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  1. I think these results are fascinating. My vote on this was "probably not". I don't want to say absolutely not, because Facebook (and Google and Amazon) have already clearly communicated they don't care about privacy. But if the Facebook app were listening in on everything we say, that would be a major scandal - a company-ending scandal, with massive lawsuits, congressional hearings, the works. I think there's an extremely small likelihood they are doing this - the benefits are not worth the risks. As pointed out by others in this thread (and in the article), they already know a ton about you without resorting to this major invasion of privacy that would put the existence of the company at risk. So to me, this falls into conspiracy theory territory, but one nearly everyone seems to believe. I'd bet the results of this poll aren't a lot different than what a true statistically significant survey of Americans would look like. But more interesting is the lack of uproar - it seems to be widely believed that Facebook (and Google, etc) is doing this, but people seem to have accepted it. Go back in time 10 years and tell people to imagine a time very soon when we'll all carry devices in our pocket that will listen to what we're saying at all times and report that back to powerful companies, and that would be shocking and unbelievable. Most people seem to think that's actually happening now, and they don't care.
  2. Do you think Facebook listens to what you say through their mobile app, in or out of calls, and presents ads to you based on that information? Background info
  3. A few days ago I read this Wired article from April, sounds like the fault line these are on. Move Over, San Andreas: There’s an Ominous New Fault in Town
  4. I think the transparent pandering and lying is gross. A ton of politicians do this, but it’s just so obvious with her. I have no doubt she’ll pander to the left to try to get the nomination, and if she does, she’ll turn on a dime to pander to the center to win the general. And of course they’ll all do this to some degree. But I believe Warren, Sanders, Buttigieg, and Biden have a set of core values that create some boundaries. Harris’ behavior tells me she likely doesn’t.
  5. She’s gross, I hate this kind of stuff, and she does it often. I’d take any of the other Dem front runners over Harris.
  6. Is the International Gateway open right now? I’m at a conference this coming week at the Dolphin, and get a free ticket to any park. Planning to head into Epcot one evening, but if the IG entrance is closed I may just Uber over to Animal Kingdom instead.
  7. I’ve found this as well. The old adage of cars losing a quarter of their value as soon as you drive them off the lot doesn’t seem to be true any longer, at least for well regarded brands. We’re getting ready to replace our 15 year old Honda SUV in the next year or so, and will likely buy new. When I research 2-3 year old used with reasonable mileage, the small savings from buying used doesn’t seem worth the risk and wear and tear.
  8. That might backfire - I could see people hanging out extra long, hoping they can get stormtoopers to kick them out.
  9. I guess you could use something like Camtasia to capture video and audio on a participant's PC, but it's not free. The best option is to use a video/web conferencing service that lets you record video, audio and content, which means dumping uberconference. Zoom is awesome.
  10. I agree, and to me this was starkly on display during the Kavanaugh hearings. I thought both Harris and Booker did a lot of grandstanding, their primary goal was to give a performance and drive momentum for a presidential bid, it was calculated and transparent. I had never heard of Klobuchar before that day, but she was a stark contrast, asking good questions and taking the moment seriously.
  11. The Predict It prediction market has him as 3rd most likely to win the Dem nomination, ahead of Biden and Beto:
  12. When we went last summer they sent all sorts of a FastPass info ahead of time, I don’t know how you could miss it. But that was with a package with onsite hotel. I could see where if you stayed offsite and just bought park tickets, you might have no idea.
  13. If you want the channels that a traditional cable/satellite service provides, I think this is the right approach. The biggest cost to the provider is programming, so there was no way the internet-based alternatives were going to be able to provide similar services for a significantly lower cost in the long run. They accepted lower margins when first launching to try to gain market share, but it’s inevitable that the prices will be similar to traditional services in the long run since the provider’s costs are similar.
  14. I really like the new free CBS Sports HQ app for Apple TV (I think it’s available for Roku as well, plus browser streaming). Sometimes I just want a live Sportscenter-like highlights show, like Sportscenter used to be a few years ago, when it was actually just sports highlights and not all commentary. In the times I’ve turned this new app on in the past few days, it seems to fill that void pretty well.