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  1. Been thinking about doing the same because it’s been a pain having to keep doing that
  2. Thielen our for Sunday per Andrew Siciliano
  3. Quinn said Ryan will play Sunday with his sprained ankle per Vaughn McClure
  4. According to Tomlin Conner did not practice today making it the second straight day he hasn’t practiced per Omar Ruiz
  5. Won’t play Sunday but is on the field for practice per Gary Klein
  6. I have him too but am lucky enough to have Andrews too, even though he hasn’t done too much the last couple games, but currently have Andrews in and if Kittle is a go will probably make the switch to him.
  7. Agree 100% and I also seriously believe it’s because of Burfict. That hit was brutal!! edit to add- does anyone have a timeline as to how long after that hit all the troubles with him began or am I wrong and were there troubles before the hit.
  8. Placed on the reserve/non-football injury list
  9. Thanks @Hot Sauce Guy Harrison Butker 17 pts 52 yds
  10. Shanahan says Gould has a chance to play Monday and if he doesn’t they expect him back the next week per Cam Inman