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  1. her Pizza King is not the Dayton - Cincy area Pizza King (link in her post) does look pretty bad
  2. I eat a lot of meat ...I mean a lot all kinds of lunchmeat, dried meats, ground beef, prime rib, bacon, sausage, pork tenderloin, ground pork, spam, lamb, chicken - baked, fried, poached ...I'm sure I have left some out and cheese ...don't get me started. ETA: I cook 9lbs of bacon at a time in the oven (takes all afternoon but totally worth it - buy three 3lb pkgs of the thick slice when it goes on sale)
  3. Were you reading about the unpopulated, desert like parts of Australia? it was "Rock T-Shirt Monthly" ...more like a fanzine.
  4. you know those big hunks of tough meat in the grocery store that's called "sirloin" - the stuff they serve wishes it was related to those cuts of meat. ETA: they have enough tenderizer on them that they're not horrible, it's just a very cheap cut of meat - and they butcher it to be "reminiscent" of a filet
  5. not a big deal, just a surprise when I saw as I scrolled for something not complaining, but keeping the sheet up requires some level of diligence
  6. all questions are to be directed to here ....yes, though did you make a Rd 25 pick or are you high on superior quality chopped liver? wtf rannous???
  7. 3ITC @wikkidpissah now with 2 picks @PIK95 @Uruk-Hai 10 min notification since he timed before @Northern Voice on deck but has a pick due
  8. well - I thought I was gonna have to boil the chicken-apple sausages before I grilled them ...but no, they are pre-cooked so I'm back here's where we are (note KP said to skip him, he's at dinner) 26.35wikkidpissah-ITC 26.36timschochet-permaskip 26.37wazoo11-permaskip 26.38zamboni-10 min clock - timed out-skip 26.39Nigel Tufnel-Girls 26.40Karma Police-skip 27.0- 27.1Karma Police-skip 27.2Nigel Tufnel-10 min clock-ITC 27.3zamboni-10 min clock-said skip 27.4Wazoo11-permaskip 27.5timschochet-permaskip 27.6wikkidpissah-ITC
  9. I'll let it rest and stay for KP's time ...if that works for people I have some dinner prep to do
  10. You two timed out and KP is up ...but both of you are back up! @zamboni and @Nigel Tufnel up again!