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  1. So well done. Lots of memories. Didn't remember how close the Jazz kept it. So wrong to see Shawn Kemp in a Cavs uni.
  2. How do you know they are bees? Could be spiders.
  3. Anyone build any model rockets? I remember doing this in grade school and thought it maybe an interesting project for my 13 and 11 year old boys. What comes with the kits? Looks like they beginner sets have the launch apparatus but seems like the engines are sold separately. I don't remember how far these things go. There is an open park across the street about the size of a football field. would that be big enough?
  4. Also: Fixed Or Repaired Daily. OR: Found On Road Dead. First On Race Day
  5. 1. Even though it means 2 separate places, I think most would say to move an old work 401k to an IRA instead of new work 401k. You just have more investment options. You also don't have to worry moving it next time you switch jobs. 2. You can consider old and new 401k the same bucket of money. 3. I fall under the thought of keeping things simple so I lean towards index stuff. You could do a small portion as individual stock if that would be fun for you. 4. Always keep investing, how quickly or early in the year is up to your situation.
  6. The only reason I voted to be impacted is because other people will cancel stuff I want to do. I don't intend to adjust anything.
  7. My son's being left handed was a benefit. 10U Basketball. End of the game in bound on the left sideline after a timeout. Ran inbound play to get it back to him as the inbounder to go in for the left handed layup. Made the layup to get to overtime. They then won the game to win the tourney to end the season.
  8. Nebraska adding 2 football players to the basketball roster for the B1G tourney.
  9. @strykerpks @Osaurus Bump for ideas for an overnight visit during spring break (Hey look at me, I go to Milwaukee on spring break). 2 boys age 12 and 10. Might catch one of the last spring games at miller park before the season opens. We hit the zoo with family on a regular basis, so no zoo.
  10. Kids? family? other hobbies on a regular basis? I wouldn't mind if it was a mostly easy drive. Would enjoy the "alone" time and enjoy driving. The downside for me would be my kid's activities as I help coach their teams or watch them compete.
  11. I just did this myself, I hope it doesn't do the same for me.
  12. Now think about what this has done to basketball in 5th and 7th grade. They think they need to just shoot 3's as well. THe problem is most are not able to. They can barely heave it as hard as they can to hit the backboard. College is better than the NBA about not being so 1 on 1 or 2 on 2 pick and roll. They are different. I can't stand the people that want to change college into the NBA. IF you like the NBA watch the NBA, if you don't like college, don't watch college.