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  1. Going with Kelce over Jordan Reed last week nearly cost me my season. Kelce is now chained to the bench but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Reed can stay healthy down the stretch.
  2. I was fortunate to avoid the Lacy land mine this week because Detroit's been deadly vs the run the last month but I'm definitely concerned going forward. It seems to me the weight is a secondary issue or more likely a symptom with the coaches to his overly casual approach to Football and is reflected in his preparation this week even prior to the curfew incident. Lacy needs a big time attitude adjustment and frankly I'm not sure that's even possible given his casual nature that he seems to approach life with. I just don't know if he'll ever be that hard as nails guy with regard to his attitude about the game and his approach to it and the coaches might be losing their patience with him because of it.
  3. I hate Lacy's matchup next week so I may have little choice but to roll CJ out there and hope even in a time share that there will be plenty of touches again.
  4. I'm thinking that Foles is a real nice buy low right now.
  5. Don't worry. Cutler's the king of meaningless garbage time points. You'll be just fine. Don't worry. Cutler's the king of meaningless garbage time points. You'll be just fine. Reading this as he throws a last second INT. What else is new? Now even I'm starting to worry about this.
  6. Don't worry. Cutler's the king of meaningless garbage time points. You'll be just fine.
  7. He must be dealing with some kind of chronic injury.
  8. Ray Farmer could still turn into a hero here if he can somehow duplicate the Trent Richardson trade and extract a #1 pick from Jerry Jones to offload Manziel.
  9. Now we're going to get three more years of posts trying to convince us it was the right time to cut bait.
  10. Speaking for the fantasy community at large, I for one am quite glad that the likes of Benjamin or Beckham didn't end up on the Chiefs. I'm praying to the fantasy gods that Cooper somehow doesn't end up either a Jet or a Chief.
  11. Loathed Sparano as head coach of the Dolphins.... Now I just hate him. This could be coming from above Sparano so as not to jeopardize the top pick. I still think btw that Murray will see split carries with either Mcfadder and/or Reece. The trend during week twelve seemed to be pointing that way until the concussion.
  12. Any insiders know the severity of the concussion that forced Hurns out of the Dallas game?
  13. Oakland also. If we will it... maybe it won't happen? I wouldn't mind Oakland as an Ingram owner. I can think of worse landing spots. At least he'd be a workhorse. Personally, I'd be most excited for Indianapolis. Bradshaw is on a 1-year contract and Richardson is ungood. Plenty of cap space. cha-ching.