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  1. I think Solera is a best bang for buck kind of scotch. It's my go to scotch.
  2. That cat is a great guitar player but he does not fit into the blue category. He's more of a jazz fusion player, reminds me a little of Wayne Krantz. If you really want to pick a dark horse you could have gone with J.D Simo. Funny thing is you already know this. I've seen enough of your post about music. For me the answer if Jeff Beck, but SRV is the other acceptable answer IMHO. Anyways. thanks for turning me onto another guitar player.
  3. I always thought doing a series from a Klingon view point would be great.
  4. I would say the left comes across as smug. Neither side seems willing to concede anything at this point. Good times.
  5. I can understand not giving an inch with gun bans. Plenty of people want total confiscation of all firearms, and will work to do this incrementally. Same thing is happening with abortion. It is sad that this does stand in the way of common sense legislation.
  6. I am making my local courses easier to play by slowly knocking down all the trees. Takes time but it's worth it.
  7. All you need is a bunch of rocs in different states of wear and trident.
  8. Same thing happened to my daughter. She is turning nine next week. T&P.