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  1. AB posts photo of himself in a Ravens uniform weeks after training with Jackson, Hollywood, and Jeudy
  2. Antonio Brown officially charged in alleged assault of driver in Florida
  3. Could be and I’m sure whether that’s the case or not that’s what the NFL will be claiming. Also if it was a screw up or not I would suspect either way it would call for a revote since the new contract has stuff in it that wasn’t in the one they voted on. Who knows it may still pass either way but like I said I would expect a revote if it is proven they are different.
  4. NFL's CBA drama may not be over with new invalidation ”Turns out the collective bargaining agreement saga of a few weeks ago may have something of an epilogue. Safety Eric Reid, who was released by the Carolina Panthers two weeks ago, has enlisted a legal team to request an total invalidation of the new labor deal. A letter drafted by Reid’s lawyers and sent to the players’ union claims that the version proposed to players on March 5 includes language that differs from the final version, dated March 15. Reid and his attorneys are seeking a new vote on the CBA as well as an independent investigation looking into the document’s alterations.”
  5. So now there is a report that even though the Vikings put the tag on Harris that they have told teams they would take a mid to late round pick for Harris. Link
  6. Interesting topic and I’ve always wondered, they always talk about places like London, but my thought that I‘ve personally never heard until this thread and do see that Catbird mentioned one of the places where I’ve always thought about by naming Toronto. But why do you not hear about Canada? Also why have they not played a game there? Is it because of the CFL due to some sort of contract CFL has with Canada or something? I would think that’s the first place they would want to try and expand to when looking at places outside of the US. I think it could be huge. I could be totally off on this though too obviously, as maybe they have played a game in Canada which I don’t recall and it wasn’t a big draw so not worth the investment or maybe the CFL isn’t a big draw and that’s what they are going off of.
  7. Interesting article here and one of the most interesting things to me is that around 500 players chose not to even vote. Crazy!! Link
  8. Some responses from players on the approved contract Link
  9. The voting window has closed so now we wait for the results. Link I have looked to try and find something that might tell how long it may be before we hear any results but have been unable to find anything.
  10. AB proposes to girlfriend after months of public fueds
  11. Hopefully this passes for our sake too but also for the league so that they can finish the season out. Not trying to be insensitive about the coronavirus as it might seem that way to some. Just expressing my feelings about how it’s too bad for the league.
  12. Yeah this is too bad. Really liked what I was watching and now with this it’s going to be a huge hit on them I think. Too bad. Hate to see it end this way if it does
  13. The NFL cancels 2020 annual league meeting Link
  14. The NFL is currently continuing with its schedule to open the new league year Wednesday, but made one big cancelation. The NFL announced Thursday that the Annual League Meeting in Palm Beach, Florida, has been canceled due to growing concerns surrounding the new coronavirus known as COVID-19. Rule changes and other football matters normally discussed at the spring meeting, which was scheduled for March 29 through April 1, will now be discussed and voted upon at the May meeting, with NFL coaches and general managers expected to attend. Link
  15. Russell Okung files complaint against the NFLPA with the National Labor Relations Board- Soon-to-be Carolina Panthers offensive tackle Russell Okung has accused the National Football League Players Association of negotiating the proposed CBA in bad faith, taking the step of filing an unfair labor practice charge with the National Labor Relations Board Monday. Link
  16. The NFLPA board of player representatives voted to extend the deadline for voting on the proposed collective bargaining agreement to Saturday at 11:59 p.m. ET. Link
  17. Bills and Norman agree on a 1 year deal Link
  18. Seahawks sent scouts to see P.J. Walker on Saturday. Link
  19. Yeah I haven’t heard too much either other then the big news because of what’s going on even outside the xfl, but about the vendor who worked the Seattle game that tested positive for coronavirus. Link Then also about the Battlehawks getting so much fan support that they are opening up the upper deck to hold more people which is kind of big news for the XFL Link Did also see this article about a possible qb controversy in Seattle and it does also mention a couple other news topics about Seattle -Offensive coordinator Mike Riley, who left the team before the season started to attend to a family matter, is unlikely to return, said Zorn, who has taken over Riley’s duties. -Starting guard William Campbell, who did not play against St. Louis with a knee injury, was a full participant at Tuesday’s practice. -Receiver Kasen Williams, the former Husky and Seahawk who has yet to play this season with a quad injury, “is almost there,” Zorn said. “I am not sure he will make it back this week. The training staff is confident that maybe the following week.” -Defensive back Mohammed Seisay, who injured his neck against St. Louis, flew home to Seattle on Sunday and has been placed on injured reserve. Link
  20. Per ESPN- “The language of the proposed collective bargaining agreement was finalized late Wednesday night and is going out to NFL players Thursday morning, a league source tells ESPN's Jeff Darlington. The ballots were sent out at 9 a.m. ET Thursday, and the voting window will stay open for seven days, a source tells ESPN's Dan Graziano. Players will be able to cast a vote throughout the seven-day window, but they currently plan to wait the full allotted time before formalizing the results, meaning ratification is unlikely until later next week, a NFL Players Association source told Darlington” Link
  21. Former NFL first round pick gets cut from XFL DC Defenders after 4 weeks Link
  22. Panthers agree to trade Trai Turner to the Chargers for Russell Okung Link
  23. Chargers have agreed to trade Russell Okung to the Panthers for Trai Turner Link