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  1. Picked up some NO2 to help with my running regimen.
  2. i liked it better with jerry orbach but to each their own...
  3. thanks for advice but i'm pretty happy with the job. there are times in my working life that i wasn't but this isn't one of them. like i said, i'm just looking to keep my downtime as mine when I'm at the office.
  4. Got it. That's lame.
  5. So he'd know I was using a VPN but nothing else (not the site, service)? I'm not interested in what Netflix and other streaming services see. I'm just trying to keep what I view - like during the day - from showing up on some report if IT ever does that. I'm okay with saying that I have a VPN but I don't feel like explaining what I'm watching.
  6. Question about VPNs - so I want to watch Netflix on my office computer during my lunch hour. I'd like to do it without my IT guy or whomever knowing that I was logging into Netflix. It's not that it's blocked but I'd rather not have the conversation down the road from whomever "Say, SF, you have watched about 200 hours of video content - Amazon, Hulu, Netflix - while you were supposed to be working. How is that possible?" I had this conversation a few years ago at a different job and it annoyed me. My lunch hour is my time, imo. If I got a VPN then it would have my tracks covered, right?
  7. watching episodes on ABC website is the suck.
  8. They might have had an animatronic band of musical animals, too, for the kids.
  9. One of the parents from the other team. Yes, Shakey's had that experience for the kids. I don't think it still exists in Nashville.
  10. an occasional trip to the "Y" is more than appreciated.
  11. True story: I remember in my YMCA youth league when my coach got it in his head that i wanted to be a better shooter. we practiced for like two weeks at his direction. drill after drill to improve the shooting with his encouragement and support. i was mediocre at best. last game of the season and we're without a win still. the other team comes to the gym and they're wearing the same color t-shirts as we are. the decision is made to play "shirts vs skins", it will be determined by a coin toss and, of course, we lose. We're skins which makes it all the more pitiful somehow, seeing a team of scrawny 10-year old boys playing the worst basketball in the history of the game without shirts and short 80's shorts. And yet, by some miracle, the game is almost tied in the final seconds. probably something like 10-9 given how awful we were. but in the final seconds, i am fouled and told to shoot free throws. Coach reminds me of all the practices, the drills, the progress I've made over the last two weeks. He tells me that I've got this and 2 easy free throws will get us the first - and only - win of the season. The futility of our season will be washed away with this lone victory now. Coach's words of encouragement in my brain, I step to the line. Everyone in the gym - dozens of parents, kids, and my friends - falls silent and I feel them staring at my scrawny, shirtless body as do a practice dribble or two. It's just me out there and I'm nervous but I feel like I can do this. I move to release the ball from my fingertips when I hear an adult's voice booming in the cavernous gym.... "YOU SUCK!" *clank* The ball bounces listlessly off the rim and it's followed by a commotion. Parents and coaches murmuring behind me about the heckler. I am shaken and the second attempt is even more off than the first. They win, we lost, and the season ends. The opposing team celebrates, parents cheer and my teammates dissolve into the scene walking away with their families while I'm left to stand by the free throw line alone and shirtless. I got pizza with my family later at a place off Hillsboro Rd called "Shakey's".
  12. Roger gets fired for cause? He gets nothing. Roger resigns? His contract gets him $40+ million and "consults" with Rupert for free. What a racket!
  13. pretty stinky bait there, doc