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  1. I traveled there a few years back with my family out in the West. We rented a cottage in Galway and took in the sights. We rented a car and drove around. We went to Mohr, Aran Islands, Sligo for a Yeats pilgrimage, and the horseback riding in the Connamaragh. Great trip because the Irish know how to tourism works.
  2. I think he'll be only as productive as Watson is. The longer it takes for him to transition and open up the offense then the longer it takes Miller to show up. As a fantasy owner, I don't care if he goes down to arm tackles or whatever. He'll be fine - if unremarkable - once his noob QB shows something (see Goff, Gurley),
  3. i picked up some Pacific Rose apples this week. i'm really enjoying them and would recommend them.
  4. My gf likes Shameless but I think that's because it's shot in Chicago. I have watched a few episodes and didn't think it was any good. I'm surprised it's going on like 7 seasons.
  5. i could be available for drinks or dinner next wednesday for a mini cornhole.
  6. Good call. I paused in the middle of S2 but it's surprisingly good. It shares a common dna with American Horror Story but a little more soapy.
  7. I can't wait for that show to finally land on some pay streaming site. I'd love to watch it again with my boy.
  8. I haven't seen anything of Greenaway's since "Pillowbook". Von Trier I followed early but got fed up with him. I don't think I even saw "Breaking the Waves" anything afterwards.
  9. I had Reader on my watchlist already. Good tip on Philon. Thanks!
  10. I gave up on TotL kind of in the middle of S1. I have no desire to resume it, much less continue the series. I like Campion because she does interesting things but not all interesting things are good. David Lynch is like that. Peter Greenaway is too.
  11. I have him and Dareus on a team. Both guys are killing me.
  12. I finally cut ties with Goff and traded him away today. My dynasty team is built for "win now" mode and Andrew Luck's injury is lingering. I have been running with Dalton the past two games and still managing to win each time. I didn't feel confident with Dalton or Goff down the stretch of the season. I moved Goff and Moncrief for Roethelisberger straight up. Ben's probably a one year rental but I needed some security. I'm still a believer of Goff in the future and I'll be interested to see him develop more without the investment on my part.
  13. I saw that Dylan Cole picked up some tackles. Curious to hear how many snaps he played...
  14. They'll start showing e-games maybe to tap into the younger demographic. Less opinion or highlights in favor of Twitch style sports and their leagues.