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  1. Agreed that majority of women are overweight (key word being "majority" and not "average"). There are more women that are 1-5 range than there are 6-10 range. You put 500 randomly chosen women in a room and majority would be 3.5-5.5 range (agreeing that would have a lot to do with most of them being overweight as you stated...but that isn't the sole factor) Scale/IMAG0136.jpg
  2. Overweight is clearly a flaw stated starting within the definition of a 4 (and then obviously assumed with anything lower). 4: Not attractive. Major flaws start piling up (overweight, blemishes, etc.)
  3. Not funny, truth. I'd rather just be single than be with less than a 7. I can find a 7+ with other great charecteristics than just not interested in being with someone I'm not attracted to.
  4. Nope. It's a bell curve. There are simply more 4-6's in the world than there are 1's and 10's.
  5. 5: Starting to be unattractive, but certain qualities work in her favor. Nothing major, but minor problems are more common Visual: Scale/TOS5c.png
  6. Just stuff it in the freezer...guy on the internet said it should take the stench out.
  7. This feels a lot looser since the last time
  8. Buy your own box and hide it in a taller cabinet or your bedroom closet. You're welcome.
  9. Loading the dishwasher the most inefficient way possible. And then insisting to run it on the full run sanitizing cycle with dry heating that takes 3 hrs 45 mins. to complete.
  10. Serious reply: In front of this work girl, have your wife talk about how many women just seem to throw themselves at him and it's getting ridiculous. As his mom I wish he'd just find a good girl, blah, blah, blah. Never have her blatantly insinuate that she'd like him to be with this particular girl though...keep it vague. Have her keep up with it for a while...eventually this work girl will get curious and ask questions and ultimately want to see his picture. If he's a good looking dude, then easy game over. If he's not a good looking guy than at least the work girl will just think that he must be really charming in person or really good in bed. She'll be intrigued, and ultimately hot women like a challenge (that is assuming she's at least an offdee 7).
  11. KHuntagious
  12. She sounds level headed and not dramatic at all. Don't let that catch get away.
  13. Cliffs of Moher are a must see. Single most amazing sight I've witnessed in my life. Dont do Dublin as too being in New Orleans. Do west coast.