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  1. Here's the thing...nowhere in any of the advice is suggesting to be rude and mean. Confident and mysterious mixed in with humor is the holy grail in initial dating conversations. Whether you like it or not, its what gets the girls chairs damp. Being rude does not. Being too needy, available and cheesily nice does not.
  2. No doubt you gotta use that. Just make it clear its an old pic of a younger you, and put a joking line with it. 18 yr old me, the highlight of GWs tenure. After this pic was snapped he told me to stay away from Barbara.
  3. Some misc tips: - be more confident in your texts...don't ask, tell. Subtle nuance from "may i take you to dinner?" to "we should have dinner together, soon" - call her out on stuff with confident humor "Wednesday?! Guess I haven't broken into the weekend date slots you really do need to spend more time with me...I'll make sure that changes! Lol. - the advanced move would've been to say that night doesn't work for you no matter what night she chose. Triggers all kinds of signals to up your value in her mind - stop using smiley's. Comes off as weak and childish. Leave that to the girls.
  4. Glad you had a great time GB! Jen and I were up another 8 hrs after we left you guys. Complete blur of good times.
  5. @Judge Smails is a real life good dude! Bonded over a drink and got to meet his lovely wife and friends. Absinthe was a riot too...highly recommended.
  6. Getting psyched...will be in Vegas tonight! FBG worlds will be colliding tomorrow night...Judge Smails and offdee are text confirmed to meet for a drink! Gf will be wearing something good GB Looking forward to it! @Judge Smails
  7. Legally change your name to Oswaldo Inglehart, purchase a flight to Texas using your southern dopplegangers credit card and then sleep with his wife.
  8. And man-baths
  9. How about the ones that post pictures that are blurry or too dark to make anything out. Or 16 pictures all of basically the exact same thing but just slightly different poses...the head is tilted at a 8 degree angle, now a 10 degree angle, now a 12 degree angle with arm slightly raised. Might as well just post your entire camera roll each time.
  10. You. And photography.
  11. Bad move. Women instinctually relate dance ability to how good you would be in bed. Don't verbally ever say you're a bad dancer or hate dancing (this is equated to low confidence..also bad).
  12. The "single guy hot streak" is definitely a thing. It's really just about confidence and not giving an eff because you have other options....women sense that and want in. Ride the wave GB.
  13. Pretty crazy sixth sense you have!
  14. A drink sounds good to me! Looking forward to it.