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  1. The league has been filled. Thanks
  2. I tried to take a look at it. But, it wanted some password information.
  3. The USFL has been going for the last 12 years. This year, we are missing 3 owners. We are not sure what's the status of them as we don't know them personally. So, we are looking for a couple of owners. Our draft is Monday night (tomorrow night) at 9:00. Entry Fee: Free It is a 4 player Keeper League. Only 2 RBs may be kept. The first 4 rounds of the draft are Worst-To-First. Starting in the 5th round, the draft becomes Serpentine. Obviously, we would like to have owners that would like to stick around for a while. The entry fee is Free. Thus, there is nothing to lose but PRIDE. Let me know if you are interested. Doug B. _____________________________________ The teams that are available are listed below. I hope that a couple of the owners come back. But, I am not sure that they are. That's why I am looking for potential owners. If you would like one of the teams, post. Ultimately, I am not sure which of the teams will be available. But, we can try. Team A: P Rivers, S Michel, N Chubb, DCook, K Allen, J Landry plus others Team B: Brees, L McCoy, OBJ, T Kelce plus others Team 😄 R WIlson, B Rothlisberger, B Mayfield, D Johnson, M Ingram, K Hunt, J Gordan, plus others Team 😧 J Goff, J Ajayi, AJ Green, A Brown plus others