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  1. When are the SOS articles going to come out? They came out around the end of June last year... Thanks! T
  2. That is a tough one but I think it's Evans. Carolina pass D is playing much better as of late, but the Bengals have been very tough against WRs. FBG's Passing matchups state "The Bengals' pass D is ranked 21st in the NFL averaging 247.5 net passing yards allowed per game, with 14 passing scores given out vs. 12 interceptions" but what they do not note is that only 7 of those TDs were to WRs (5 to TEs & 2 to Rbs). The Panthers have given up 16 to WRs. Again, better of late (and obviously great against NO). Cleveland ran the ball down the Bengals throat last time and it's not like the Bengals really had to defend the pass last time. I've heard they will go after Johnny and make him beat them in the air. Who knows. The fact that Gordon was taken out on third downs last week was really strange and is reason for caution. All in all...I think its a coin flip but Evans is the safer bet IMO. Gordon could blow up with Johnny but we really have no idea how they will game plan this one. You have no doubt about Evans being a target at all.