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  1. My first car I got to drive was the Mercury Bobcat station wagon (mercury version of the pinto.....:high class:). Baby Blue, bucket seats front and back, 4 speed. also remember just riding around in the way back with no seat belts. My next car was a little mustang II, we actually took the rims off the bobcat and put them on the mustang II.
  2. He made a diving catch late in the game yesterday that they won 2-1.
  3. Still not sure how you got your wife to go camping with the kids without you? Did you check to there is going to be a Steve at the campground?
  4. 40 Yards of Gold Anyone going to spring for the PPV? They have a bracket challenge. Just noticed it in the 5d football list.
  5. Update June 25, 2019: The IOC Session voted approved the provisional inclusion of breakdancing, skateboarding, rock climbing, and surfing in the 2024 Paris Olympics, the IOC said in this news release. “The four sports that Paris has proposed are all totally in line with Olympic Agenda 2020 because they contribute to making the programme more gender balanced and more urban, and offer the opportunity to connect with the younger generation,” IOC President Thomas Bach said in a statement. “The proposed sports are in line with these principles and enhance Paris 2024’s overall dynamic Games concept, which focuses on inclusivity, inspiring a new audience and hosting socially responsible Games.” The IOC said that are the vote, no further sports can be put forward for inclusion on the sports programme of the Olympic Games Paris 2024.
  6. The FFA will only approve if they can make as much money off of it as they did for Dong Dong winning the trampoline.
  7. I don't think so. I think it is a matter of how good of a rinse they get before being frozen. We soak and rinse our filets 3 to 4 times before freezing them. Nice pure white firm filets. I have left them thaw in the fridge, thaw in warm water and everything in between and have had the same result. I think the key is the soak in rinse in cold water as you are cleaning them that makes all the difference. We see a lot of people just throw them in a bowl with no water or just no rinse of water and I can't imagine those don't taste fishy. Time to get some more out of the freezer.
  8. I am guessing you mean Crappie. We freeze ours in bags full of water. The water keeps the freezer burn almost to nothing. We recently made some that was dated Need to thought the frozen chunk of ice for 3 days. Deep fried them and they were delicious. Had leftovers for the next 2 days. On a tortilla with some cole slaw and shredded cheese.
  9. Missed the first episode as the DVR setting didn't pick it up. Not sure what was different that it didn't record. Not sure why I still watch. If they would just pick normal people instead of trying to get certain looks and personalities it would be so much better. The dramatic swings are so annoying. Why are you mean and putting me up?...wa wa wa. Oh it's just a game, don't take it so personal. Sides of the house flip the next week and nobody can handle the change.
  10. Bowling is trying hard to get in. Very political process. Breakdancing skew more to the younger crowd. Think X games type events that have been the rage in the Olympics recently.
  11. Still hoping to learn something about cricket from this thread without having to watch youtube. Go west indies? (I'm ron burgundy?)
  12. I don't want to hijack but this is an interesting comment. There are definitely games (more so basketball, football -even flag, and hockey) that get more physical than they really should. I am not talking about one kid going psycho but some games just are more physical than others. What combination should it be for the coaches and officials to direct the game back on track? I feel if it comes from the official it is a more civil process to get it back under control. If the coaches try to do it, it seems that could then lead to a more heated discussion or even direction of their team to continue the physical play or even become more physical. In general, I instruct my boys to play (flag football, basketball, and soccer) as physical as the other team is playing them.
  13. It is very impressive the 13 yr old even gave a warning. Most have a hard time explaining where the pitch missed to help the players. I don't know of too my 7 yr old games that even have umpires. Most of them are not pitching to each other as that is either still coach pitch or machine pitch with the coaches still making any necessary call. Part of this is too much of a hurry to make it real baseball. The kids including the umpire are still just learning the game. There should be enough of these parents that are no longer allowed to even watch games for the rest of this year. Crazy