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  1. Like the beer.Cool and refreshing, like a calm, ice blue, mountain stream.
  2. could.I'd hate to try, and then come down with stage fright. Now that would be ackward for everyone involved.
  3. I have mixed feelings about this issue. I feel: remorse-for the stoner with the tuna anger-at the use of violence in a pasive situation funny-knowing that MOP is all about Tommy Bahamas But most of all, I think I feel jealousy. I'm jealous that Ministry of Pain can use his initials to go MOP on somebody, and I can't. If I confront someone and take him down, it's not like I can say, "I went PP on him."
  4. It's a good thing that wasn't Randy Moss next to you. I'm guessing Randy would've picked up his water bottle and doused the heck out of you and the misses. Leaving the movie 20 minutes early only to get his meter maid on.