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  1. It sounds like its bad right up the entire coast. I'm right across the lake from you and lost 70% of the beach - i'm one of the lucky ones. Many houses on the market now.
  2. My hedge on it will be Dee Ford +12000 and Bosa +2500 to win MVP. If SF wins, these two will be a major factor. Looking at Mahomes rushing yards over 30.5 also. If one likes SF to win, you should like Garrapolo passing yards under 250ish. They will run more according to game script.
  3. SportzPrime took their 700 locals down but found a different source and there are 200 locals. Hopefully the others will have the same success.
  4. Living on Lake Michigan with all of the beach erosion - awful. Some people will lose their ### as their insurance wont cover it.
  5. I have 3 of them and they are all working. I wonder if they are working at 12:01 tomorrow (hope so). One I use is SportzPrime and they have almost 700 locals. The message I relayed was from the owner.
  6. No time to post links but give these a listen - The Beat Goes On/Switching to Glide - The Kings - I'll Be You - The Replacements - Justify - Greg Kihn Band - On the Dark Side - Eddie and the Cruisers - Hungry Heart - Bruce Springsteen - Tired of Towing the Line - Rocky Burnette - I Could Be Good for You - 707
  7. A heads up - most likely tomorrow you will lose your US locals. Most places were getting them thru Sony Vue and they are all done tomorrow. One of my services said they are hoping to have some up and running Monday (SportzPrime). Sucks as they had almost 700 local channels.
  8. Other - When the World is Running Down
  9. Just amazing. I would like to meet the people who bet him to win the MVP at 200/1.
  10. Great game, 1st half over hits already cashes.
  11. Game getting out of hand already, long punt return TD by Hines.
  12. I thought he did also but the ref at the goalline didn't rule it, and he had a good look. Actually another bad beat would be the league changing it tomorrow, it wouldn't surprise me.
  13. In before the FitzMagic people come in. Passes a TD to the OL. The OL fumbled the ball, then recovers. Ruled a recovered fumble TD.
  14. I benched Parker, also took him out of my Fantasy Survivor Pool. I have great options though.