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  1. Standard league crowell vs alex collins and garcon vs desean jax thanks in advance
  2. Would love to change my 1-4 record. Annoying. We went to faab and no trans fees (upped the entry fee to acct), best changes we've ever made. I would like to move away from leaguesafe. Any suggestions? Also we used to do all of our drafts in person. Now have folks that live in different states so that's something I would like to change back to. We've talked about having a draft party in New Orleans or something like that but my friends are cheap, lazy, and unorganized.
  3. When we were kids, My dad used to cube up Spam or ham and throw it in there with an egg. Will do that every once in awhile stil. Some shredded napa cabbage or baby bok choy is good once in awhile as well.
  4. I bought an airsoft gun and shoot anything that comes in the backyard outside of song birds (my wife spends a small fortune on birdseed every year). Squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, small children, etc. the red squirrel is the "gangsta" of the backyard, he's a little more skittish so have to go american sniper on him. After a few weeks of getting shot at, the creatures are a little more hesitant to venture into my yard. I may have accidentally killed a squirrel or two. My wife put a cap in dat ### of a squirrel one day and was mortified. It was entertaining.
  5. We had our annual "football in the garage" kickoff today. I set up two tvs in the garage; one with the game and the other for redzone. Prepped 3 racks of st louis ribs last night. Got up early today and threw them on the WSM. Went and golfed 9 while they were on, got home about 30 minutes before kick off. Threw some mac and cheese in the oven and everything was ready about the beginning of the second quarter. Ate ribs, drank beer and watched the vikes get stomped on and then took a nice nap. What a great day (other than the vikings losing but a guy gets used to that).
  6. Agreed on the reach at the ends. Take who you want not what the adp rankings or conventional wisdom dictate. I would rather go down swinging with gys I want on my team even if they may be considered a "reach" vs guys that I felt obligated to take based upon the circumstances of the draft. I am leaning more toward AB and the RB -RB/WR (bpa) vs taking rodgers in the third. Plenty of qbs to take later in the draft.
  7. I am leaning towards antonio brown at 3. In the second I will take gronk if he falls (happens in about 20% of the mocks I have done) otherwise best rb left which is typically lynch/miller/gurley. In the third I have been considering rodgers if he is there which he has been in about 75% of the mocks I have done. Then I would start stacking running backs...probably have a shot at delvin cook/mixon/powell coming back. Pick up a wr2 somewhere along the way. If it pans out the way I am hoping, I have a core of rodgers/antonio/gronk, the top three players at their position and then cobble together a rbbc approach My league is typically a rb heavy draft so it's entirely possible I get at least one of gronk/rodgers. I doubt I get both but thats my starting strategy.
  8. I grilled some nice fillets this weekend and topped it with a gorganzola - tarragon (from the garden) - irish butter concoction. Nice med rare. I cooked a piece a little more rare for rehearing and am housing it even as we speak. My wife dislikes leftover steak which is fine by me.
  9. I live in minny and use my smoker year round. Have a weber smokey mountain. I built a folding wind break with plywood and hinges but rarely use it. The weber holds heat well and once the temp is dialed in, i go run errands and leave it be. It also has a relatively small footprint so you can tuck it into a corner when not using it. When smoking in the winter I watch it a little more closely due to the cold temp but have never had any probs.
  10. You can pay a fee to prove you have been "rehabilitated". Its ~$155 usd. It can take up to six months however you can get a temp pass for work. I had a buddy that got a dui in like '98 get into Vancouver about a month ago. Also about 10 years ago had a buddy get turned back at vancouver after driving from seattle on his way to whistler for a dui (however his was more recent). If you arent rehabilitated its up to the discretion of the immigration officer at the boarder as to whether or not they will check and if they do, whether they let you in or not.
  11. Lately these two have been a staple in the commute rotation: hands open - snow patrol f the police - nwa
  12. Peytons entire monologue was brilliant. Loved it when he went right to russ after ripping durant.
  13. Do you need a modem or a modem and a router? Its not apparent based upon your links but regardless, if you want wifi you ned a modem and a router so make sure you have both or buy an integrated device that is both a modem and a router. Note that the netgear ac1600 is integrated so you only need one device. i think mattfancy had a post earlier with a tp-link modem and router (seperate devices) that seemed pretty solid. May want to check it out.
  14. Jamie lee curtis -true lies
  15. Is this like a kofta kabob? onions are good raw or cooked, in or out.