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  1. Since it is the slow time of dynasty; going back to rookie draft time (early May) and posting more significant trades. QRRWWTFF PPR: A gave: TY, Paul Richardson, Sead B gave: Thielen A gave Carson B gave DeVante Parker A gave 1.4, 1.12 B gave DJ Moore, 2.09 A gave: Gurley, JBrown, Mike Evans B gave: Saquon, OJHoward, 2020 1st (playoff team; how good depends upon Gurley/Tyreek) A gave C.Sutton, ASJ,2.9 B gave TY 4.09
  2. 12 team ppr:
  3. Great Thread; thanks for starting and sharing Coop. I consider myself an average dynasty player (5 leagues; make playoffs in 2 or MAYBE 3/year; won a league this year but none in prev. two years). I am also in league 1 with Coop. My comments/observations/questions to coop on his strategies: Investing all available value into starting lineup and consolidate. I have always preferred depth and I think I am now convinced to move toward this approach; probably not this extreme but I see value in some open roster spots and I know I get too attached to players for too long. Trade rookie picks. Again, I am coming around and will do more of this in leagues where I have playoff caliber teams. In the league with Coop, I am in year 1 of a massive rebuild (let my team get old) and will use some picks (but I will also trade picks for younger players where I can). I looked at the last 3 drafts and Coop has had only 3 picks (earliest was 3.7) and none in last two years, so he follows this...…... QB/TE - I agree and follow these; I never understand teams that have 4 qb's in a start 1, 24 roster league... Other observations of Coop in this league: The man trades and trades fairly and I think that he is Understating the value/impact in that. He probably averages 40 trades a year. There have been several threads about lowball offers and how to respond. many people are like me and get offended (not saying it is smart or right) and write some owners off. Coop is the opposite and I think it benefits him. If I don't think one his offers is fair, I actually question myself. This helps him in a couple of ways, people come to him with offers b/c they know he is fair and will make deals (think about that - 90% of the people in your leagues aren't like that). Coop also sends out many (not multiple, many) offers at the same time, I have missed on some deals because I needed to think about it (you have to act fast with him or you may not get a deal done and sometimes that means taking the offer vs. negotiating). I think this is a big part of his success and I will be efforting to be much more active in sending offers. I think with more available trade calculators this is easier for all of us to do. Questions for Coop/theories on why he is successful: How much time do you spend in season on your 4 leagues? It takes me quite awhile to come up with fair trades; how many hours a week are you putting in? Talent evaluation? You don't draft rookies and don't follow college ball, so I assume you have some process for determining studs before they become studs; i.e. you have Kamara on all 4 teams and I believe in this league you acquired him early in his rookie year. Injuries. What do you do when they happen to a stud in season (with no depth). do you trade them (assume they get hurt week 1 and are out for the year but will make a full recovery). Again, greatly appreciate the insight.....
  4. drop Foreman - not sure he contributes this year. ross may not either but let's give him a few weeks.
  5. Hunt is valued more highly; you could get more if you want to trade him - why trade for 2 players who does what he do?
  6. this is probably all about preference; I would take Mixon + another starting rb or 2nd best wr in the draft. Will be interesting to see ranking of Mixon and Hunt at end of year..
  7. Me giving 1.5 and Jax D Get Mixon and Tenn D Jax was 3 points better than next D and 5 ppg better than the 10th def. looking to buy Mixon wherever I can; will find a new D.
  8. Frist trade is even; very even - probably depends upon where the first falls Trade 2 - team A; I assume other team needed the roster spots. Trade 3 - Hopkins. I traded Hopkins this offseason - I think you have to get one established player (min.) for such a stud; I don't do IDP...
  9. recently bought for 1.8 and J Ross. first offer to me was 1.3 and 1.8 for Freeman. I am low on Ross - curious on his value in 2018?
  10. Can I piggyback and add TE's and their value (relative to draft picks). ppr. Graham? Reed (if he is still alive)? Jonnu Rams TE Ebron (now in Indy) I would buy Burton for an early 3 - probably around where the last of the top 3 rookie te's go..