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  1. Employed and wfh in the health insurance sector. More work than I can handle now. Wife is a hospice RN. More work than she can handle now as the health systems are pushing folks out of hospitals etc to hospice environments to clear the path for the wave of Covid cases that will inevitably happen here. Needless to say she is stressed beyond belief so I am making sure we have an overabundance of booze in the house...
  2. Yup. ANY golf course would be fine at this point. Sucks.
  3. Same boat, we were about to put our house on the market and move to Tampa. Plan was to be in a new house May. We have put that on hold for a few months as not even sure how to make that happen logistically (sell house, find/buy new house, move stuff, get acclimated to new surroundings, etc) and quite frankly don’t want to go to a state that will likely have an overloaded health system given the demographics of Florida and potentially compound the issue...also being in Minnesota right now close to family and friends as well as our health care providers, etc seems to be the right move.
  4. Nice. Was looking at the 9. Once the gunshop range reopens will try them both out. thanks!
  5. Looking to pick up a new piece...been going back and forth all day between a VP9 or PPQ. Walther is ~$150 cheaper.
  6. Ya me neither. Just saying this is what the populace is maybe being told (small sample size of just my uncle).
  7. Dunno. I can confirm that my uncle isn’t a shill for the Chinese government so he isn’t trying to pull the wool over my eyes. He actually suggested that we consider moving to Guangdong vs Tampa! Lol. My guess is that part of it is China needs to get businesses back online and coupled with their likely draconian methods of containment are better positioned to move forward than countries like Italy and maybe even the US. That’s just conjecture though on my part (and some vodka).
  8. So my uncle lives in Guangdong China running a few factories. Here is what he told me yesterday when asked how things were going...thought some might be interested in a “boots on the ground” perspective. “Our office has been normal for over two weeks. Factories should be in full force within the next two weeks. Workers from certain Hubei towns are permitted to go out and back to their jobs. We now can dine in restaurants but bars are still closed. The golf club I am a member has been opened for two weeks but no shower is allowed. No sweat, China is now the safest place in the World for COVID-19. All bars, cinema, Karaoke and crowded establishments are still closed here.“ My mom is in Hong Kong and said things were slowly returning to a cautious sense of normal but people still taking necessary precautions to be safe.
  9. Nice. Currently looking in that area. Close enough to our friends in Orlando so that’s a bonus.
  10. Real estate is crazy everywhere. We have looked in Lakeland. Seems like a good option but a little farther away from the ocean. Any additional insights on that area? Thanks
  11. Ok that’s what I figured. I have a loose definition of “walkable”. Current neighborhood is, relatively clean, etc. All you can walk to are just blocks of houses... no big parks with trails, no bars , just rows and rows of houses. It’s super boring.
  12. Thanks man. Assuming Brandon and Valrico are also tough housing markets. Sounds like I am looking in a solid area though for us to focus on.
  13. It took about a decade of discussion but she made the decision last month and here we are. Excited.