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  1. Uber tracked its users information even after they deleted the app in order to spy on Lyft.
  2. i think we're all trying to get an edge here in these threads. my point about waiting was more about the timing for positional designation changes.(which is what I thought was the question) MFL *might* do an update after OTAs and with camps. I think last year they did a final one after the final preseason. we all kvetch about the MFL timetable in here because those updates disproportionately affect IDPers.
  3. this.
  4. Finally Bill gets a chance to explore with his next book what his favorite genre might be: Erotica!
  5. I love Hannity for things like this: He's a regular Oracle of Delphi.
  6. maybe if microwaves had a jingle when you hit the 30-seconds or 1-minute speed nuke it would be better? "Jeopardy" theme is too obvious. Maybe this instead?
  7. Microwaves are supposed to be pretty, pretty good at making dudes sterile if you stand too close.
  8. not true. Example #1 Example #2
  9. honestly, i would rather them go with a corner at 1.11 because they're so deprived there. last year was a disaster because of the injuries and lack of talent. if Butler is traded - which is a big if - then that makes the position one of strength all of the sudden given Breaux and Williams experience. i'd rather at 1.32 that they look at LB or DE instead. there is no need to look at offense really in early rounds.
  10. They have nothing opposite at LDE to speak of. They're in a better situation at LB than at DE by a mile.