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  1. Woohoo, Brew Crew make quite the push to get into the playoffs! #Thisismycrew
  2. We need a campaign like what happened with the NHL all-star game and an every man enforcer type player was voted into the game. NHL all star game John Scott @Aaron Rudnicki @Thom @Thorn @Chemical X None of the above
  3. This little small town kid from in the country in Wisconsin somehow became a Georgetown fan when he was in high school. Had plenty of gear including still having a Alonzo Mourning and Othello Harrington jersey. I became a fan after Ewing but loved them in the Big East.
  4. What if you are also the one rolling the dice?
  5. @Steve Stevens @hooter311 was concerned about the timing with the naming of the VP.
  6. Ours have gotten new ones more often than I feel they need to. I have used the older ones for other items as well.
  7. Has to drive with his head out of the window.
  8. My thought would be those people would be like a family unit. Maybe there are more involved than I see on TV but if it is just 3 different families then those 3 families end up being around each other a bunch but then they stay away from other robot teams. Different parts of the country are different but I am sure there are lots out there were they stay home for the most part but say the Flintstones and the the Rubbles still get together with each other but then they don't get together with the Jetsons or the scoobies.
  9. Not sure about the TV production side but from the robot team side it would be easy to keep them separated.
  10. It is all a :yawn:. It changed my comment about Tatum Bell and his motivation to a yawn emoji.
  11. Do they have a Raptor version?
  12. Real American - by Rick Derringer