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  1. Interesting. Do you think it's because she continued to have a life after her husband died? I think it's because not an insignificant number of Kurt fans believe she had him killed.
  2. PICK 43.21 THE GUESS WHO - AMERICAN WOMAN (1970) This is another group that I grew up with - but had the "Best Of The Guess Who". This album has several hits and will do nicely. Very much of the CCR-style rock of that time - these songs hold up for me. - American Woman - No Time ...missing out on "No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature"
  3. got all of them but Snoop - I searched but didn't find - send me the album and songs and I'll make sure they get into the spotify list
  4. that was me - and it's pure 70s guitar rock heaven ETA: I'm catching up posts and I see other uncomplimentary comments about Ted Nugent - happy to replace it It takes me back to a time - maybe not Heavy Metal Parking Lot back ...this is 10 years past my HS years but still looks pretty familiar. It's Maryland, not Dayton, OH ...but it just as easily could have been about any Midwestern town that had Judas Priest fans NOTE: did not remember the opening line where the 20 yr old kid is making out with a 13 yr old girl - not cool
  5. great taste - I picked "The Width Of A Circle" a couple of rounds ago from the live album from the Santa Monica show.
  6. Listening to a full album from a group that gets a bad rap. And I will likely get some flack on it ...but it's great 70s pop. Likely considered easy-listening these days.
  7. PICK 42.20 STING - TEN SUMMONER'S TALES (1993) - If I Ever Lose My Faith In You (one of my all-time favorites) - Shape Of My Heart
  8. I believe its a "pick 1 in the daytime" and then "pick one in the evening" rather than doing the ITC thing ...I think
  9. PICK 41.21 BONNIE RAITT - LUCK OF THE DRAW (1991) Part of a string of mellow listening collection we play a lot at home and would definitely need on our island. Songs - Something To Talk About - I Can't Make You Love Me
  10. PICK 40.20 DAVID BOWIE - LIVE IN SANTA MONICA 1972 $5.50 for a ticket .... He's got a ton of live albums and none have everything I want to hear - his always has split his stuff up with strange selection he always keeps in. Not complaining - it just made it tough to pick the one I wanted. Gotta have some Bowie on my island. Songs - Hang On To Yourself (jammin') - The Width Of A Circle (Mick Ronson just kills here)