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  1. I thought so, thanks. I just come here to keep learning.
  2. Columbus is landlocked ...Cleveland isn't. Walleye my friend ...walleye. Or some lake perch.
  3. I am not nominating these cookies for best ever. I do miss them though. One of the cookies my mom made most every Christmas was a Meringue M&M cookie. They looked like little clouds with colored M&Ms in them. Anybody ever have these? ETA: looks more like this when done.
  4. JenniFerCryinOutLouD‏ @sip_at_home_mom 30m30 minutes ago Didn't think I was hormonal, but this guy just said something nice to me, and now I'm petting his hair while I cry myself to sleep, and his wife better stop giving me that ####### look...
  5. Hey, it's called progress pal ...look it up. A good part of those "voluntary" tithings go into the research and development of group prayers that increase your chances of entering the pearly gates.
  6. yeah, that with the huge amount of Jameson's is impressive. we have a couple of guys in our group that pound 12+ beers per round ...but they are doing a case a day, every day anyway.
  7. momma's not feelin' any pain there either.
  8. I saw some highlights of a bitconnect kick-off (or rally of some kind). The lead guy cheering/speaking/screaming was a gigantic #######. Please don't tell me this #### sucker isn't in jail - or in hiding for fear of his life.
  9. Thanks man - great pic. You don't even look that drunk ...just really happy. Ja have yer slur on pretty good at that point?
  10. Thanks, Beef! I would imagine that this is a lot closer to the kind of insights Trip was looking for (me too).
  11. Thanks Phil.
  12. a dish
  13. post this mother ####### picture.
  14. hence the term, sugar ####.