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  1. So glad the vikes dumped him, such a hack. Always trying to make the big hit, typically to the detriment of his team.
  2. Xan min bid for $0. I blew my wad for him and now am rostering him. Fingers crossed after the antonio brown debacle.
  3. Working fine for me most of the time. It can get a little laggy during what I am assuming sre peak usage times on Sunday.
  4. Someone dropped him in a league I am in prior to the AB news. Need a wr2 badly. How much would you guys drop in FAAB on him? I currently have a bid in for ~$60 on him out of $100 but am thinking about going all in. WWYD?
  5. My bro runs a painting company and he uses the Behr ultra premium for some of his higher end gigs.
  6. Super pumped. Just downloaded all of it.
  7. Wow. Wolff drains the eagle putt for the lead.
  8. DeChambeau clutch on 18. See what these youngsters behind him have left in the tank.
  9. Whelp I live in MN and its cold out in January so I burn it in the spring vs digging out my firepit in the middle of the winter. Such a friendly bunch of folks here. Sheesh.
  10. Every spring we burn our old x-mas tree. Just did that tonight. Usually involves getting sap on your hands (tonight was no exception). Olive oil will remove the sap, once done use a little Dawn dish soap to remove the oil. Boom.
  11. Camp chef has a low smoke setting around 165 which is perfect if you wanna get smoke flavor on food to reverse sear on the sear station (burgers, steaks, wings, chops, etc). High smoke is around 220-225. I reverse sear almost everything except for ribs, brisket, butt. Sear station allowed me to get rid of my WSM and Weber genesis. Total game changer. I will say that the smoke isn’t overly strong but I have been using mainly more mild pellets - apple and cherry. You can always buy a cheap smoke tube if you want but I think it’s fine as is. You could probably use it with the higher temps (you still get smoke flavor at said higher temps it’s mild imo). I smoke pizzas in the high setting and its like it came out of the wood burning pizza oven. And the customer service is good, my probe wire went out and they shipped me a new one no questions asked (outside of verifying a model number). I have two buddies that have the same model and they both love it.