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  1. Weird sports talking point that Hockey has used the singular reference for the final 7 game series compared to baseball and basketball using the plural to reference their final 7 game series.
  2. I paid shortly after the posting of this.
  3. Don't try and be nice, just follow the rules of the road and things will go smoother.
  4. What is the protocol for openly discussing tourney games in office cubicals? Should you have discretion in case someone is trying to be in the cone of silence and watch a taped game later?
  5. Free practice shot. Bowled state tourney this passed weekend.
  6. Free practice shot. Bowled state tourney this passed weekend.
  7. Forget the free throws, the rest of the game was weird. There were period of really good ball movement by the badgers but then plenty of time for Trice to dribble, dribble, dribble, dribble, dribble, jack up bad shot. I understand everything goes through Happ and am fine with that. Guys just need to hit shots and as a badger fan there has been years of not hitting shots. It was nice to see some other offense besides Happ. Kobe King has gotten an average of 1 drive to the basket the last 4-5 games which is nice. Iverson did really good doing his Happ impersonation, just never know if he can make a free throw. The last layup given up in not on Iverson, that is on the coaching and rest of the players. You don't let that guy beat you with a layup. You help on everything and make him give up the ball. Instead they just let everybody clear out. I am good with Dakich, he seemed to favor the badgers last night. It was very interesting his viewpoint of the reffing. What he could see versus the camera view.