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  1. My Dad came over for Memorial Day for drinks and he told me his sister (my Aunt) does the mail in the oven thing. Totally ridiculous.
  2. I have a Google doc of everything I researched and did (about 2-3 pgs). I can share it with you if you pm me your gmail address
  3. My pup is at a point where he pretty much refuses to walk on a leash. He'll sit and lay at the end of the driveway....I'd have to drag him to make him move. The only way I can get him to actually walk is to carry him a few blocks away from the house and then say "let's go home" and then he'll walk the way back to get back home. Luckily he's a small guy (about 8 lbs now- he'll be about 15lbs as adult), so easy to carry and doesn't need a ton of exercise, but still need him to get on board for some outdoor exercise. Any advice?
  4. To illustrate just how ridiculously bored I am and how crazy this quarantine is making me... My daughter talked me into creating a Tik Tok page for my pup! About 13 videos so far and the followers are flocking (15, lol). Check 'em out and make some ridiculous comments to keep me entertained! @Maxwell tha Dawg
  5. I would think you’re a complete jag.
  6. Zach really making himself look like a pathetic toolbag.
  7. Never have attempted myself, but without any research my thoughts go to... - need to have someone come check and mark where can't dig in your yard - plan out where you want pipes to go with a long extension cord as your guide - Research and purchase all needed supplies (pipes, plumbing connectors/angles) - Hooking up to a water source If it was me, I would do all the prep work and placing the pipe myself. Then have a plumber come in and check all connections and properly tap into a water source. Then I would finish off by covering up all pipes in lawn with topsoil and reseed grass. I would give it a 6.5 (cute job, but not as hard as it is for an ugly chick to get into a club)
  8. This is awesome. Basically the same way I was after watching "Come Fly With Me" about 98 times on VHS. "I wanna be like Mike" was a real tangible thing.
  9. Watching their reality show (yes; I admit it), they were 2 totally different personalities. He likes to stay at home, go hunting, watch hours of surveillance videos of deer on his land, not talk much. She’s a girly girl who wants to be with friends, get dressed up and immerse herself in her career. Was pretty apparent they weren’t a good life match.
  10. Bucket trailer attached to the riding mower for the win. I borrow my neighbors for a day.
  11. And I’m sure he has semis regularly during coffee.
  12. @Otis know you’re prob at this stage of research as I was a few months ago...good info in this thread. Lots of products and things I can recommend, but want to share my best purchase. This thing is awesome and so nice to not have to fill water bowl constantly. And added bonus of a little night light and soothing water fountain trickling water sound.