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  1. Had to hammer on the breaks on the way to work this morning in the gloaming. Deer was giving it all it had to cross the road. Picture the cartoon where the hoofs are skittering in a circle. In the end had enough room as it clear the front of my vehicle by about 10 feet.
  2. They should have started the game at 10 this morning.
  3. In the case of our CRV, this would allow you into the vehicle, but would not allow you to start the vehicle as I don't think there is a place to manually start the car. The push button needs to sense the fob and low or no battery fob would not send the signal. I heard a story of a friend that was able to start it by holding the fob right next to the push button.
  4. Fanny pack or that thing QBs use to keep their hands warm.
  5. You better give me the insurance good scene the last part fits best here
  6. Have used Teamsnap and seems to do the job, although started to get bloated with ads and such. Only thing I have used Gamechanger for was actually scoring the baseball game, not tracking scheduling or anything.
  7. all should have gotten plenty of notification from either here or yahooooooo. Top of the hour at most.
  8. I like the urgency of the wildcard but compared to the regular season it doesn't make sense. Play 162 for a chance in 1 game? They need to shorten the regular season back to about the 154 games. They don't start as early in the year or end as late in the year and then could easily go to best of 3. Unless folks in Minnesota like playing baseball in the snow, close the roof.
  9. Is it because there are multiple games those days? Staggered start so they don't overlap? Game at 6 and game at 9?
  10. Espn shows it starts at 7:08? I know - espn
  11. You are right about the pace of play. I don't think the 8 warmup pitches is the main cause of slow pace of play. You know they get those pitches, great time to go get another beer. The bigger problem in that the batter steps out of the box and/or the pitcher is just slow between pitches. I see it in my boys' games (12 and 10). Every pitch the kids get out and take a practice swing or shake their heads about the call. Just stay in the box and be ready to go.
  12. In the first post scoring categories are listed twice, the first has hits the second has PIM.
  13. I believe last year we changed PIM to Hits, at least that is what yahooooooo says.