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  1. This was a good episode and definitely creepy
  2. I don’t know for sure, but most pitchers are complete creatures of habit so probably a matter of consistency in how they target catchers and pitch locations.
  3. If it’s a wild pitch basically impossible to block it. Setting body up where the pitch is going to be allows catcher to block and move in a realistic way to stop a 80+ mph ball.
  4. Hope you gave it a good pep talk and some snug undies.
  5. No mention of Walts fake bald head that made him look like a Megamind wax statue? So distracting especially with the centerpiece character of the show. Wait til he can really shave his head.
  6. Another idea could be to remove the glass on one panel and then just build up the bottom 1/3 by adding wood, bondo the seams, sand and reprime and paint. Since the glass is solid with the grids sandwiched between you could probably get that all cut down shorter and put back in your new opening.
  7. As has been said, for those being a big BB fan, just the idea of one more “episode” was fun. But as a stand-alone or not familiar with BB then total meh. The recap at the beginning of Jesse’s BB story was helpful and set a cool tone. It definitely ended leaving me feeling a little jipped on the expected experience.
  8. Ah I thought you already have the $1K French door installed and you’re trying to figure out something to customize that. If you are purchasing all new, then yeah there’s better options
  9. Only real option then would be to work with the wood that’s underneath the handle (to the left and right of center crease where doors connect when closed. Cut out appropriate sized rectangle and make your own doggie door. Possible buy an actual doggy door and just use all the materials from it on your own customized door
  10. This is pretty standard for new subdivisions, they don't want some trash bag to come in and erect a moose statue out front or paint the house pink and decrease the value of surrounding homes. In regards to exterior paint colors they usually have a a pallet of 4-5 color choices/combinations that are acceptable.
  11. How and why in the world did Esther even get cast on this show?
  12. Just mulch them up with your rider mower. For $20 I bought a cover for where the cut grass would normally shoot out, so keeps the leaves in by the blade and dices them up. Another leaf mulching trick I learned is that going over the leaves in reverse with the rider mulches them even finer