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  1. AB on The Breakfast Club Friday and he had a lot to say including he won’t play in the XFL he doesn’t want to be around 60 guys jealous of AB getting all the TD’s and AB getting all the girls they wishing about
  2. Antonio Callaway’s season is over before it started. Tampa Bay Vipers placed him on IR after injuring leg in practice and being carted off. Link
  3. AB apologizes to Pittsburgh AB says he misses Pittsburgh
  4. Washington post political reporter suspended over insensitive tweets. Link
  5. After some searching and little results I did end up finally finding this one XFL fantasy leagues I have no idea how good it is or what you can do with it because I did not register. I may later and check out what features it has
  6. Chad Johnson cancels his kicking tryout
  7. Makes this video all the more interesting OBJ in bed with woman possibly doing cocaine? I don’t think anything ever came of that video. I remember when it happened and thought the team and nfl Said they were looking into it, but I don’t recall ever hearing anymore about it.
  8. There is link above with a video of the incident. Here it is here.. Link
  9. Agent Drew Rosenhaus has conditionally terminated his relationship with Antonio Brown. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Rosenhaus has written a letter to the NFL Players Association saying that he would like to continue working with Brown, but not until he gets help. This story will be updated.
  10. Drew Rosenhaus has terminated his contract with AB until the wide receiver seeks help per Adam Schefter Link
  11. An arrest warrant has been issued for OBJ after hitting a police officer on the butt after the LSU win in the locker room Link
  12. HPD has had enough of AB. They have returned his large donation for their 7 on 7 league and banned him from ever working out on their field again. Link
  13. Chad Johnson has tryout a kicker