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  1. Like watching both ku Pulling for kiz. Should be fun.
  2. Which is what tiger is doing...didn’t see that coming.
  3. Like ron said, sous vide for top to bottom. I usually pull the steaks off the smoker around 95 (use low smoke) and cook to 125-130.
  4. I have the heat blanket for use in cold MN winters, not sure if it matters too much but mentally I feel better using it when its cold (supposed to reduce pellet usage). Note that the magnets in the blanket do not work well with high heat (I smoke pizzas on that bad boy). I also have the jerky rack but haven’t used it yet. Turkey cannon for turkeys as well. I also have the biggest roll of aluminum foil. Make sure to apply to the drip tray for easier cleanup.
  5. Yes you could probably get 3 good sized ribeyes on it, maybe even 4. You can use it open or closed depending on what you want to do. Its supposed to get up to 900 degrees so it’s kicking out more heat than a typical gas grill (I have only gotten readings to abour 700 as my thermopen only goes that high). For steaks I reverse sear - smoke on low to about 95 internal and sear the heck out of the steaks until internal is about 120. Turns out perfect with a nice light smokey flavor.
  6. I have the woodwind with the sear station and my buddy bought one as well. Works great. Customer service seems good too, I had an issue with one of the casters and they sent one right away. I guess the one complaint is that I had an issue with the caster to begin with but that was more user error There are a few other posters in this thread that grabbed the WW too. @joker I think has one too? I highly recommend it.
  7. ...because it’s sterile and I like the taste. - Patches O’Houlihan
  8. I think other guys is underrated in general. Great movie...makes me want to creep...creep.
  9. Agreed. Prestige...Worldwide. Boats and Hoes.
  10. After reading this, I bought a few and can vouch for their ability to prevent sweat showing through in the underarm area (I sweat profusely regardless of the temperature). They are a little spendy but should save me money in the long run by elongating the life of my dress shirts, especially the lighter colored ones. Also make me a little more comfortable in my appearance as quite honestly I am slightly embarrassed by the appearance of sweaty pits. Highly endorse if you are a SweatyGuy. 👍
  11. I use a cpap and have started converting to back sleeper (after years of being a side/stomach sleeper). Have a rotator cuff impingement also which makes it tough to sleep on my side. Getting old is a pain...literally.
  12. Ceiling fan and maybe heaters for fall/early spring evenings
  13. That michelob ultra commercial made me even less inclined to drink that skunky swill. These commercials are bad.