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  1. EBF what do you think of Damien Harris...just decommitted from UMich... I have second pick in august... Right now it's Harris or Winston or Racean Thomas.... Mike Davis is first RB on the list that would be available...guessing he's first to go...unless Winston is....
  2. I had to cut him to grab Garrett Grahm for Bye Week Coverage.. wasn't happy about it
  3. Considering britt and Gordon over maclin this week.
  4. my only concern were the number of targets... but i would hope that would change going forward..... seeing below post.. did n't know he had 8.. watched some of the game, only saw 2 others that were "more difficult" to catch.... one on the ground, one behind.. so maybe the target are right...
  5. Last year I had EMoore.. This year I had JCameron.. I moved on to Myers... Backing up Gates... All the while I avoided MBennett.. It's the year of the TE if you aren't chasing yer tail... Rookie QB I thought Cameron would be a good choice... He may still be...
  6. Would it be wrong for the union to support these two teams? The hypocrisy for the other 29 teams ( assuming raiders abstain as always) is overwhelming.
  7. Got this same plan today. 6pmts of 56 = 336 - 240. NFL costing me 100 bucks. That I'll pay. Not seeing or being offered these deals where I get a new tuner and all channels and the ticket for free. Prolly cause NFL is the only extra we get. iTunes for movies.
  8. Buying the iPad has stopped me from upgrading my personal laptop probably for quite sometime. Regarding the 3G version. I dont see myself getting it for awhile, since I do have a 3GS iPhone. I am wondering when the 4G/ LTE / WiMax apple products and networks will be available. If less than 18 months I may skip the next 3G product refresh, which begins with the new phone next month. Any guesses if iPhone / iPad 2011 will be 4g / LTE network compatible??
  9. I was sure Sun was going to try to send Jin away to care for the kid. Guessing the producers really wanted that final scene of them drowned but still holding hands and didn't want to muddy the waters with the thought that they had just abandoned their child.I was too, until I remembered that they'd made it clear earlier in the episode, apropos of nothing, that the kid was in the presumably capable care of Sun's mother. In the middle of the Sun/Jin sub scene I remembered how odd that earlier line had been, seemed kind of forced at the time, not having anything to do with the story ... and then I realized it was lights the kid still a viable candidate???
  10. Locke's father that took his kidney and pushed him out a window.And who Sawyer choked to death with the chains in the brig of the Black Rock.Please remin me how Cooper got on the island in the prime universe?
  11. as someone who isn't quite ready to give up my PC, I was disappointed in hearing about the Courier and Tablet not happening... of course, also disappointed I didn't increase my position of aapl back when it was 200!.. major victory for apple here, as they prove Bill Gates right... that "WE" (the consumer) don't need all that computing power the PC gives us.. just enough to watch media.... wife does want a macbookpro tho...
  12. Not from safari. Ipad or iPhone. Not sure if one of the apps that sync to google docs can support that action. I'm too cheap to buy many apps.
  13. Maybe PDA net? i have it on my nexus1 .. but have not been successful pairing and utilizing the Blue tooth tether...
  14. Not surprised in the slightest PS, O, got the Apple iPad Case. Way better than the inCase bulky thing I had before. Has the benefits of protective/book-like, but has a really slim feel as well. I did have this case at first (returned it) but was turned off by what I thought was really cheaply put together. Didn't even know about the hook in the back to prop the iPad up. Huge thanks; decided to try it again and love it. Also, the store near me just got a bunch in, have you gone back to your store to see if they have some? FWIW, the cases have a 14 day return policy. Manager had to override my return. They do get excited when you're buying the Apple Case but I also had some problem (slightly made up) with the inCase case getting sticky/glue leaking onto my iPad. Not sure if you care about $60, but it's worth a try. Ah sweet, was gonna ask how you got one. I'll definitely be hitting the Apple store to pick up that case. Looks way way better than the incase one. Glad you're liking it. I was watching draft tracker and twitter (eisen / bloom / PFT / Mort / Schefter) and email to my leagues.. all very comfortably with the "PAD" nearly justified itself last night alone!