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  1. Yeah Chaka Khan was awful. I was in another room listening and felt my face cringe up about 4 times.
  2. I remember seeing this on Shark Tank.
  3. I’m sure not advised, but for those with small dogs (under 15-20lbs) why not train them to go in a litter box like cats do? My MIL broke her wrist so we’re watching her little Teddy Bear dog (bischon/####zu mix) this week and the thing takes small dumps.
  4. How does one die from dog bites on an arm?
  5. When I think caring about fashion and giving two craps about what you look like...I think Kawhi.
  6. I’m pulling for Wendell. Dude is just smooth with that toothpick.
  7. Not sure if helpful or not to anybody getting a new puppy, but I went through this thread and summarized into reference notes for myself. Sharing here and will be adding to this doc as I see more words of wisdom
  8. Anybody here NOT put dog in the crate on night 1 or 2? If so, what did you do with the dog overnight? Only thing I can think of is pull an all-nighter with them on night 1 and try to get through steps 1-4 of that crate training link process through the first 24-48 hrs and then crate them overnight on night 2. Any other suggestions or techniques?
  9. At first read, this just doesn't even seem realistic....6 months?!!? That's not happening with me, but I can see where you would work this in when feasible. With that, what kind of worthwhile commands are you giving to them while they are eating?
  10. Responding to the warm towel comment....would putting a heating pad on low under a blanket be helpful to soothe or more harmful long term since not going to have a heating pad running in there down the line?
  11. The article linked about to crate training has 5 steps. Step 5 is to crate the dog at night. Steps 1 through 4 should happen before that and notes that it could take several days to weeks to compete successfully. So, let's just say for discussion purposes it take 2 wks to get to step 5 of overnight in the crate. What are you supposed to do with the dog at night then wks 1 and 2 if it's not yet ready for the crate?
  12. @Brony originally wrote this that @dkp993 replied to above: One other thing that is tough with puppies is that you get 'conflicting' advice that you should socialize your dog with other dogs while at the same time avoiding dogs that may not have full vaccinations. Ultimately, you have to set up playdates for your dog with known dogs and avoid going to a dog park full of randos. I was expecting to take my puppy to a dog park and this is a no-no. ---- Help me understand this better. if your dog isn't fully vaccinated they can't be around other dogs at all? Or can they be around other dogs if you know for sure the other dog(s) are fully vaccinated?
  13. you're a FBG, so the annoyance with the higher water level should happen as soon as you take a seat and your Iron Sheik takes a dip.