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  1. Interesting tweet / link to paper I did not read the paper and don't plan to, looks very technically dense. But I've read other speculation that some common colds / other coronoviruses people have had could give a degree of immunity or easier recovery, and that this could explain some of the differences in severity between young and old, or certain geographic regions.
  2. Yes, saying mask begs all sorts of questions about whether this or that will qualify. Face coverings is a term more indicative of what is actually expected, and therefore more accurate.
  3. Great recommendation, really liked Ramy. I thought I heard a season 2 is coming later this month.
  4. We Know Everything – And Nothing – About Covid Interesting article - you can disagree with some of his theories about hospital transmission, and overreacting to the threat of casual spread. But I think he is 100% correct about our lack of data, and how worthless our modeling is when the data is poor. Some of the daily stats I see can so easily be misunderstood - # of new cases is meaningless if not in the context of # of tests, and even those tests, are results being reported quickly? How long ago were they taken? Death total drop right after the weekend because the people who tabulate weren't at work. So much bad data, old data, trying to take old and new data and clump it all together. It's nearly impossible to make rational decisions about what to do when the data isn't robust and clearly reported.
  5. Evidence seems to be mounting that it started spreading earlier than initially thought. There's a case of community spread in France in December. And this fairly detailed analysis speculates the initial spread was through commercial vehicle trade shows in the fall.
  6. Nearly 400 employees at a Missouri pork plant tested positive for COVID-19. All of them were asymptomatic.
  7. Agreed, I don’t have an issue with this. Until you hand the idol to Jeff, you haven’t played it.
  8. Friend of mine has a son who is a senior, applying for engineering programs. The large in-state university has an engineering program that is competitive and tough to get into. He and most of his friends were rejected - admitted to the school in general if they wanted to pick another major, but not for engineering. (All these kids have really good grades, lots of AP classes, high SATs but not off the charts.) Several weeks ago, friend talked to admissions, asked about various options, asked if they ever change their minds on accepting students directly into engineering - they said no, once you are rejected, that's it, only option is to enroll in general studies and go through a process to try to transfer in, which most students who try do not achieve. Earlier this week, kid got a letter - congratulations, we changed our minds, you're accepted into engineering! He's already given his decision to a different school that accepted him off the bat into engineering, and isn't switching. But, this gives me the indication the school is panicking a bit about how many students will enroll this fall.
  9. Wouldn't it be the opposite? i would think those who are sick (and symptomatic) would be more likely to be at home resting, not out at the store.
  10. I work for a tech company based the Bay Area, though I don't live there. Just looked back through my emails - my company started mandatory work from home on March 11. And I remember thinking at the time that we were late, as I know Google and many others started at least a week or two prior. I think many tech companies were very on top of what was happening and proactive about WFH, far in advance of government mandates.
  11. Agreed, I'd be on board with a new rule that anything said at TC must be said out loud for everyone to hear, no more whispering.
  12. we got ours direct deposited today, and did nothing. filed 2019 taxes back in Feb. No unemployment filing (both still working).
  13. I've been trying to be optimistic that by late summer we could get back to a mostly normal state, even if it still means limited travel and no stadium crowds for a while longer. But this Atlantic article from today does a good job outlining the situation, and why we won't see anything close to "normal" for a long time.
  14. I appreciate that they made the effort. One of the challenges was the same as the late night shows, and Daily Show / John Oliver. Without a live audience, telling jokes or trying to be funny in silence is pretty painful to watch. It just feels lifeless. I wish they would add a laugh track. I don’t care that it’s fake, it adds energy that all those shows are sorely lacking right now.
  15. Same here, on both comments. I typically travel between 25-50k miles per year. At this point, I don’t expect to have another work trip this calendar year. All trade shows will be cancelled for at least the rest of this year. All of my company’s internal meetings will be video only. Maybe there will be a customer meeting or two in the fall, but at this point I doubt it.