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  1. NYPD reporting that anti-semitic crimes happen up 272%. I'm going to hazard a guess that it's not the work of a lone Israeli teen. This is happening all over the country.
  2. I don't even remember KK3. I checked the plot of it on Wikipedia and came across this: Dare to dream, Daniel-san!
  3. One Plus doesn't run on Sprint, I think.
  4. i'm a G4 owner and pretty satisfied with it. it's nothing sexy but it's reliable and solid. you could do a lot worse for $200.
  5. the key, honestly, is to try to take advantage of points from hotels and car rentals. once you start paying attention to those while you travel then you're getting smart. book flights, hotel, and rentals with your airline credit card too.
  6. treadwell is lurking too. Thielen is a different kind of WR than Diggs. I think ideally they'd like Treadwell and Thielen outside with Diggs in the slot.
  7. very cool, man. hope you knock it out of the park!
  8. it's a slow day at the confetti factory, eh?
  9. Comey was more specific in January though. He indicated in a Senate hearing that it was apparently very limited and likely not very fruitful at the RNC level. I'm not especially convinced that the GOP state offices in 3 different states found to be compromised are *that* minor but that's just a hunch.
  10. This may be overly broad statement. We know that *attempts* to hack the RNC were reported to FBI and others over the summer. The RNC said that they were never breached despite attempts by those hackers. We do know state GOP offices - AZ and IL, for example - were actually compromised by hackers.
  11. i read something back in mid-Jan from their DC that Vigil was auditioning for the strongside. not much reason to hold onto Vigil as a result. related to Minter, however, is the opening created in AZ now. does Sio Moore stick around?
  12. Started "The Crown" finally. Two episodes into it and I like it. It's not bowling me over yet but I recognize that it is good. I will credit it for being pretty well cast but also the mechanics of good storytelling are there.