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  1. They can run against Trump, for starters. They can run a diverse, inclusive platform. They can stick to the issues while leaving the drama and histrionics to the GOP.
  2. Clearly Kayla's earned herself a cabinet level position within the Trump administration.
  3. Mitch McConnell breathes a sigh of relief, if only for one night.
  4. Russians get two bases in Syria thanks to ISIS.
  5. Megyn Kelly might get some viewers finally.
  6. Same thing with Westbrook
  7. I think it's pretty easy to play a psycho. Kemper was a nice change of pace but he did *great* work in the final episode. I didn't hate Tench, the partner, but then I didn't expect him to be anything other than he was. Torv bored me mostly as she was given so little to do.
  8. Are you just lazy? WaPo - Conervative Website First Paid Fusion GPS for Trump Research: Free Beacon, however, didn't pay for Steele and his investigation. That continued as part of the DNC/HRC side. That dossier, btw, includes - if we ignore the more icky details - have been confirmed:
  9. I didn't much care for Torv but I found the Kemper character really well done.
  10. The Steele Dossier began as a project for a Never Trump GOP person. The Dems just paid the rest of the tab.
  11. yeah, no. MSNBC is certainly left leaning but CNN isn't. it's fairly centrist in its politics really. if they were as left leaning as you and others here claim then they wouldn't have been as critical of HRC (especially during the election cycle) or Obama as they were. what CNN is, friends, is sensationalistic. their only real ideology is to garner ratings and attention. they like to spar because it helps their cause.
  12. The last, say, 20 minutes or so of the season were mostly redeeming. I wouldn't have bothered with second season without it. It was a pretty disappointing series to that point for me.
  13. that she really knows how to wear a pantsuit from Talbots?
  14. Unless ZeroHedge has deep ties to National Lampoon, I would agree...