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  1. Honestly, this shouldn't even be a conversation. He didn't lose the game tonight and he played great all season.
  2. Yeah, it would be a joke for the guy with the most receptions and third most yards in the decade to make the All Decade Team.
  3. Moniker

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    Tietgen has Morgan Burnett scoring 14 in my league this week. He's only been on IR for two weeks, now. This is ridiculous.
  4. Why do you think Chase would take the receiving duties? He might actually have the worst hands out of the three.
  5. I could see someone asking for $20mil to play in a startup league, especially when you would be the only household name in the entire league. As to the NFL, the only thing I've seen is from Silver saying Kaep hasn't turned down any offers, hasn't made any salary demands and would sign as a backup.
  6. That had nothing to do with the NFL. Like I said, stop making things up to suit your beliefs.
  7. Mahomes isn't throwing the ball to Kerley and Patton, is he? It's pretty much the same pace Lamar Jackson is at this year. It's also pretty telling that you went straight to Mahomes in order to try and prove a nonexistant fact.
  8. If he came back he'd most likely be no better than he was. Which, and this is the important part, is better than over half of the QBs signed to teams right now.
  9. I don't care if he plays again or doesn't. I was here arguing against people making things up. He wasn't a bad QB no matter what you or anyone else would like to believe for whatever reason you want to believe it.
  10. Of course it does. A QB can play very well for a bad team, also. That line of thinking is exactly how people blame Rivers for the Chargers terrible season so far while ignoring his RB holding out then coming back pretty poorly, multiple games without Mike Williams or Hunter Henry and four of his five starting lineman missing most of the year giving him about a second and a half before getting killed every play while his coaching staff continues to call mostly deep routes. The 2 win season wasn't on Kaep, it was on Kelly.
  11. I think you mean to ask how have they done since parting ways with Kelly.
  12. I take it more of "I have every reason not to trust the NFL and I'd like to have the media there" than anything else. He seems to be right since the NFL won't let the media in.
  13. Don't know. They were terrible that year with Chip Kelly. Pretty sure they finished with 2 wins.
  14. In his 11 starts in '16 he had thrown for 2200 yds, 16 TDs and 4 INT with another 460 yds rushing and 2 TDs. On a terrible team with Jeremy Kerley and Quinton Patton as his best WRs. Then he was benched.