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  1. how do you think it hit me??
  2. Your movie list has been pm'd Mr. Hitler.
  3. Please tell the story. Killed a guy in a bar fight? Third time DUI? Multiple public sex violations?
  4. Lady and The Tramp stayed on my list for a long time ...finally got cut.
  5. It's inspired me to take better care of myself.
  6. do you have my list?
  7. I like your "I'm a deer on the highway" writing style.
  8. you listen to a lot of podcasts for someone who doesn't listen to many podcasts.
  9. Do you have the correct line up?
  10. Their grandparents killed Santa in a full stadium setting.
  11. that just for you man.
  12. Miracle Whip was developed by the devil.
  13. whoa, this guy is on a roll.
  14. I cut my tuna, chicken, shrimp salads with sour cream - and don't make them nearly as "wet" as many people do. I rarely order them out - usually too "wet" and filled with celery, of which I am also not a fan (taste is ok, the texture and strings are a non-starter).