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  1. No, I am horrible at it. I was a math and science teacher. Now I am an assistant principal. And you talk and write that way? omg.
  2. so you're an English teacher?
  3. what is this from? I read in the comments that this guy ran into some "problems".
  4. I was a hardcore zep, prog kid but I couldn't resist Al Green or The Spinners.
  5. so gross.
  6. I love Elton John and loved him then. However, my girlfriend was the lead majorette and picked this song for a basketball halftime routine. Do you how many times you have to practice a baton routine? I don't, because I lost count. I still get the willies when I hear this song.
  7. How can I change the world, when I can't change myself?
  8. Tandem Felix‏ @FelixTandem Mar 22 All hail Christopher Cross: the only man to look like both members of Tenacious D in one lifetime.
  9. 8 iron has probably been my favorite club over the years. It comes from the design difference break between the 8 iron and 7 iron. In most blade sets, the 8 has a rounded top edge that looks much like a wedge at address. The 7 iron has the straight-line edge and can look like a 5 iron when looking down at it. I could convince myself that I had a wedge in my hands (when I had an 8) and hit it consistently within birdie range. Well before lots of yardage markers on sprinkler heads - getting my drive past the 150 stakes meant I could use my 8 iron and know I could hit it close. A 7 iron was ok, but a big psychological drop in confidence from my 8 iron. More and more clubs these days don't have this design difference.
  10. We love Disney and with one exception have always stayed in the Windsor Hills condos. They are clean and one helluva a deal. Can't believe it really. And now that the kids are older - we like to split up our visit between Disney and Universal. And eat off property when we want.
  11. I know you are the expert - but why not stay at the local Windsor Hills condos that are $199 - $299 for the entire week for 2-3 bedrooms and a kitchen?
  12. I haven't checked into the business numbers and don't know how to run down that kind of sub-segment of a market. I was going by the amount of golf-specific training and analysis for training I have seen over the last year or two. I really wasn't aware of the decline in golf participation overall until you mentioned that. I googled some stuff and saw that the game has gone from 29M+ active players last decade to around 23M last year ...yeow.
  13. Amy Taylor‏ @amytaylor1 Client (shoving Scrubbing Bubbles and Formula 409 back under my kitchen sink, visibly angry): OK all I’m saying Amy is maybe you shouldn’t have said you offer GFE because some of us are gonna get the wrong idea and lemme tell you this has been a big letdown
  14. agreed.
  15. helluva a list.