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  1. usually before the start of the next season. they do it like that with other network shows like "Mr Robot"
  2. it was in this French flick i saw a few years back. he's got a great voice when you're in that kind of mood. it's soul, pure and simple.
  3. Lee Moses - "Bad Girl" He does a fantastic cover of "Hey Joe" too.
  4. 3 cups in the morning, between 630a-930a.
  5. great news, KC. sounds like you more than landed on your feet...
  6. S1 was very good but left me with a bad taste in my mouth. S2 I think I got a few episodes in before quiiting it for good. I have no interest in picking it up again. Anderson is great but Dornan is suited for a CW show. I wanted this show to be something different - perhaps use the very rich history of Belfast as a springboard for plotting - rather than just another serial killer show.
  7. for many observers, the Rams offense is a wreck. there isn't much confidence in Goff after a miserable debut under Fisher.
  8. i rewatched it a few months back. it's great series, among the best really, but everyone agrees it ended too soon.
  9. i think Conor ego-wise will play the "I just made $100m or whatever and that's more than any payday in MMA". Everyone assumes he'll take a huge beating somehow. He can drag out the fight a few rounds, get knocked around a bit, flash a few times and lose the fight without being a bloody pulp at the end.
  10. I think you mean Carrabbas
  11. Honestly, I don't see that much difference in how I use my phone between the updates. I'm pretty practical by nature, I guess, and don't get caught up in the latest update drama.
  12. Trader Joe's Provindential, which is their Unibroue partnership. Pretty damn tasty. ETA - big fan of Unibroue in general. *Love* their Blanche de Chambly.
  13. I think you mean to call it "Red Shoe Diary: My Zipper is Stuck"...
  14. this is the biggest obstacle for him. he's got two guys playing for contracts ahead of him and a third who they made a big investment in. i just don't think he's going to you're going to see how he translates to the pro game this year. there are likely better, smarter investments to make with a bench.