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  1. If i had to sit 1, I would sit cooper. just a gut feeling
  2. thanks for answering mine, I have Watson, I am sticking with Watson, go with Watson. Mack and Boone at rb
  3. I would go with Perriman and Parker at wr, Sanders and chubb, Kamara at flex
  4. If you voted to not have waivers for non-playoff teams, then you need to keep it that way until it gets voted to allow it. Or start charging for waiver wire transactions, smarter drafting and more money in the pool for the winners.
  5. I am in the championship and need to select a RB to start, I have Kamara but he hasn't done anything lately. I can pick up Boone (MN) or Drake to start instead, 6 pts for TD, 3 points at 75 yds rushing, 3 more points for every 50 yards above 75 I'm leaning towards Kamara, hoping he pulls something out finally for the year, but want your thoughts
  6. The value of Thielen as a 9th rounder is tough to pass, but just as my keeper dilema, I think Cook will be stellar.
  7. We all have to keep 2 players, so we are all on the same page with the draft, I will be having the first draft pick with two players on my team. round which we drafted them previously, doesn't come into play. Thanks for the feedback already Alkarius and J to the bone
  8. My keeper deadline is quickly approaching and I need some help with who to keep. I will also have the first draft pick! Deciding between Alvin Kamara, Dalvin Cook and Odell Beckham. Leaning towards keeping Kamara and Cook and drafting Sequan Barkley (we wont know others keepers till all are in) passing td, 4 pts, all others 6 pts, non PPR, bonus pts for 100 yds and 150 yds receiving and rushing. We start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE and 1 RB/WR/TE Flex 10 team league