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  1. Died on April 7. still gets his news from "Grit" magazine
  2. if they get it done on time (which often doesn't happen ...) they would be up and going by 6am PST.
  3. IMPORTANT: UPCOMING SITE MAINTENANCE The entire Footballguys website will be unavailable for 10 hours, beginning on May 31 at 11pm ET. This server maintenance will not change the design or layout of the website. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.
  4. ITC @Bonzai @rockaction @simey is now ITC (for 2 picks at the turn ... as @cosjobs is on skip) Well @simey picked one and @Bonzai and @rockaction are closing in on their hour for these picks BUT there's more ... @Bonzai and @rockaction are up again - so pick 2 boys!
  5. ITC @Bonzai @rockaction @simey is now ITC (for 2 picks at the turn ... as @cosjobs is on skip)
  6. PICK 31.21 GRAND FUNK RAILROAD - CAUGHT IN THE ACT (1975) I am really struggling with not wanting to lose about 4-5 picks here but I have put this one off as long as I can. The critics gave these guys a hard time, but these guys are' the definition of "rock and roll." They have several albums still available that I have owned since my teen years ...but I'll take this one cause it showcases them live, which is where they really shine ...AND I get both of these songs. This takes me back to cruisin' and hanging out in random fields drinkin' beer, homemade wine, and doin' some doobs. Songs - I'm Your Captain/Closer To Home - We're An American Band
  7. I have tried the recommended route of highlighting the rows around (and even all rows), right clicking to get the drop down ...but no "unhide rows" option shows up
  8. Do you know how to fix the missing 27.4 and 27.33 lines in the spreadsheet? There is a double line where those rows should be. Fixing that is Desert Island Album Spreadsheeting 202, and I don't have the prereqs. @Northern Voice we're trying to unhide rows that someone hid ...
  9. I believe someone hid the recurring skip rows for OH and Doug B - don't need to see them. ETA: I'll fish around, I am pretty familiar with Excel, but not so much googlesheets