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  1. I fry them in olive oil. A few minutes on each side. Dip them in a soy/Sriracha mix.
  2. The night manager is available. Gonna rip through that this weekend. Love me some loki.
  3. My wife makes less than I do which is fine. We have separate accounts and each week have $x deposited into our separate accounts to spend on lunch, gas aand whatever else we want provides we have the money. Joint expenditures come out of our combined account (bills, dinner, vacation, etc). Since I make more I contribute more to retirement, insurance, etc. Even though I make more, I am cool with having the same amount of disposable funds as my wife. It honestly helps curtail my spending and hers as well. We both use the joint account for other things but most major decisions are made together. I think that alex is getting jobbed and his wifes statement of "if you want more money, make more" is bullpucky.
  4. Wife and I went to azul beach last month. All inclusive. Family friendly resort. Not sure how old your kids are but they have nannies, kids activities and rooms with swim up pools. Also 24 hour room service which was nice. They also have a few bars including a tequila bar so plenty of booze available as well. It was pretty mellow by 10-1030 every night. Note we went right before peak season too so ot may be busier during prime time.
  5. We booked a trip to cancun last month for ~$2500 and it probably saved me a good $500. Plus they arranged travel to and from the airport. Will use them again. I will also vouch for the car rental service. Its money.
  6. Got GOW 4. Outside of the fact that it took 2 hours to load, having fun with the solo campaign. I told myself after not even finishing GOW 1 that I wouldn't come back to the franchise as I didn't really enjoy it and there are tons of other games out there that I wanted to play but am glad I gave this one a chance.
  7. Blount just crushed weedle. Love watching him run.
  8. Looks delicious. 10-15 minutes per pound at 325 is what I have seen (until IT is 165) and what I was planning to run. Do I need to fill up the water bowl or skip it?
  9. Wanna smoke a turkey for thanksgiving on my WSM. Haven't ever dry brined but am planning on it. Any tips on temps, etc? gonna cook another turkey in the charbroil infrared turkey fryer as well. Did that last year and it was pretty awesome.
  10. Vikings are pathetic tonight. No offense putting the too much pressure on the defense.
  11. Ware apparently out.
  12. Ware in concussion protocol.
  13. Nice play calling...keep giving the ball to hightower at the goalline because its been sooo effective. Great defense by seattle.