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  1. Sure, why not?
  2. I was just as surprised when Paul announced he was keeping Nicole, as I was when Julie announced Nicole won. Paul is a moron for that decision.
  3. Why was Ervin holding a towel in his hand on that kickoff return fumble?!?!
  4. Any dry humping with your jorts on?
  5. How did you go about this...just hand them a $20 and say "how about an upgrade"? I've heard of the sandwich technique...put a $20 in between ID and credit card when hand it over to them.
  6. This is where I just booked for me and gf. We don't need a casino and that means no smoking, less noise, etc and all in a great location. Staying a Thursday and Friday night and got it for $130 night.
  7. Thanks for the info on the possibility of getting wet up front. I had tickets in the 4th row, but just called to change them to the last row in front of the back walking aisle (the final row of seats in front of the back tables). My gf and I will be going out to a club after this show and she will be dressed to the nines, and would be pissed if got all drenched here. She'll have to wait til later in the night to get soaked.
  8. I don't mind the decision to go on 4th...but the cookie cutter run play was terrible.
  9. Post a pic or we'll NEVER believe you.
  10. Are you wearing an NFL jersey with your own last name on the back instead?
  11. 7: Cute girl at the club, in classes, at work, in apt building. Definitely cute, but not tops locally.
  12. Email them this pic and say "Thanks for the gift! Can't wait to hang it in my house!" Wala, you're in the clear.
  13. First load unleashed after a scared were you on a scale from 1-10 (10 = The most scared I've ever been in my life. Tops locally)
  14. Agree with many others. Next time hanging out needs to just be more relaxed, fun and include alcohol (and no kids).