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  1. Is the league drafting on Sunday?? Where is the draft being held - Olney or Clarksburg?? Inquiring minds need to know...
  2. I can be there for a likely 12:30 draft and possibly earlier depending on where the draft will be held. Go ahead and mark me as being there for the draft. Looking forward to seeing everyone again!
  3. Hey Guys, CommunterMan (aka Helmet Heads) here! I have played in this league for a few years and was wondering if there might be a spot for me to join in on the league again this year. I see that the draft is possibly on August, 24th... any idea when on that Sunday? Is the buy-in still around $65? Let me know if you have room for an old timer to get back into the league! Thanks, Bill
  4. Sorry, I was away on vacation last week... I would like to return for Leagues 3 & 7 if still possible. CM
  5. 9.09 Ladarius Green TE SD pm to kardplayer
  6. 8.08 Joe Flacco QB Balt
  7. 6.08 Stevan Ridley RB NE 6.09 Riley Cooper WR Phi 6.10 Sammy Watkins WR Buf 6.11 Colin Kaepernick QB SF pm to Menobrown
  8. 2.08 Aaron Rodgers, QB, GB pm sent
  9. In! Last year was SSL3 and this year moved up a league to SSL2
  10. My personal vote would be for August 11th!! Would like to stay away from the holiday weekend if at all possible. Other than that I am pretty much available...
  11. I'll come back for another season!!
  12. This inflationary period is killing the contest!!!In all seriousness, not having those $1 kickers and defenses have made this contest a lot more challenging. Even the other positions that in the past had a few $2 swing-for-the-fenses type players have dried-up as well. In order to get any kind of upper tier players you really need to sacrifice the middle tier players in order to fill out the minimum number of players for your roster. I finally got to the minimum 18 and that was no easy process.