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  1. I ate at an empty (almost) Long John Silvers around 3:30 in the afternoon a couple of weeks ago. It was pretty creepy - though since I had a LJS craving, I did enjoy my food. Just listened to a podcast and stared out the window.
  2. wow - that's pretty good - so many of these are cringe worthy.
  3. yes - the ETP and H-Value is what I'm looking for. I did find the original online book and it talks about the H-value got that. Still not sure about what the ETP is though.
  4. Anyone know where the explanations are for Dodds weekly value charts for DFS? I saw it a couple of years ago and now I can't find it. TIA.
  5. $495. Must have mistaken me for Chet that model looks like something that was leftover from a Decemberists concert.
  6. geezus, just call @cheese that FF wunderkind knows all that ####. I can only tell you that Gordon ####ed me on all 3 of my teams this week trying to be a hero on a tackle.
  7. My introduction to technology. Part 1 When I went to college in the mid-late 70s, as a part of my business degree (another story for another day), I had to take a full year of Fortran and Cobol programming. For programmers, it was 101 stuff - but I went in kicking and screaming. Hated it. This is still at a time where you had to: - wait in line to to type the line code onto computer cards - submit the big stack of cards at the window to be queued up for the "Big Blue" IBM computer to read/process. It was usually at the end of semester or big project time and when busy it could as long as 4-6 hours to get the results back. Errors were categorized at the end of the printout, but didn't necessarily point you right to the error. Typically, you may have to go through several iterations of this process - it was brutal. - typically there was a table in the computer area manned by a couple computer nerds that were paid to help you find/correct errors (it was a big area - but you couldn't get close to the computer was in a special, climate-controlled locked room. A couple of us, that didn't know where to begin to write the program would scout out fellow students from our classes, wait for them to get their printout back and talk to the nerds. After making their corrections and resubmitting their corrected cards - and finally getting their new printout ...they would pitch their first printout. - We pulled the printout out of the trash and typed our cards using that initial printout - and went from there. ETA: green/white printout paper with cards
  8. I have never considered the ICP crowd's depth of thought. That's on me. I guess I always thought that would be a deep dive in the shallow end.