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  1. Yeah agreed. I get trying to keep the wear and tear to a minimum but cmon man!
  2. Lotta carlos hyde tonight. Interesting and annoying all at once.
  3. It was what flashed through my mind. Been there done that...don’t do it again. Lol.
  4. DK ran him down. Not sure why they got cute on the GL...just run it in.
  5. Interesting πŸ€” I suppose with speaking engagements and other types of activities it could be quite a bit more than that
  6. I did see that two of Trump’s priorities for a second term are establishing a moon base and having a manned trip to Mars so maybe that’s the environmental plan...move to the moon!
  7. Prediction: Trump fanboys will say their boy won the debate. Biden fanboys will say their boy won the debate.
  8. I wonder if these same people will want to be first in line to get a vaccine? Maybe since they aren’t worried they can go to the back of the line when people start getting inoculated?
  9. Geez kenan allen. At least he scored before going out.