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  1. I'm a bit surprised by this. I assumed more people would tune in to Trump to see what crazy / off the wall things he would say, and Biden just kind of is who he is, no expectations of any drama there. So maybe this is an indication that people are just tired of Trump, just done with it. For myself, I left the original debate a lot more sickened and disheartened than I expected to. Even though I pay more attention to politics than the average person, I had no desire to watch either Trump or Biden last night - Trump because I just can't stand hearing him talk any more, and Biden because I already know I'm voting for him, I don't need any more convincing. I think a lot of people are just tired of it all, and are ready to move on.
  2. A mute button controlled by Chris Wallace is the only thing that could have helped last night. Biden should insist on one for any other debates. At the control of the moderator, if a candidate is excessively interrupting during the other candidate's 2 minutes. Trump would refuse to allow that, there would be no further debates, and Biden could paint Trump as the one who is too scared for a real debate.
  3. Sounds like it's possibly being blown out of proportion. Twitter thread
  4. Our county has had a big spike in cases in the past 2 weeks. Major university here is almost certainly the cause. New case numbers for each of the past 2 days have each been more than 2x higher than any other day since this all started. Very low baseline though - it has not been bad here at all, strict mask guidelines since April with high compliance. So even 2x higher is still not a lot. But hospitalizations are low and flat, no spike at all, at least not yet. Currently less than 1/3 the number hospitalized in April. Will be interesting to see the local reaction, if any. Schools are currently 100% online but will soon go back on a hybrid schedule for elementary, talk of starting up high school football. I am hopeful they don't back off of those plans, but will be interesting to see if people panic and want to lock down more.
  5. Totally agree, I think that will be part of it. Coordinating among various groups (finance comes in Mon and Wed, marketing comes in Tue and Thu, etc), shared desks, less real estate.
  6. I think over the next few months, we'll see many more stories about the remote working backlash, with companies and some employees wanting to get back into the office and missing face to face conversations. It already started a bit with recent stories about Reed Hastings from Netflix. Netflix boss: Remote working has negative effects There will always be companies on both extremes - some that will go mostly or entirely virtual, and others that want people back in the office 5 days a week as soon as it's safe. But I think many companies will wind up in the middle - people who used to go in 5 days a week now going in 2-3 days a week, staying home the others, long term. It's probably the best balance between in-person collaboration and employee happiness for most companies.
  7. Thank you, appreciate the input! He applied to his first school 2 weeks ago, heard back one week later, accepted! We're visiting in early October unless they shut things down. The only thing holding him back on getting other applications in is his essay, he's having a hard time getting started on it. I came across a website and YouTube channel from College Essay Guy, hopefully that will give him some inspiration.
  8. Your team has been successfully entered. QB - Ben Roethlisberger - PIT/8 - $11 QB - Kirk Cousins - MIN/7 - $8 QB - Derek Carr - LV/6 - $7 RB - James Conner - PIT/8 - $23 RB - David Johnson - HOU/8 - $21 RB - Darrell Henderson - LAR/9 - $11 RB - Ryquell Armstead - JAX/7 - $8 RB - Damien Harris - NE/6 - $8 RB - Jerick McKinnon - SF/11 - $5 WR - Terry McLaurin - WAS/8 - $20 WR - Marquise Brown - BAL/8 - $16 WR - Brandin Cooks - HOU/8 - $14 WR - NKeal Harry - NE/6 - $9 WR - Steven Sims - WAS/8 - $7 WR - Parris Campbell - IND/7 - $7 WR - Allen Lazard - GB/5 - $7 WR - Randall Cobb - HOU/8 - $6 TE - George Kittle - SF/11 - $27 TE - Blake Jarwin - DAL/10 - $9 TE - Eric Ebron - PIT/8 - $8 PK - Mike Badgley - LAC/10 - $3 PK - Austin Seibert - CLE/9 - $3 PK - Chris Boswell - PIT/8 - $3 TD - Tennessee Titans - TEN/7 - $3 TD - Houston Texans - HOU/8 - $3 TD - Seattle Seahawks - SEA/6 - $3
  9. Zoom has grabbed a ton of momentum in the video conferencing industry because it delivered a much better, easier and more feature rich experience than the alternatives. Super easy to use and much more powerful and flexible than most other video chat services, and it was far beyond the video capabilities built into other collaboration tools, such as Microsoft Teams or Google G-Suite. However, Microsoft, Google and Cisco are catching up very quickly. Microsoft in particular has an extremely aggressive roadmap for new video features within Teams. I still think Zoom is generally a better experience today that's more feature-rich and flexible, but that advantage won't last for long. And while Zoom will continue to add more differentiating features, the alternatives will become at least good enough very quickly. And the problem for Zoom is that a lot of their customers are buying Zoom on top of one of those other collaboration apps. A lot of Microsoft Teams customers are paying both Microsoft and Zoom because Zoom was so far ahead and the Teams video experience was limited. As that gap shrinks, I think many of those customers will get tired of paying two bills, and will consolidate down to just one collaboration app, which will be Teams or G-Suite because Zoom is not a full collaboration app. I think it would make a ton of sense for Zoom and Slack to combine so they can offer one unified collaboration service. But barring that, looking at Zoom's massive valuation in light of the pressures they'll face as competitors catch up would cause me to shy away from the stock.
  10. This thread had traumatized me. Going to drink 3 gallons of sugar-free lemonade right now and pray I never get one of these.
  11. My incoming senior hasn't been able to take any SAT or ACT yet, unclear right now if he will at all. But the school says they are planning on all seniors taking SATs the last week of September (they are going back to school on a hybrid schedule, at least as of right now). He's getting mailers/emails from some of the schools he is interested in applying to (all public universities, none highly competitive overall, though perhaps a bit at some for his major of interest), encouraging applications now, with benefits like 2-week turnaround on admissions decisions and no essay required. Every school he's applying to is test optional for 2021 admission. Is there any downside to him just applying now to some of those schools? If he waits to take the SAT (fingers crossed) and gets the scores, he's probably not applying until November. No guarantee his scores will help him, though if he's on the bubble, it's possible. If he applies now and is rejected, I wonder if he could go back later in the fall with good test scores and ask them to reconsider?
  12. Agreed, I don't suspect the protests had a substantial impact on the surge. I think it was because large numbers of people in areas that hadn't been hard hit previously thought "cool, now we're mostly past this, let's go to the bar and eat in crowded indoor restaurants and shop without masks on and hang out with friends inside 'cause it's hot out here".
  13. My incoming Senior has not been able to take any SAT/ACT tests yet. Even though all the schools he will apply to are test optional for 2021 admissions, perhaps a good score could help push him over the line, so I wanted him to take each one at least once. He was signed up for the ACT this past Saturday 7/18, but we got an email a few weeks ago that his location was cancelled. When we tried to rebook it, all of the other locations within an hour's drive were booked solid, so we didn't rebook for that date. But apparently many of his classmates rebooked for locations 2-3 hours away for this past Saturday - some drove the night before and stayed at hotels. And virtually all of them got to their test locations Saturday morning to find locked doors - the tests had been cancelled and no one was notified. Complete debacle. SAT was supposed to be through the school this past Spring, of course did not happen. (It's part of the state's standardized testing, taken during school hours.) The school say it's rescheduled for late September, but I'm not counting on that happening. At this point, not sure if we will bother with him jumping through hoops to take either of these tests, I don't know if it's worth it. His GPA is very good but the PSATs he took came back very mediocre, so test optional may work out very well for him.
  14. I have this issue only on Apple iOS on both Safari and Chrome, not on Windows.
  15. I think a soccer match in Italy was one of their initial super-spreading events. But cold weather + people jam packed together screaming for hours does seem like a bad combo for spreading, not a typical outdoor event.