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  1. Trying to finished Umbrella Academy. Started this a couple of months ago and stalled at episode 2. Restarted with epi 3 last night and trying to think of why I should keep going. Any thoughts?
  2. I'm not sure about that. Cesar Sayoc, the mail bomber from just last year, is a pretty good example of Fox producing a domestic terrorist. Both seem equally unhinged too. Bell simultaneously plugged his show and the JBGC two months before this attack. JBGC probably shouldn't celebrate Spronsen here but that's on them. Bell and CNN aren't celebrating Spronsen - especially 2 months before anyone heard of him - but whatever. It just seems like a reach given the timeline here and the tenuous connection between Bell/CNN and this incident.
  3. As a matter of fact, the USEEOC - according to their website - uses "go back to where you came from" as a textbook example of harassment.
  4. I think it's two separate things really. Bell's plug for the group in May - again, two months before a former member of the group violently attacked the facility - seems like a reach but it'd be nice if he - or CNN for that matter - sought to clarify their position based on recent events. By contrast, Hannity, Ingraham, Carlson, et al are on 5 days a week usually with their manufactured outrage shtick. For example, Carlson didn't give a crap about Bell and his two month old tweet about supporting JBGC until this attack. Tucker likes his outrage and inflammatory comments/analysis on a daily basis and, in this instance, seems like he's indulging in some gleeful score-settling more than anything. Fox doesn't do anything to chastise him ever and activists like Sleeping Giants are compelled to do something. There seems to be quite a bit of difference between what Bell did here and, say, what the Fox nightly outage machine does but you - and Tucker - are not interested in seeing it.
  5. Bell, among other things, hosts a show on CNN. The post - dated May 2019 - calls attention to the antifa organization and asks folks to support it. CNN didn't post the tweet but rather Bell did. I don't have an issue per se with you going after Bell here - though it seems hard to ding him for broadly asking for support of the group two months before this incident - but instead with CNN. It seems, well, misplaced. You want to try to discredit Bell over this? That's your choice here. You want to beg CNN to cancel his show even? That's your choice again. But thinking CNN is somehow culpable here? Spare me.
  6. Actually it's Twitter and its from May 2019. Outrage machine is a little slow here....
  7. with both Houston and Sheard locked in as starters? i don't see him as anything more than rotational
  8. Off the top of my head, "Homecoming" is really good show. Don't get put off my Julia Roberts as the headliner. It's more Sam Ismail - "Mr Robot" producer - than her project. The other actors, along with the visual storytelling, make it a standout for me. "Forever" with Fred Armisen, Maya Rudolph, and Catherine Keener is fun meta-concept show. "Informer" is a BBC import that does the undercover trope as well as anyone else out there. Plus, it shows life in London in a way that is refreshing.
  9. i don't have much affection for Ribisi as an actor. i thoroughly enjoy Margo Martindale and Peter Gerety though. it's just not that good, imo, but especially when there are so many other worthwhile shows.
  10. it isn't worth a second season, imo. it's like a second-tier USA Network show in terms of what it's doing.
  11. my boy enjoys this show quite a bit. we're onto Tales of Arcadia which has the most excellent vocal talents of Nick Offerman.