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  1. The rates were much better when I was working. I got the double whammy when I retired get to stay on the company plan, but they stop paying half. - So it immediately doubled - Then they separated the retirees into a "separate pay group" so that rate increased - Then rates have steadily increased at sizable amounts every year. - fun.
  2. Daryl still has some excellent turns on his Daryl's House segments ...realizing they can "dress up the sound" but it doesn't sound processed.
  3. while it didn't turn me into a born-again christian, it did send me running in the other direction.
  4. yeah, thanks ...that's what I was expecting, but didn't see anything resembling that when I glanced through the Twitter responses. A bunch of us are doing something similar in the "Music of Lives Thread" if you're interested.
  5. well, this is depressing ... NYT National News @NYTNational U.S. health insurance premiums could increase as much as 40% next year if the coronavirus pandemic results in millions of Americans needing hospital stays, a new analysis warns I'm already at $13.5K/yr for family of 4 health premiums (Aetna).
  6. It looks like people are taking this as "just put your 6 favorites" - is that what you get out of the personal relevance phrase?
  7. 25 Yr Old Album: Singles-45s & Under - Squeeze I covered quite a bit about where I was at during this time in a previous post. The anger and angst were gone and I was focused on starting my career and playing sports. My music listening was less a part of my daily life than it was during college. I wasn't buying a lot of new music since money was dedicated to rent, food, beer, car payments and greens fees. Most of my music was watching MTV and listening to the albums I already had. And I always had an/old new Todd/Utopia album or two that I would get hot on for a few months at a time and then rotate something different (19 by that point). So it was Todd and everything else, and had been that way for over ten years by that point). One of the exceptions was Squeeze. I fell in love with them when I heard "Tempted" and then started paying more attention to their other stuff. Yeah, kinda cheating ...a compilation album, but wow, does this hold up. I loved it then and I love it now. It is one of our most regularly played CDs still today. These guys are brilliant. Check out youtube, though significantly older and weight challenged, Glenn is still in strong musical form. 25 Yr Old Song: Church Of The Poison Mind - Culture Club Let's go ahead and get the song out of the way. Man, this was so tough ...this could have been any number of 20-30 songs easily. How can you not like this song? Maybe just the fact George gives you homophobic creeps? It was a different time, almost 40 years ago. I had a lot of friends that just couldn't take the flamboyant swishing around - and I have to admit, I wasn't totally enthralled with it either. Hell, I was just getting over David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust look. But there was no denying the Motown-rock these guys were putting out. If you don't like this, you don't like Stevie Wonder.
  8. super kickass - love Josh Homme. a late discovery for me ...and found him through watching an episode of "No Reservations" RIP Tony
  9. well, I can't even pick my 25 Yr Old song or album, so your Beatles song list would have changed daily for me I have no room to comment
  10. happy birthday Atomic Punk 🎂! you are officially old
  11. Hit this afternoon, not sure of injuries at this point - have never seen a car mangled like this before footage @MatthewCappucci This has to be one of the most impressive debris signatures I've seen. Enormous mass of debris carried 4 miles high – more than 20,000 feet. Significant debris signature on radar. I wouldn't be surprised if peak winds in #Jonesboro or #Brookland exceeded 170 mph. Well - it's that season again ...ugghh
  12. well I certainly didn't learn anything more about his disappearance - just a lot of accusations against what we already figured to be a bunch of ne'er do wells. when guilty always point always change the discussion and point away from yourself.
  13. getz - I'm not smart enough to understand the impact of this, it sounds like landlords can apply to not pay their monthly note? Is that right? Is there any impact to your tenants? I don't know about HUD other than it is a lot of paperwork, but thought that the landlord received payments from the government. Is there any danger of not getting HUD rent payments?
  14. I am struggling with this age 25 stuff. I went through 3 major changes from age 20 to 25 - with the middle years dominated by punk. Dayton, OH had a pretty decent punk scene in the late 70s and early 80s (Toxic Reasons and Dementia Precox were big) and we ran pretty hard with it. Moved from pot and hallucinogens to speed and liquor ...though we kept the hallucinogens. Back in my old hometown, my new "old" friends were very big into punk and harder edge new wave. I changed directions. The Sex Pistols "Never Mind the Bullocks" album would be the album for me for that period. Dead Kennedys "Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables" or would be second. The US wasn't in nearly as bad in shape as the UK but things didn't look good for younger people. I was in college and the job market sucked. When I graduated in '81 it looked like I wasn't going to get any kind of job with a future - NO FUTURE ...NO FUTURE FOR YOU!!! WHADAYA GONNA DO?? I even tested to get into the Air Force as a navigator (eyes were'nt good enough to be a pilot), I was just two weeks from getting on a bus to head to Texas for flight school when I got a job at a small telephone company. Was a big Stranglers fan as well. But while at 20 I was hitting discos and listening to Yes, et al, and my 21 - 24 age days were a lot more hitting punk bars and chasing girls in punk bars. But by 25, I had almost a couple of years working 6 days a week at the phone company, doing PR work, public speaking and running the small business office and gift/phone store - and had moved from that company to a much larger company in Hudson, OH, about 3 hours away. I was no longer an angry, frustrated college student with no future ...I was a part of the system. And just another white collar grunt, struggling to get ahead. I liked my job, I liked the people I worked with and I liked what I saw as a place to make a career. I was happy. I was busy paying bills, working, playing sports, and trying to get ahead. I went back to my record selection pre-punk and the MTV stuff. And of course, keeping up with Todd's solo and Utopia work. 🙂 I would imagine plenty of others here are struggling with these important blocks of music that are getting left behind because we change so much within 5 year spans in your younger days. Still trying to decide.
  15. just to be clear, I'm not a Trump supporter but I despise Pelosi
  16. unlike Pelosi playing politics with the corona virus assistance bill until she saw it was political suicide.