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  1. Have a work task and figured where's a more knowledgeable space than the FFA.... Our company uses uberconference for conference calls/screensharing (no need to judge good or bad on's what we use and have to stick with it). It allows to "record" sessions, but only records voice and NOT video. With that I've been tasked to find a FREE option that would allow us to still use uberconference, but when have a need to record both the audio and video of that session will have that ability. FREE (or a very small one-time purchase price) is very important as it's normally never a need, but every once in a while it's asked to record video (to capture the screensharing) and we always end up scrambling. This would be used on both PC's and Mac's, but majority of time by a PC user. Appreciate the guidance.
  2. Yep, this was my initial guess too. Had similar issue on my front lawn and my lawn guy knew pretty quickly it was a grub issue and started treatments for it.
  3. After a lot of research, I got the 75” Sony x900f about 4 months ago and very happy with it.
  4. MJ's daughter (Paris Jackson) hospitalized over the weekend after trying to commit suicide after watching this documentary. Eesh, this dude messed up some lives.
  5. Oh no. How will I know about someones migraine or see a pic of their Chipotle lunch?!?!
  6. Does this guy have a boss that you can talk to about the issues with him? Or HR?
  7. Ladies and gentlemen....AIR SUPPLY!!!!
  8. the fridge doors were opening the wrong way with the flow of the kitchen. He switched the hinge to be on the other side so they open correctly.
  9. Was trying to think of an equivalent type of event that I could relate to if I was the guy in the unicorn onesie... it would be the year 1989 sneaking into Bulls stadium and falling asleep courtside....wake up in an empty stadium and Michael Jordan strolls by you, says good morning with a fist bump and proceeds to do a 360 windmill dunk taking off from half court.
  10. Just finished watching...absolutely insane. To be the guy waking up tented on the side of the mountain in his pink unicorn onesie jammies and see Alex Hannold casually walk by you with no gear must’ve been surreal to say the least.
  11. I used one once and worked good. Complete pain in the ### to clean and literally threw in the garbage mid-cleaning.
  12. I’m at a downtown Milwaukee Chipotle and Danny Ainge just walked in. (Celtics in town tonight). Took his coat off and even had a Celtics sweater on. He’s pairing it with white air pods and a burrito bowl.