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  1. team #5 name? what's still available?
  2. yes love no $$$ leagues. hate playing for cash.
  3. Looking for new league. One league just bailed Like OL leagues if possible
  4. RIP Sean Best wishes to his family and his new baby!!!!
  5. Goodell can't do that until he's convicted if I'm not mistaken.???yes he canpac man wasn't convicted
  6. Fake Henry looks nothing like the guy in the car that Desmond spoke to, who we know is Mr. Widmore.Probably worth noting that the balloon the real Henry Gale flew(?) in had a large Widmore logo on it. SCREEN CAP OF BALLOON?
  7. Then where does Michael fit in? If he has indeed found Walt. I'm wondering why they haven't mentioned Michael is some time.