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  1. what are the best guesses out there on which dead characters show up as white walkers?
  2. wow ...brings back memories. I was working in a country club pro shop and got along great with my boss, the pro. He loved this song and he loved him some pot. Got stoned several times over dinner at his house with him and his wife. This album was always a part of what was played. They even set me up with her sister for a couple of evenings.
  3. you stole this from OPM's stand up didn't you?
  4. This is a GREAT song. Always equate it with the song "Brandy". @SWC
  5. Damn this is good. Should be 500 spots higher. never heard of them, looks like they damn near brought Paul Simon to tears with their take on "America".
  6. lol - nothing reflecting you, sorry. I see how that came across. My point is that you had only posted so few times and I don't know whose alias you are.
  7. Most recently the Jupiter lenses. My eye doctor has had a lot of patients use them with great success ...but they adhered to eyes and I had a helluva a time getting them off. Not even with a plunger. Pretty scary. So I'm not going there anymore. I would want to use the contacts for my near-sightedness and glasses for reading during the day so I wouldn't have one for distance and one for near. I want to be able to comfortably play golf in them ...and drive. Does that sound reasonable? I just don't know.
  8. Robert Mitchum can play one helluva scary guy. Yeah, the scenery looks like an 8th grade version of "Oklahoma."
  9. OH COME ON DAN!!!!! 18 ####in' posts and you missed HIM ...? impactful.