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  1. Sweet weather map. Can toggle the settings to check on different weather conditions etc. I may have even gotten the link from here...
  2. Polo shirt, shorts, flip flops...sometimes I steal my wife’s fuzzy slippers if my feet are cold. Always gets a laugh on webex calls.
  3. I hated cleaning the water bowl on this thing. It was an absolute mess.
  4. I bought one a few weeks ago and use it quite a bit. Made big breakfast on it this morning and it was delicious. I got the one with the lid on it which is nice. Burgers are money as well and have done those a few times too. It gets hot cooking on it though so gotta make sure you have plenty of cold beverage on hand.
  5. Shirtless? Have you no respect for your canadian neighbors??? Anytime after 8am is the right answer btw.
  6. Wasn’t he sending covid patients to nursing homes to clear beds in hospitals? Or was that Cuomo?
  7. Awesome.
  8. I still haven’t quite come clean with her on how I know you. Seems like a losing proposition to tell her you’re a dude I know from a fantasy football website!
  9. Big shoutout to @Chadstroma for helping me get financing for our new house. Knowledgeable dude and all around good guy. Highly recommend his services. We are now living the good life in one of the major covid hotspots thanks to him! Lol. I kid (but not about living in a covid hotspot). thanks Chad! Extra size package of balut on it’s way as a show of thanks (I kid again).
  10. Yes. You can cook whatever on the pellet side (think of it as a wood fueled convection oven) and also use the sear station as a propane grill. The sear station gets up to 900 degrees so plenty of heat and you can use it at lower temps to so fast grill type stuff (burgers brats chicken etc) or reverse sear chops and steaks to give your food a nice smokey flavor with a nice crust from the sear station.
  11. Everyone. Once you get to the point where you have to show id and boarding pass they ask to see your face. Pull the mask down for a sec, they look at your mug and compare to id and then pass you through to have your carry ons scanned, go through the body scan, etc. you can wear your mask through all of that (at least you could when we went through MSP and MCO).
  12. Agreed and I think you make a good point on the correlation of the different data points to understand the big picture. <rant> New cases (Understood within the context of increases in testing) are a leading indicator of new hospitalizations which is a leading indicator of potential fatalities. Folks that point to just one of the numbers independently to support either “the sky is falling” or “justaflu” story lines are just cherrypicking. There is a lot of that going on in this thread and in non-footballguys life and oftentimes it is coupled with the “I work a lot with data” qualifier. Forest through the trees. Hard to get people to take a look at the big picture in my everyday interactions. <\rant>
  13. Picked up a g45 and a g43. Couldn’t help it. Wife doesn’t know about the g43 yet but that’s ok. Was kind of debating between the sig p365 vs the g43 but I just like glocks for whatever reason and like the smaller form factor of the g43 vs g43x.