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  1. Hey Homers. Schobert ok now? Ive read mixed feelings.
  2. Trey Flowers is active? I'm scared.. Articles say he is gtg
  3. Just booked a stay at Hard Rock Casino in Tulsa. Golf, booze and gambling with my buddies. I usually check out to see if there is a thread started on the particular city and didn't see one. Any homers with nightlife suggestions or golf course suggestions? Group consists of 30-40 year olds. TIA
  4. lol, thanks for the 411...
  5. Was thinking about planning a guys golf trip out here. Golf and casino... Anyone been here?
  6. Yeah right. If the economy was tanking you’d be allowed over it. What’s that make you?
  7. I'm sure this has been covered but there is a ton of stuff in this thread. Total noob here. Let me know where I go wrong. I want to buy Ripple First I get wallet (Blockchain). Then I set up Binance account (takes 2 weeks??? ugh). I deposit my cash into wallet. From there I can buy bitcoin then transfer bitcoin to Binance where I can buy ripple? Do I have this right? On the blockchain website, it say i can buy/sell so why do I need binance account? Please help this idiot...:)
  8. I think on someone’s advice here, a couple of years back we went Moroccan meal. Can’t remember the name. It was cool. Off the strip, but good times and unique.