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  1. I get it fine. Too bad you don't. still at it I see squizz ...go back to the PF
  2. current landrys hat-ITC JZilla-@then skip Mrs Rannous-15 minute clock Mr Ected-missed picks, skip rcam- Hov34-10 minute clock
  3. - Natural Thing - Long Train Runnin' - Dark Eyed Cajun Woman - Clear As The Driven Snow - South City Midnight Lady - Ukiah - The Captain And Me
  4. PICK 29.21 THE DOOBIE BROTHERS - THE CAPTAIN AND ME (1973) hooooo boy ...this was so important to me. What a run these guys had. Much different band after Michael McDonald (still liked them ...but pushing Tom Johnston out of the way was not cool). This album is so strong from beginning to end. I know I say it's hard to pick only two songs off these albums I love ...but that's what makes them such strong albums. Songs - China Grove - Evil Woman (you may recognize this one ...didn't get as much airplay ...but please give it a chance)