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  1. saintfool

    Thoughts on Ben Shapiro?

    They working with My Pillow folks yet?
  2. i have heard good things about it too. makes me think of "sleeper cell" on Showtime maybe and reflect not fondly. potential is there.
  3. saintfool

    Drew Brees Thread

    Love Drew but he's not winning this season. When the offense stalled a few weeks back then it cinched it for me. I can't recall if the MVP is given before the SB but his only hope this year would be in a SB game against the Chiefs. Otherwise, Mahomes has earned MVP for the season.
  4. saintfool

    All 32 defensive schemes and key players within them

    kills any value for Ndekimche likely next year. Swearinger is an unknown now, too.
  5. Not pretty but a win is a win. The game was won on that 3rd quarter drive by the Saints.
  6. Settle down, Brees. Team looks out of sorts right now. Down 14, you can't wait to focus.
  7. saintfool

    ______ Passed Away Today, RIP

    "You can take your thumb out of my ### any time now, Carmine."
  8. saintfool

    Best beach areas near Tampa

    How are the beaches?
  9. saintfool

    WHat is Dennis Hopper's signature role?

    Hardy Nickerson is El Dragon, man.
  10. saintfool

    Got hacked. Weird stuff happening.

    I did that to the guy once. I had a gf and she dumped me for this guy she worked with. I got his work email address and signed him up for every porn site I could find. Dozens and dozens of them. Did the same with personals on Craigslist. It was therapeutic.
  11. The movie with Julianne Moore? Loved it! Stayed with me for days afterwards.
  12. saintfool

    Stock Thread

    Her family was a mess. My family was a mess growing up.