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  1. Just saw on ESPN ticker, Chubb has been officially medically cleared to play with no limitations for season opener.
  2. Weather and Grilling talk. This thread is basically the epitome of what it would be like if we had a weekend FFA real-life outing.
  3. I'm sure he had a good idea of what this endurance comp would be...they do it around this time every season. There is always an element of moisture and crap thrown at them throughout. Maybe he figured the long sleeves help soak up a little from getting his hands as wet and slippery, and the less fabric on legs ends up being less weight on lower half after wet for him to keep on that little platform.
  4. No way, too risky....4% chance of rain, and don't even get him started on the predicted dew point.
  5. Don't bring up the dress in a future conversation.
  6. Anybody post link to Milli Vanilli's "Blame it on the Rain" video yet?
  7. Completely disagree. There needs to be some minor semblence of flirting or it could just be a friendly neighbor gesture in her mind (just as she did to him with the cookies...left him uncertain). If want to move forward to more than just friendly waves by the garbage cans than need to get her in that kind of mindset. Suggesting she bring the wine while he provides the food is hardly any kind of a huge's an adult gesture and comment. She should be looking forward to this being about them enjoying themselves together over some adult beverages and not just a kiddy get together with sippy cups.
  8. Do you live in the rain forest? Her house must be a mess without any gutters.
  9. I just disagree with the whole big block party BBQ need for all that. Just casually say "the kids and I are planning to grill out dinner one of these and the kids should join us. All you need to bring is the wine!" (in a charming sarcastic way)
  10. Can't wait til he's telling us that she's like a house without gutters...
  11. Good chance it gets rained out.
  12. Before you leave in morning, just leave a set of new gutters at her doorstep for a good morning surprise!
  13. Find something going on with the outside of her house that needs a MAN to fix. Hell, even just make up that something was wrong. It's raining a lot lately?.....leave her a little note that when you were taking out the trash you noticed her front gutter was filling up with gunk so took care of it for her quick. Hope you're having a great week! Short, simple and sweet. Then action is on her. Scenarios: 1) no reply or ignores = she's not interested (just let it be) 2) she writes a reply note back = she wants to just be friends (just let it be) 3) she comes by in person to say thanks = she's curiously interested and comfortable approaching you. In this scenario, then just make that your quick first date...just be charming, make her laugh, be confident, make it clear you're single but just because you haven't met the right woman for you and your kids yet and overall just enjoying a full and exciting life (make her feel like she wants to be a part of that). No mention of wanting to go out on a date or anything like that. Just leave her with a good lasting impression of you and things will start to fall in place after that. It's all about making her feel comfortable and at ease around you right now. Once that hurdle is cleared, then just gradually up the flirting until things become obvious and then smooth sailing GB.
  14. Normally I agree, but tonight she looked like a regular ole plain jane. Tent dress and no makeup....put a little effort in.