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  1. check the NBA thread.
  2. Next up? A kid named "Slenderman", "Yeti" or "Lochness Monster"
  3. for dynasty, i am still a big fan of his. i think he's got more talent and ability than Stills for sure. he might not deliver on the promise this season in a big way. i'm okay with him getting a little more acclimated to the NFL. it used to be, until very recently, that Year 3 breakouts were the norm.
  4. NOLA charters are different because they have become the de facto school district for the community. Charters elsewhere have wide discretion as to their rules and obligations. In NYC, for example, some charters are running almost all year programs. The teachers hired have to work crazy hours (nights, weekends, etc) to support those schools. With other charters, they have may waivers on state tests (3 years is common), which is fine with established charters, but new ones - with no experience in running a school? - are effectively rolling the dice with a child's education. In some districts, like Chicago, charters are thriving because it allows districts to layoff employees (including teachers) and simply shift the financial burden to educate children to another provider. It frees the district up on some level. Personally, I like the concept of charters. It allows a wider variety of educational opportunities/environments to students on some level than traditional schools. That said, I would be incredibly skeptical of any for-profit charter operator in any district because the missions are not aligned. For-profit providers are trying to squeeze every dollar out of the students enrolled. At the end of the day, they are concerned with the bottom line instead of educating children.
  5. i think a more nuanced answer might be in order from her. painting with such broad brushstrokes doesn't allow for that. ETA - it's not unlike Obama's mistake with "people clinging to their guns, religion" comment. suggesting those that support Trump are white supremacists or whatever does little to draw supporters away from him.
  6. i suggest she be more careful in her wording than you are.
  7. what if you call it "roach coach" instead of food truck?
  8. Finished S1. I liked it but didn't love it. The last episode was actually something of a letdown.
  9. i don't know that Mularkey was the right coach for him. i hope Pederson can "fix" him so that he can use his God-given talents for fantasy football purposes.
  10. it's going to cost them so much money to make this go away.
  11. For many, many years I used Paxton's line from "Weird Science" - You're stewed, buttwad - more than anyone on Planet Earth.
  12. she's conducting a master class in "managing new hollywood celebrity" right now.
  13. trailer from the original is amazing
  14. Kids are great. I never knew how much I wanted one until I became a dad. I waited until I was 40 before starting a family because I was worried about what you mentioned. Finding the "right time" and just kept putting it all off somehow. When my son was born, it changed me and my life. It'ss stressful, sure, but it's made me happier. I love kids and can't believe I waited this long. It's like "The Wizard of Oz" when the movie switches from black and white to Technicolor. A lot of what Pantagrapher mentioned, those simple everyday moments, are the best part of my day.
  15. "American Ultra" with Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, Connie Britten, Topher Grace, and Tony Hale. Mostly "meh" with a few moments of laughter. I'm beginning to tire of Eisenberg's shtick but this role kind of worked in his favor. It's a pretty poorly written movie with performances all over the place.