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  1. Bradford a little off with a few of his passes. Hope its just nerves and not a sign of things to come.
  2. How do ya make your chimchurri? Meal looks delicious as well. Btw, love the meat selection at Costco rspecially the beef. We buy a lot of flank steak and pork loin. The one by my house just started carrying pork belly on a regular basis as well. Can't beat the prices.
  3. We live appx 400 ft from a freight line (our house -> neighbor behind us -> residential street -> another house -> railroad tracks). The train comes through maybe 4-5 times per day and every other night there is a 4 am-ish run. Trains usually go by in less than five minutes...maybe 100 cars at the most. Only time you hear the horn is during daylight hours as the approach an intersection ~1 mile away. You can tell its there by the click-clack but honestly its not a big deal and more often than not, we don't even notice it. Honestly the yahoos that roll down the street with their radios cranked are more annoying. In the winter (Minnesota) its a non-issue. I say non-issue as well. It's not like you'd be living in the flight path outside of an airport. Had a buddy that lived on the outskirts of MSP and when a plane came by it was quite noticeable especially when outside. Cheap house, terrible environment.
  4. He looked solid tonight and got some volume. Need a keenen replacement (ugh, open wound) and am strongly considering him.
  5. Boom
  6. Been hearing there are concerns that teddy may not be ready for 2017. Not a bradford apologist but he has some upside as this is the best squad he will have played on in the pros. Mccown is hot garbage, Vick is old and washed up and some of the other options (Sanchez, mettenberg, murray) aren't that tantalizing either. On the cusp of the season opener, not a lot of options. Is the price steep? Maybe a little from a personel perspective, the money certainly isn't over the top. If the vikes are what we think they can be this year, the first should be in the 20's. I think a lot of people hear "first round pick" and think that equals "top 10 pick". If it turns out to be a top 10 pick then this would be a not so great deal for minny but I don't think the vikes think that will be the case.
  7. All good. I used to go through $100 shoes in 6-8 months. Being an older out of fashion touch guy, didn't know the first place to start (cargo shorts are still lefit, right?). Thank god for the innerwebs.
  8. Just trying to point him in a more specific direction vs just checking ebay or discount stores for something discounted like crazy. I wouldn't buy em either. Sheesh.
  10. Ok, DQ'd for stepping out of bounds. But now reinstated for the Silver medal. Lololol.
  11. Agreed. Thats not even cool. Weak DQ as well.
  12. Thanks Sucks to lose a medal based on a mechanical (for lack of better term) error. Good thing the US has plenty of medals to spare I suppose.
  13. At 24 you need to build work skills and gain experience. I would assume there is more opportunity at best buy.