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  1. I am kind of digging this option. It is a little spendy but looks like everything we want to do and I don't have to plan anything. Lots of options to choose from. I am basically looking for the easy button option here. Appreciate the referrel.
  2. This sounds like a good plan. Just need to sell it to the old lady.
  3. Ok that's good to know. Haven't booked anything yet and don't really want to stop at every podunk village on the way back. Tulum seems like the easier trip. Not planning on renting a car so will maybe look on TripAdvisor for tour recommendations.
  4. Going to royal playacar in Playa June 12th. Looking forward to it. Wife wants to go to chichen itza for a day trip but I am thinking tulum instead. Anyone have strong opinions on either?
  5. Knife party - deftones
  6. Sorry meant Clones and Sith. Regardless terrible casting/acting for the character.
  7. 1. Empire 2. Hope 3. Rogue 4. Jedi 5. Awakens 6. Sith Tied for 4133. Clones/Menace They really fubared Clones and Menace by casting Hayden. Change that to anyone else and it almost overcomes the ridiculousness of Jar Jar. Ugh. I also cringe during Phantom when lil ani miraculously disables the entire trade federation because for whatever reason the Trade Fed engineers decided it would be a good idea to put their reactor in the hanger bay.
  8. These are delicious and a quick meal on the grill. Goes good with the mega caeser salad. Not too bad pricewise either.
  9. Bbq and skanks. Two of my favorite things in the world.
  10. What next with their remaining third rounder? Cant imagine them not going defense again.
  11. 5th rounder. Works for me.
  12. Bought some after reading about it in this thread. One bag lasted less than two days. Need to stock up on this. Sooooo delicious.
  13. I hope so but their play of late (especially goalie and defense) have been uninspiring. Blues are a tough draw. Who thought they would play so well after trading shattenkirk? And with Yeo at the helm?
  14. This looks like a good approach to consider.