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  1. I wouldn’t mind taking a look. How much?
  2. Your team is going to runaway with the league.
  3. I’m just curious what the previous owner did with his draft picks. This team is not good.
  4. At this point, I would keep the following 5 players: 1.(9)Davante AdamsWR (Franchise) 4.(32)Chris CarsonRB (3rd) 6.(52)David MontgomeryRB (5th) 12.(112)Kyler MurrayQB (11th) 13.(129)Kareem HuntRB (12th)
  5. Laird. He’s the main guy. It may be a weak offense, but he is still the main guy.
  6. I tend to stick with my studs. So, I would play Barkley and Mack. Hunt has seen the end zone the last couple of weeks. Sanders is up and coming. So, I would sit White.
  7. No. I wouldn’t make this trade. I like Mahomes to much. Plus, AB will be back. I don’t like him, but he will be better than Johnson and Williams. Carson is likely to lose touches if not his job to Penny.
  8. I have Jackson and Mahomes in a league. I tried to trade one of them, but there weren’t any takers for the value that I felt I should get. So, I sit on one of them each week.
  9. I’d play Brown and Parker
  10. I would probably not drop any of them. A handcuff is only valuable if you plan on starting him. I’m not sure that you would start them over any one but Samuel’s.
  11. I would probably play Scarbough and Guice. Guice seemed to be getting more carries last week and Bo is about all that the Lions have.
  12. The chances of you using Jones with Winston and Ryan are slim to none. That keeps your other options open.