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  1. What brokerage do you use that allows you to short TVIX?
  2. I get CLEAR for free as a Delta Diamond. It is helpful at times. I live in ATL so the CLEAR line at times is longer than precheck, but it is helpful. Gives you options as stated above
  3. I would be in if it is around again. Forgot to add League 1
  4. They were not mirroring the VIX properly. They were down around 14% at the close and should have been down considerably more. One of the reasons it crashed so hard after the close. Well that and because they are basically shorts supposedly they were called in. XIV should terminate tomorrow. A majority of XIV holders were hedge funds so who knows what kind of bs is gonna happen though.
  5. For you guys that rave about the pizza sauce. Where is it? We look every time and cannot find it. Been looking for years. Maybe the stores around Atlanta hate homemade pizza?
  6. As a Texans fan his tape reminds me of a poor mans Mario. I would want no part of that. Seems to be indifferent on the field.