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  1. This whole situation was so mismanaged. We've had kids playing sports for a couple of months. Why now, after exposing kids to unnecessary health and injury risk, directing school districts and associations to create return to play plans, and all the money spent organizing sports, would you cancel the seasons? It makes absolutely no sense and is embarrassing.
  2. If kids can’t run crossing country, then we should just put the brakes on all sports.
  3. I'm emailing my school board to tell them FBG's solved their COVID problem!
  4. Understood. I just haven't seen anything like this included in school safety plans.
  5. Unfortunately, you need to be close.
  6. I wonder how much it just burns out in these hotspots. I guess we're about to see if cases start spiking in NJ, NY, and WA.
  7. I can only speak for myself, but I was mostly not impressed with my daughters' (7th and 10th grade) remote learning in the spring. My youngest had about 4 hours of work each week with no contact with her teachers. My oldest had two teachers that did a pretty good job. They met a couple times a week online to go over questions and review homework. The rest were non-existent and checked out. I know I have to give the benefit of any doubt to the teachers for being in a new situation, but many didn't even try. While I don't think I'd advocate for less teachers, I think some accountability is absolutely necessary.
  8. Worse. Raccoons will tear into garbage bags. Bears will scatter garbage all over the yard. Put you garbage out in the morning if they become a problem.
  9. Thanks to @bicycle_seat_sniffer for the invite last night. Caught my first Kyurem.
  10. I carry a Bodyguard knowing that I’m not ever going to war with it, but it’s better than nothing in a jam. Hopefully it’s threatening and/or loud enough to buy time to get away from the situation which is all I’d be worried about anyway.
  11. Update. Now it seems our school is going to a hybrid schedule because too many parents want to send their kids to school to allow adequate social distancing. Hope this goes better than in the spring or my kids won't learn much.
  12. This seems very reasonable to me. I’m sure it would be revisited if they find it to be insufficient.
  13. Our school sent out a questionnaire asking for input on how to proceed. 83% wanted to send the kids back at least on a hybrid (mix of online and in person) basis. Our school couldn’t find workable solutions to the hybrid schedule.