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  1. Is the league drafting on Sunday?? Where is the draft being held - Olney or Clarksburg?? Inquiring minds need to know...
  2. I can be there for a likely 12:30 draft and possibly earlier depending on where the draft will be held. Go ahead and mark me as being there for the draft. Looking forward to seeing everyone again!
  3. Hey Guys, CommunterMan (aka Helmet Heads) here! I have played in this league for a few years and was wondering if there might be a spot for me to join in on the league again this year. I see that the draft is possibly on August, 24th... any idea when on that Sunday? Is the buy-in still around $65? Let me know if you have room for an old timer to get back into the league! Thanks, Bill
  4. Sorry, I was away on vacation last week... I would like to return for Leagues 3 & 7 if still possible. CM
  5. 9.09 Ladarius Green TE SD pm to kardplayer
  6. 8.08 Joe Flacco QB Balt
  7. 6.08 Stevan Ridley RB NE 6.09 Riley Cooper WR Phi 6.10 Sammy Watkins WR Buf 6.11 Colin Kaepernick QB SF pm to Menobrown
  8. 2.08 Aaron Rodgers, QB, GB pm sent
  9. In! Last year was SSL3 and this year moved up a league to SSL2
  10. My personal vote would be for August 11th!! Would like to stay away from the holiday weekend if at all possible. Other than that I am pretty much available...
  11. Luck, Andrew IND QB - 8 Vick, Michael PHI QB - 12 McCoy, LeSean PHI RB - 12 Michael, Christine SEA RB - 12 Redman, Isaac PIT RB - 5 Ridley, Stevan NEP RB - 10 Williams, Ryan ARI RB - 9 Britt, Kenny TEN WR - 8 Jackson, DeSean PHI WR - 12 Jennings, Greg MIN WR - 5 Robinson, Denard JAC WR - 9 Thomas, Demaryius DEN WR - 9 Dickson, Ed BAL TE - 8 Eifert, Tyler CIN TE - 12 Bailey, Dan DAL PK - 11 Gould, Robbie CHI PK - 8 Cowboys, Dallas DAL Def - 11 Patriots, New England NEP Def - 10 QB - Luck will be solid and if Vick gets the job in Philly this becomes an excellent combination as both teams will put up lots of points. Grade A- if Vick is the starter... C- if someone else is starting for the Eagles RB - McCoy and Ridley should perform up to their draft position or better. The Eagles will have a wide open offense under Kelly so McCoy will see a lot of opportunities - it will just depend on what he does with those touches. For Ridley, the NE passing game is in a flux with Welker gone, Gronk unknown of when he will be back and the other receivers are not household names at the moment, so Ridley should see a lot of touches as well and I think he is set for a breakout type season. I like the later picks of Christine and Redman! For Christine he will spell Lynch and Turbin and may eventually over take Turbin of as the #2 RB in Seattle. Redman will backup the rookie Bell in Pittsburgh so I still think that Redman will continue to get his opportunities if the rookie slowsdown during the season or faulters out of the gate. Even Williams will get the chance to start in Arizona if he can beat out the older and recently injured Mendenhall. Grade B+ WR - Thomas, DJax, Jennings, Britt and Robinson. A very solid wide receiver core. The Thomas and Manning combo should be even better in year two. Again I'm excited about the Chip Kelly offense in Philly and what it can do so DJax has a chance to put up big numbers. Jennings and Britt are solid weekly contributors and with Britt playing for his next contract I expect him to be on his best behavior. Robinson is a wildcard - he can do a lot in the Jacksonville offense and given the weapons they have or lack there of, I think he can be productive getting lined-up all over the field. Grade A- TE - The Ravens will be playing a lot of two TE sets this season given the lack of quality WRs. Pitta will garner much of the attention leaving Dickson with 1-on-1 coverage with a LBer... I think Dickson will have a solid year and easily outperform his draft position. Eifert has the chance to develop into one of the top TE in the league but will need to earn that opportunity. Grade C+ K - Bailey and Gould will be solid weekly performers in offenses that will move the ball and create opportunities each week for points from the kicking game. Grade B+ Def - Cowboys and Patriots are teams that should be playing from the lead most of the season and when a team plays with the lead the defenses on those teams have a greater opportunity to force turnovers and put pressure on the other team's offense. Grade B+ Overall I think this team has a chance to compete well into the later weeks of the season and with the right breaks this roster can challenge for the final knockout round and come away with the championship.
  12. At the turn and my team is taking shape... QB Luck and Vick RB McCoy, Ridley and RWilliams WR Britt, DJax, Jennings and DThomas Hoping that Luck continues to progress as a QB in the league in his 2nd season while Vick has a chance to be a big producer in Chip Kelly's high powered offense. Likewise McCoy will also experience an increase in production in Philly. Ridley should be more comfortable in the Patriot offense and without NE bringing in any real threat of stealing carries from him, I see good things there. I like my WRs and all should perform well and may out-perform their draft position based on where I picked them up in this draft. I really see Britt as turning a corner in his behavior as he plays this season for his next contract. DThomas has a year and another off-season to get on the same page with Manning so that will help. Hopefully Jennings can be a big producer in Minnesota. Really the only thing I see that could hold back any of my WRs here are the questions surrounding the QBs with each of their respective teams.
  13. I'll come back for another season!!
  14. Bass must be following a new strategy for this season... now drafting Matty Ryan with Brees & Newton in the fold already!! Screw the RBs and WRs!! Bass will laugh all the way to the championship once every other QB goes down with injury this season (along with everyone's RBs and WRs )
  15. 1.09 McCoy, rb, phil