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  1. Ok, DQ'd for stepping out of bounds. But now reinstated for the Silver medal. Lololol.
  2. Agreed. Thats not even cool. Weak DQ as well.
  3. Thanks Sucks to lose a medal based on a mechanical (for lack of better term) error. Good thing the US has plenty of medals to spare I suppose.
  4. At 24 you need to build work skills and gain experience. I would assume there is more opportunity at best buy.
  5. Love how dan patrick made the comment earlier today that the US anthem is pretty much the theme music for the rio olympics. Murica!
  6. Yeah. hope/plymouth area. Good recent article from the strib about chinese food in the twin cities area. interesting even if you aren't from the area.
  7. Agree on hopkins. Guy is just unbelievable especially considering the garbage qbs he's worked with the last two years. Osweiler is a definite upgrade.
  8. Will have to check it out. So many places I want to try on eat street however I if I am in the area, I just automatically go to quangs. Its like they have a tractor beam pointed at my belly.
  9. Twin cities area right? Try the tea house in golden valley or grand szechuan in bloomiington for legit szechuan style cooking. They have a menu for the round eyes and one with the good stuff. Huang chung in dinkytown and hong kong noodle have good cantonese style food. Yangtzee in golden valley for solid dim sum. My mom is chinese and picky as heck and she said these places are pretty close. We also visit hong kong every few years and these places are kind of comprable.
  10. Right but nice to see teddy with a nice long td pass. Superbowl homeboy!
  11. 1. Yes. Depends on what we want. Some places have better eggrolls va egg foo yung vs boiled beef, etc. 2. $40ish for a family of 4 maybe more if we take out from a higher end joint. 3. You get what you pay for. Higher end joints use better rice and cuts of meat.
  12. Extra mayo hold the pickle
  13. What up. Had a sleep study done a few months ago. Apparently I stop breathing ~89 times per hour. Did the test in the clinic and it sucked. I started off with the mouth/nose mask and switched to the nose piece. I got a chin strap to keep my mouth shut but have found that I don't need it. I am able to sleep on both sides now and my back. It takes awhile to get used to and I typically put the mask on and then read my phone for 20 minutes or so to get acclimated. I honestly never wanted a cpap but now that I have it can tell that its making a big difference. Previously I would go through two energy drinks before noon and then a few coffees after lunch. Now I oftentimes go without caffeine for a day or two at a time. Not going to lie, using the cpap sucks but I feel a million times better now that I have one. It took me several months to get used to it but its been worth it.
  14. Rewatching BoB and this time my wife wanted to watch as well as she has onle watched bits and pieces. She cracked a few tears during Bastogne and Breaking Point and even though I myself have watched these several times, the emotions and feelings it elicits are still powerful. Such a great series. I can't imagine what those whose have served have went through. Humbling.