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  1. My belief is that if more people followed the teachings of modern religion the world would be a much better place.
  2. This really feels similar to the Chubb situation last season. He got very few carries early on even though he was clearly the best back in the team. Hopefully, Singletary takes over just as Chubb did.
  3. The offensive line is supposed to be a strength on this team. They are playing like crap.
  4. Connor questionable to return with a knee per CBS.
  5. I may look you next week and let you terrorize my Pokemon to get past this challenge.
  6. I finally caught all of those steel and psychic types. Now on to task 5/7 of A Thousand-Year Slumber. So if anyone needs someone to battle, let me know. Paco6464
  7. If it was only about winning, he would have just stayed in Pittsburgh.