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  1. I'm all for being into a woman. Smitten is exciting and fun but it has to be reciprocated. She's just getting to know you still and obviously keeping her options open for the moment. Don't overthink things and just play it cool. Get a hobby or something maybe....
  2. Liked it but didn't love it. It's clearly personal for him but I didn't think it special. For me, I still get a kick out of "Atlantic City" when I watch it. Lancaster is a blast in the flick, I think.
  3. it's a solid B+ but it's hardly essential. armchair psychologist here but i think there is a fair amount of projection from some viewers. you know, "i'm a misunderstood genius that is tough but sensitive. i also find a kinda hot woman who might be out of my league but she's really into me..."
  4. it's not.
  5. Chicago kind of sucks now. It's getting very expensive. Traffic is brutal. The long winter is pretty taxing. That said, we have glorious summers and great pro teams (mostly). I'd go with Boulder or Austin over the rest honestly. Nashville is lame. NOLA is good but not for everyone. Also the sports teams suck lately.
  6. i'd mostly agree with that but then i am not as fond of Kubrik as others.
  7. It's a different thematically than a lot of other sci-fi. it's more in line with "2001" than "Alien" and that suits me. don't get me wrong here because i acknowledge it is far from perfect. the script is a bit of a mess - and at times cringeworthy even - but it's still a thrill for me.
  8. it's one of the films that never gets old for me and that's crucial for me in terms of creating a "best of..." list. some films just kind of wedge themselves into my brain and never quite leave. "Bladerunner" has never quite left my imagination.
  9. Some married couples essentially become roommates. They can even be happy in that state. I think if you want to stay together for the sake of your son until he's done with high school then it has to be that kind of arrangement. He doesn't necessarily need to be aware that you're in that kind of arrangement. If you can be gracious, supportive and even loving in that time remaining to one another then that's a fine model for him.
  10. Good list. Only one I haven't seen is "Elevator..." but the others are sort of examples of best in breed.
  11. Off the top of my head, I could be content with this list for myself: The Third Man Days of Heaven Raising Arizona Blade Runner The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  12. i'd love to see Popovich get a hold of him and help him reach his full potential.
  13. He's been a big disappointment. I expected him to be a lot better given the hype from players and beat writers. Oh well.
  14. Tell her you are hung(ry) and excited too.
  15. i thought that Clowney was back to playing DE after a couple of games at OLB? something to that effect at least. i had Clowney earlier in the season but finally gave up. Regarding Sorensen, i think he's going to outsnap - if not outplay - Wilson and/or Barrington. Wilson was surpassed by March, which seemed to coincide with his release, and Barrington just a depth signing. He's package specific but, given how they use Berry, I can see him on the field a lot.