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  1. ARob is recovering. I'm always skeptical of reports of players ahead of schedule for their recovery. It's only May after all. Gabriel is looking like a downfield threat but maybe boom/bust. That leaves a young QB like Mitch with short and intermediate targets like Cohen, Burton, and Miller. He can make hay with that. Miller could get some benefit with a slow recovery from ARob. Any starter level production or consideration I get from Miller after, say, week 8 would be gravy.
  2. hot chocolate - everyone's a winner
  3. S1 of "Brockmire" is on Hulu right now and a few episodes into it. Very funny stuff from Azaria and company. Amanda Peet is her usual breezy, funny self too. She looks terrific for 46 and 3 kids later.
  4. I picked up Sharpe in the offseason but cut him a few weeks later. It just doesn't seem he'll have much value. Matthews and Corey Davis are entrenched. Taylor is going to build off his rookie year. Sharpe is coming off injury and won't unseat Matthews or Davis as starter. the WR3 on that team isn't going to get much anyway with Lewis, the TEs, and Mariota's mobility.
  5. use chicken broth instead of water for the coucous. it absorbs some of the flavor.
  6. my senior prom ride was my mom's 80-something Ford Fairmont. looked close to this. my date was a girl that i met at the school blood drive a couple of weeks earlier. good times.
  7. Shiff (standing in for Pelosi) and another Dem member of the House were able to attend the Gang of 8 meeting after all.
  8. 1967 Chevy Impala My grandmother died in 1987. I inherited the car and it had about 20k miles on it. It got about 8 mpg city and 11 on the highway. I sold it for scrap like 5 years later.
  9. North Korea didn't call Pence a dummy two days ago.
  10. 15.5 sacks as DE two years ago. while i don't think he can match that again, he should be better than he was at OLB. he was very boom/bust in 2016 for me with only 4 games in double figures scoring. most of the hype seems to be with Tak.
  11. More to the point, Clapper says he never had even contact with Tapper until May 2017. WaPo Factchecker looked into this story and found it "unsupported". Using only the House Majority report would seem to distort Clapper's testimony significantly.