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  1. How was that not a unnecessary roughness call?!? Omg these refs suck.
  2. OMFreeckinG I think I'm going to watch reruns of Golden Girls... This game is pathetic.
  3. Could this be the most penalized game in history... The game should be interesting but it's getting boring.
  4. That was ugly. You could of threw a flag for both wr and cb on that play.
  5. The oline really stepped up wow. Brandon Beane. Take a bow.
  6. Another injury? Is there going to be players to play all the positions?
  7. Horrible play calls HOOORRIIBBLLEEE...
  8. Why... Uhhhh... Why. I'm not complaining. Terrible decision in a defensive battle, down 4 is bad as being down 7. 12 points. Bills are getting lucky imo.
  9. The Titans should be up by 9 or so points. This game sucks, the refs sucks.
  10. That wasn't a hold. At this point - the game would be better without refs.
  11. NFL will continue to sweep it under the rug... Per usual. Why fix it, we all still watch.
  12. That was not a #$@& hold. I am so sick of refs. Why. Why. Why.
  13. OK lets make it say KICK THE M*TH*RFARGIN FG
  14. I feel like we need a Meme of Ross Gellar from friends... instead of PIVOT... we need to have him say QUICK OUT... QUICK OUT...