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  1. Disclose those STDs.
  2. Sounds like H&M. I don't even bother wash and stuff basically disintegrates.
  3. Tommy Bahama and now Forever 21? Eesh. Isn't Forever 21 a teenage girl store? No shtick.
  4. Act like nothing is different at the bro hug thing, handshake whatever to get through that initial weirdness that everyone will expect and be on the lookout for. Then after about 30-60mins. pull him aside and just say "I did all that greeting stuff to not make a scene because this event isn't about us. But guy to guy I'm not a fan of what you did so we'll just leave it at that". Then walk away and enjoy the party.
  5. He's just not that into her, but enjoys the ego boost/company when it's convenient for him. He's dating other women, working and being a dad. She's like a game between the 49ers vs. Browns....not really thinking about it, talking about it or excited for it throughout the week, but if have the night open to watch and nothing better to do, than why not?
  6. Go tune into VH1. Rock of Love, Flava of Love...garbage. And back in the day they had Prince's from England and Jesse Palmer (NFL QB/sports announcer) as the Bachelor. You hear rumors all the time of guys like Ryan Braun getting asked, but none of them want to (and for good reason)
  7. That marine is literally a foot shorter than every other guy left. He looks ridiculous at the rose ceremonies.
  8. Hopefully Chad brings $20 with him and stuffs it in that weasel's face.
  9. Chad on Bachelor in Paradise! Oh hell yes!!
  10. Chances are low of her falling for me...ya know. I've got a better chance of getting struck by lightning......while, ya know...........shaving my face.
  11. Do yourself a favor and watch this video within this article from 2 yrs ago. Goosebumps in this moment.