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  1. agree that it's gotta go, I hate it too, but I wouldn't say it doesn't make sense can you successfully boil the ocean? of course not - so don't try
  2. can apply to anything - it's basically saying "don't take on too much"
  3. sorry guys ...I haven't been here as much and I didn't see Pitchfork's note that he thought I was in I will drop in and watch some - good luck everyone!
  4. No. No. No. They do NOT usually have filling. And vanilla long johns are just as common as chocolate. reaction not that it matters all that much ...
  5. apple fritters are ALWAYS the last donut left in the breakroom - ####in' grandpa donut how do you feel about a chocolate iced filled with a slightly sweet peanut butter cream?
  6. OH HELL NO. also, Long John is a general term for bar-shaped donuts that have icing - usually chocolate (maple yes ...but less so) AND usually have filling (doesn't have to ...but most do) - usually its sweet white cream or bavarian cream ...but have also had a sweet peanut butter flavored blend filling) a maple bar is one kind of Long John
  7. I would go slightly undercooked brownies so they are still gooey. add some caramel in there too. otherwise - it's a dark chocolate flourless torte (cake)
  8. Foghat is THE perfect example of mid-70's rock - so bad it's ...still not good.* *ETA: big qualifier - this applies to top 40 rock - pure album rock was and still is majestic.
  9. YOU ARE A MACHINE GIRLFRIEND You deserve a break, Ideally one of us knuckleheads would take over ...not to add songs but to bump the thread balloon with related comments. I have my MIL at the house and while she is inherently so much less demanding than her now deceased husband ...the menu demands continue.
  10. @Super70sSports Only McCartney could write a #1 hit that includes the phrase “inclement weather.”
  11. I understand how hard these things are so hard to rank. I would never try to rank Todd's songs. It vascilates so much and depends so much on what I'm feeling at the time. btw: super drunk and in a good way ...holy ####
  12. ok is going on I have the time but you guys know I am pretty limited in terms of my musical tastes :k4stillmadatmycommentsinthebeatlesthread:
  13. exactly where I am at never hated them, and did like a lot of their songs ...but they didn't really tug at my heartstrings like the Beatles and a few others pretty tough to argue what they achieved - and lots of good stuff
  14. ooohhh yeah - jumped up on the table and took a BIGGGG dump right in the punch bowl with that one. ETA: also maintained eye contact to further assert her dominance