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  1. Clemson has no business being in this game quit #####in' about calls. The only reason they are in this game is the amount of horrible calls in their favor against Ohio State.
  2. Remember first seeing him in the movie, "Talk Radio" ...played a #### radio talk show host really well.
  3. Typo? in my best Jack Nicholson voice, "wrong verb."
  4. have you seen the gut on @shuke ? there is no arguing with these types. ETA: this was uncalled for - my apologies @shuke - drinking and was thinking it would be funny's not.
  5. I'm talking about understanding the multiple scenario simulations (someone here said they weren't actual Monte Carlo simulations) and the ability to better understand the levels of risk you have based on how much you have, how aggressively you invest it, and how much you withdraw each year. Yeah, the first time my wife and I saw the "hockey stick" amount at age 100 ...we chuckled. Nice example of compound interest.
  6. @dgreen - please go to Firecalc. Also - someone posted an even better, more detailed model site that I don't feel like looking for ...but Firecalc is a GREAT start.
  7. nice Sullie ...had a similar experience when introduced to Skyline for the first time - late night at a Todd Rundgren concert at Bogarts.
  8. you don't "pass it"'s pretty aggressive about clawing it's own way out
  9. for those that haven't had it: do you like greek dishes? If the sound of a ground meat sauce with plenty of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove ...and other greek spices sound good to you - you will likely love it. put it on spaghetti - its 2-way, add cheese - its a 3-way, add onions - its a 4-way, and finally ...add chili beans - its a 5-way. or just put it on a hot dog and have a coney. it's delicious - and the local parlors usually stay open into the early morning.
  10. his brother Ty was a very influential part of the 60s.