is pretty funny in pretty much anything but paired with O'Hara, his son (who is very funny in his own right), and others is good for laughs.
  2. Jimmy G is making $26 million and has done less. Starting pay for a decent vet QB in the NFL now is $25/million . He's winning and showing well. $30 million isn't out of the question. It might be for fewer years but it'll be mostly guaranteed.
  3. I'd be shocked if Teddy waited the 2-3 years for Brees to leave. Brees, if I had to guess, is going to keep playing because of Brady. Teddy's going to get offers to start and paid in the range of $30 million/year. Teddy's no fool.
  4. Teddy's playing to get a starting gig next year. Bears might consider signing him after seeing him up close like this.
  5. Take Murray out of the game now. Can't risk him getting injured.
  6. I think she's the top of the ticket or not at all. She's inserting herself into the national discussion and playing a long game. She can wait for a better opportunity than this particular moment in history. Personally, I think she'd be a fantastic replacement over Chuck Schumer as Senate Party Leader. Chuck hasn't been pulling his weight in the top spot for his party in the Senate.
  7. Warren supposedly strongly considering Andrew Gillum. That would certainly put Florida in play, I think.
  8. Try this as a closer: History will look upon you favorably if you get this done the right and humane way. It will look upon you forever as the devil if good things don’t happen. Don’t be a tough guy. Don’t be a fool! I will call you later.
  9. Of the misfortunes and maladies that can befall a guest at a Trump property, bed bugs rate just above "food poisoning" and right below "committing high treason".
  10. White House apparently did not tell the mayor of Doral that the G-7 was really being considered there. This suggests that it was not really being vetted (security, infrastructure, etc) and there was no award "process". The chief of police, mayor and local officials learned it was coming from Mulvaney's announcement on TV.
  11. As I understand it, the plan would increase taxes on the middle class and those incomes exceeding that threshold. while taxes might go up for some - the higher tax brackets - the overall cost for healthcare would be lower, the quality of care improved, and/or the satisfaction higher. we don't have specifics from her yet. claims about "gov't control of healthcare" seems overblown given the polls consistently show higher satisfaction rates with Medicare, Medicaid, and ACA.