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  1. there was Filmstruck and Criterion services but they more or less merged for the channel.
  2. Wire may be on AP still. Filmstruck has been replaced with the Criterion Channel.
  3. Continued with another couple of episodes of "Lodge 49" and can't muster the enthusiasm to stick it out. I can't decide if it's trying too hard or not trying hard enough.
  4. We tested that a few years back. It wasn't bad and a fair price, as I recall. We opted for RingCentral instead.
  5. Does the Marvel series "Luke Cage" get any better after the 1st episode? I thought S1 of DD was "meh" and JJ was only marginally better (mostly the writing but I've found that a little Kristyn Ritter goes a long way..). Colton isn't much of an actor with Cage but it's crazy how awful the writing is in the hands of superior actors like Mahershala Ali and Alfre Woodard.
  6. Ringcentral has an app that you can use on your phone similar to GV. Sprint also has a business mobile app that does the same even if your personal phone isn't a Sprint service customer.
  7. i tried "Narcos: Mexico" and gave up pretty quickly. the voice-over narrator and the clumsy start to the story just pissed me off. did watch "free fire" with brie larson, armie hammer, and cillian murphy. the director, ben wheatley, does some interesting films. adaptation of a JG Ballard novel ("High Rise"), a spin on Wicker Man story ("Kill List", and the like. Free Fire is mostly pointless but i still enjoyed it. he's the kind of indie director that you can't quite put your finger on to categorize but does some neat stuff.
  8. i think expanding the SCOTUS and/or ditching the EC are non-starters for many, many americans regardless of the actual merit for these initiatives. i'd rather they make a meaningful effort at fixing the voting by addressing gerrymandering, voter suppression, fixing voting systems, and the like instead of half-assed ideas like lowering the voting age to 16.
  9. i like her as a candidate, too, but she's not catching fire either. i expect her to do well enough in Iowa because of her familiarity there. however, she's not staking out positions or making a case for her as *the* democratic contender for 2020 (unlike Warren most notably). most of the next tier candidates - Booker, Gillebrand, et al - are just waging a charm offensive now to raise their profiles right now.
  10. i had a friend in college that worked in Alaska. he planned to work in a cannery for the summer. at the time (early 90's), you could camp in tents more or less nearby. he worked a couple of weeks and *hated* it. said it was disgusting. they offered him a different position on one of the fishing boats instead and he went out for bit. the crew *hated* him and kicked him off the boat. he was stuck at a fishing village waiting for a boat coming back to the cannery for a few days. when he got to the encampment, he took his stuff and tried hitching a ride on the AL-CAN highway back to the US and ultimately NC where his family lived. The trouble with hitching on the AL-CAN is it's just loggers and tanker trucks that drive 100 mph. it took him like 4 weeks to get back from the village to NC for college.
  11. "Scott Pilgrim vs The World" is a blast. Watched it this afternoon and thought it was such fun. Edgar Wright does a masterful, super stylized job of directing here. Cast is chockful and seems game. This was close to peak Michael Cera following "Juno" and "Arrested Development" and it's kind of fun to see him in retrospect.
  12. no, i would take a two-fer deal like that in a heartbeat for that exact reason.