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  1. Its all flippers and speeulators buying. The retail packs are different than the hobby store packs, usually for the worse. Its funny as I live by two Meijer and that section sits empty 99% of the time. Well this past Sunday, the lady filled them, took a picture and left. As soon as she walked away, a twenty-something-YO bought out the entire section.
  2. I would offer Theilen and M Thomas in a deal instead.
  3. I would do it. Hamstring injuries, let someone else deal with it.
  4. I live in Mich but work in Indiana. I thought Indiana's shutdowns were more lenient than Michigan's.
  5. Also, no reporting of the results while voting booths are still open. It does influence elections at the local level. Two time zone states are hurt by this also.
  6. All elected officials of congress should have to show tax returns as long as we are paying them. We will see how special the interests are then. Also, I would like to see a cap on campaign spending.
  7. Auction houses seemed to get higher grades also. I see the need for graded, but I'm a set collector. I'm glad I'm not in the graded market.
  8. I was in the same boat as you. The thing I learned is if you’re in a tourney with a 20 lineup max, you are at a huge disadvantage if you don’t max it out. Is your 2-3 lineups going to beat my 20? Having said that, I’m just playing single tourneys, 3-max tourneys, and some 50/50’s. I did play a $10 single entry yesterday and won $25, scored 170 points.
  9. I do have a completed rainbow from the panini prisms, of gale sayers from 3014. The colored inserts look great in those.
  10. I didn’t expect Dirty Movies to make this list. There is hope for humanity.