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  1. sounds vaguely familiar ...but I don't think I've ever heard it I am really digging it - changed from like to love
  2. love that Neil Innes, who co-wrote "The Rutles" and played "Nasty" (John) is the mom pushing the stroller. Makes me want to watch the movie again.
  3. by far and away the best concert tshirt I ever bought the thing was almost like a softball uniform weight and the 3 stripe sleeve stitching was full embroidered. thing lasted for years the caption says late 70s - I think it was actually 1980 only 40 years ago.
  4. I grew up in Ohio and had terrible allergy and nighttime asthma problems the few times I camped ...had a really bad asthma attack. So it was never my thing. But I understand why those who do hike/camp like it. So not here to #### on the whole camping scene. My dad grew up really poor always hated hunting/fishing/camping so we never went - he said he grew up practically camping and having to hunt/find his dinner. He used to always say, "Why spend a whole lot of time and money to recreate a very poor facsimile of what I have right here on my couch?" Love you dad.
  5. This song and the group is the definition of what music was like my senior year of HS. Not real happy about it either.
  6. awesome - those speakers sound like my parents' stereo after they left for a weekend and I had a party. and yeah, great drumming.