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  1. Agreed. I really can't care much about obstruction now that collusion is off the table.
  2. 1. It obviously would not have. 2. I'd hope (and believe) the DOJ would act independently and gone after anyone for which they had reason to do so. The results of this investigation don't change that.
  3. It could have made more money if the focus was on Manafort and not politically charged BS.
  4. I think it depends on how Washington develops. If he doesn't take a major leap forward, I expect Moncrief to put up WR3 numbers.
  5. At least we get a roster spot back.
  6. Probably better news for Cook owners.
  7. He was basically expendable last year with career lows in carries and receptions.
  8. Good question. In PPR, I’d probably take a late 2nd/early 3rd and move it up a few spots for Non-PPR.
  9. Any tips from finding a Ditto?
  10. It must have been something that was said. There’s no way to pick that up.