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  1. Complete PPR rebuild: Lockett for Sutton/Mooney
  2. This. It makes no sense to trade him. Just wait until Johnson is back, he'll come around,
  3. Could be. I probably wouldn’t trade him for Montgomery but would for Sanders. So the answer is somewhere in between for me.
  4. I offered Henry for Lamb/3rd. Rejected with no counter.
  5. The Steelers are extremely deep at WR and have a QB that can spread the ball around and does a fantastic job of getting the most out of them. At this point, it will be very difficult for defenses to shutdown all of them. Based on the number of high quality targets, I think they may be a bit inconsistent. Of the three WRs, I think Johnson represents the highest floor. JuJu and Claypool will have higher ceilings. Washington will be boom or bust. For Dynasty purposes, it looks like Claypool will be relevant for a long time. I’m not ready to call him a perennial Top 10 or 20 start up guy as some have said above. I still think Lamb is a better prospect and may have Jeudy and Jefferson ahead of him as well. They all can’t be top 20, can they?
  6. Just sold Claypool for Golladay in PPR dynasty.
  7. That’s a positive. Ben isn’t playing for ever.
  8. I disagree, and depending on where the 1st ends up, I think it’s pretty fair. Mixon is in a very good long term situation.
  9. Their line is not good. He's a sell in redraft if you can get anything for him. In dynasty, I think he's a major buy low candidate.
  10. I'm not even sure if I'd even give up Henry or Jones based on contract status and stability.