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  1. A friend of mine started Here is a brief video if anyone wants to give it a look. Platform has capability for real money gambling once all legal issues have been worked out at the individual states level:
  2. My buddy started a new fantasy sports game format . A decent NBA slate tonight and different than anything else that I have played. Have a look if you are interested…
  3. Are the guys doing a podcast this week?
  4. I have a good friend who is close to a bunch of DMS guys. We used to show up at CBs on random Friday nights and catch a set or two. MCA from the Beastie Boys was there a few times. Not a very friendly guy, but it was cool he would strap on the bass for a song or two with Madball or AF, can't recall who. He was a hardcore guy before any of his mainstream success. This was probably mid 2000s.
  5. Man this song gets me jacked up!
  6. I have a 9 mos old daughter. I hope someday she asks me what punk rock is. I will play Rancid's Out Come the Wolves followed by Life Won't wait. No one sings punk quite like Lars. Other great NYCHC bands: Agnostic Front, Cro Mags, Merauder, Etown Concrete, Madball.
  7. I have tickets for Tuesday night. Any ideas what time they take the stage? I saw them play MSG last time around but don't recall what time they started. Seattle hometown gig should be awesome!