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  1. I'm looking at Smith's contract and he's not going anywhere anytime soon. I don't think teams like to trot out a WR1/2 that are smaller, speed guys. Yes, Smith did it with Desean but, to me, it seems like he's stuck in the slot position while one of the other bigger WRs steps into role opposite Smith. Again, that doesn't mean Ellington can't be productive but I'm seeing his limitations here.
  2. say, MoP, not trying to bother you but how would you have done the murder? just walk me through it maybe.
  3. i liked ellington a lot but there are concerns. 1) he's in a bad offense. 2) limited role as the slot? 3) he's small like Smith he can be productive in the role, i suppose, but i think critical to determining his value - near and long term - is who's the other emerging WR might be. Rogers, Patton, Smelter are all lurking there. Rogers, in particular, is getting a lot of buzz.
  4. As a matter of shorthand, for me, OTA = Camp too.
  5. Said the same about him last year in camp.
  6. Well, Chet, you do own the darn thing.....
  7. Twicca. Simple, straightforward, free and ad free.
  8. late to the thread here but how was the marriage working otherwise? that might factor into what staying together looks like. Here's my experience. My ex and I split up after our son was 2 years old. We get along really well as a divorced couple. Our son sees that we're happy, supportive of one another, and love one another in our way. He's really happy too. Your kids can be happy and well-adjusted too. You can have a relationship with her - as divorced parents - that isn't toxic or insufferable. She made a mistake that hurt you, ended your marriage, and you move on as a family. Good luck, regardless.
  9. only one michelin star? might as well be eating at Chilis...
  10. Possible armed robbery suspect would seem to be a "high risk stop" to me. But, hey, what do I know? I'm just a civilian. Oops. It would seem to be he didn't follow procedure for "high risk stops". It would seem he didn't follow procedure for a regular traffic stop either because, you know, he SHOT the man when he asked for identification.
  11. Close but not quite. Civilian complies to the officer's request - produce a license, not tell me where the gun is - but is still shot. Law Enforcement is supposed to control the situation within the bounds of and with the support of the law. Sounds like his "Warrior Spirit" got the better of him.
  12. Cop ought to ask that question actually. They're the one in supposed to be in control of the situation, right? Civilians - you know regular people - don't know what proper procedure is. That's why the police are trained. Civilians are just supposed to comply with what law enforcement asks. Oops.
  13. Again, complying to the officer's request? But you are right, after 49 traffic stops over 13 years, you'd think he knew better.
  14. good advice to Charles Kinsey? Philando Castile too.