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  1. Watching the replay of his national press club discussion from last Thursday. Question: For both Johnson and Weld, curious as to how people that actually lived in NM and Mass thought of them as governors. Probably in this thread somewhere but looking for cliff notes. Love how Johnson was asked about the last time he partook in marijuana and he stated "about teo and a half months ago". Little different from the "I smoked but didn't inhale" schtick.
  2. Highlight reel from game...
  3. Rich got richer... As a long time timberwolves fan, have never ever ever ever heard those words uttered as it pertains to this team. I am unintentionally waiting on the impending calamity that all minnesota sports fans know amd love to befall this team. <knock on wood> I did watch a highlight of him straight up breaking someones ankles tonight. Nice handle. Wanted jamal murray but wasn't sad to get Dunn.
  4. With the deductible and out of pocket, are there individual and family maxes? You will want to understand exactly what does/does not apply to these accumulators including in/out of network, etc. Also money you put into your hsa is tax free so that would weigh into the equation from a savngs perspective. HSA rolls over so thats a bonus whereas fsa doesnt...use it or lose it. Also does your work fund your HSA in a lump sum fashion or per paycheck? If its per paycheck, that means you'll have more true out of pocket costs right away so will need to consider that. Almost feel like it would make sense to consider traditional coverage through the end of this year and then when you get to open enrollment, reassess (assuming you have open enrollment November-December). I had a HSA and my family blew through the funds in the first two months of the year a few years ago. We didn't have enough to cover the family deductible in our HSA so it got to be a hassle with all of the bills for the rest of the year. We switched to traditional and I pay a little bit more (sans tax break for hsa contributions) but there is less hassle. HSA is less out of pocket for premiums but there is risk if money is tight and you don't have enough HSA to cover all of your out of pocket costs nefore you get to your true health insurance coverage.
  5. I mainly roll with st louis ribs on my wsm 18. Three racks cut in half, three per level. Usually get the ribs from Costco At about $11 per rack. Better than what I can get at the local grocery store I dont foil, usually run them between 225-245 for 3.5-4 hours. Just bought a rib rack cause I like to throw on a few fatties as well when doing a smoke but havent had the real estate with three racks. I have tried to roll and pin like but havent had much luck with it.
  6. Yeah, water will help as a heat sink and will help with temp control. Home depot (at least the ones around here) carry wood chunks as do the ace hardwares
  7. Yes you will have to open the vents again to maintain your desired temp. dependent upon the weather conditions (how windy it is, air temp,rain, etc) you may have to have all of the vents open or only one or two etc. it eill take several minutes for the temp to reflect the changes to vent positions so be patient. I use wood chunks vs wood chips as the chips burn up fast. You want to avoid opening the smoker too often as you lose heat quickly. And there is only so much smoke meat can absorb so you dont need to have "smoke" for your whole cook.
  8. I bought an epson wf2450(?) and it works well enough. Flatbed scanner and document feeder. It was ~$100. We have scanned photos and converted to jpeg and the quality has been pretty good. When I talked to the guy at best buy a few years ago when I bougjt it, he stated that there isn't too much difference in quality between brands at that price range, depends on the features you want. I would suggest checking ink prices for whatever prospective model you may buy ahead of time. The printer we had before used a less common set of cartridges and it was spendy.
  9. Gonna throw a few racks on tomorrow and then when the ribs are getting close, smoke a few stuffed portobello mushroom caps - ricotta, spinich, parm, garlic topped with panko. Havent smoked port caps yet so interested to see how they turn out. Should be a gorgeous day out so can't help but fire up the ole WSM.
  10. The san juan valley is a beautiful area. Wife and I went to durango last year to visit some friends (coincidentally we are from MN too) and we went to the great sand dunes which we both loved. There is a hidden waterfall maybe two miles outside of the dunes (Zapata that was cool to check out as well. Between the two you can burn the better part of a day. The water is ice cold so be prepared. The stream that flows through the boarder of the dunes is fun as welll and with your kids being the age they are, I can see them enjoying an hour or two splashing around after trekking through the dunes. Wear proper footwear at the dunes, shoes not sandels or flip flops. Learned that the painful way. We stayed in alamosa after the dunes which wasn't too exciting but there are a few decent hotels and several restaurants. Went to mesa cliff dwellings as well and that took the better part of a day as there aRe several different sites you can drive to and get out and wander around. You can also roll with a few of the tours. We opted to not take the tours and wandered about at our own pace. I believe there are a few sites that you can only visit via guided tour so you may want to plan that out ahead of time. Durango was fun too but we spent more time at the local breweries vs sight seeing in town. We did drive around one of the nearby lakes and that was cool but likely not too exciting for the kids. *forgot to add you can camp anywhere in the dunes but you need to register first as they only allow a set number of groups per night.
  11. Wow. Hardcore stuff right there. I just don't get it.
  12. I do and live in Minnesota. Rarely use the cover and my weber still runs like a champ and is in great shape. Must be going on 10 years old? Now that the kids are older, thinking about buying a weber kettle. Gas is convenient amd good when you have kids but can't beat that ole charcoal taste.
  13. I enjoyed john carter. Watched it again last night.
  14. And if we are going to count NFL championships, not superbowls, then shouldn't we count AFL championships as well? Which both san diego and buffalo won before the merger? As a vikings fan, 1969 doesn't count. Just ask any cheesehead wearing fool you might bump into.