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  1. Tests positive for Covid. Ugh.
  2. Not mention all of these All-Stars won't want to award someone a 2nd win before they even got their first. And you know FOR SURE Ian isn't going to give that to Nicole...he's an automatic vote for Cody or Enzo.
  3. She'd be an absolute fool if she doesn't do this. If Nicole took Cody all he'd need to do is stand up and say..."never been on the block. Convinced a former winner to bring me along with her knowing I played the better game. Thanks for your vote. Drinks on me tonight"
  4. I went with 2 front height speakers for my 7.1 setup as well. Nothing earth shattering, but just gives a bit more full sound from things going on above the screen.....think like rain falling from sky, planes taking off and landing, helicopters flying overhead. You put the 2 fronts directly above the 2 them as close to the ceiling as you can.
  5. $160 part and an hour of my time and seems to be all fixed.
  6. Took the burner out again this morning and see one of the lines going to the burner was burned through. That’s why gas wasn’t getting to the pilot. At a parts store now hoping they have an entire new burner assembly.
  7. OK, so I took it apart and lightly sanded the thermocouple to clean it up. Put it all back together and fired up nicely and I kept an eye on it. The heating flame seemed to move down below the pan weirdly below the pilot and thermocouple and after 5 minutes (used to be 10 minutes) shut down again. Now when I go to try and light pilot light again I just see a spark, but pilot light doesn't light up at all anymore. Did I officially blow the thermocouple and need to fully replace that? Or something else?
  8. Thanks for this. After the last 10min run it seems we have hot water now but I’m guessing that will run out soon. I assume the little blue pilot light should always be visibly on correct? That doesn’t go out and then turn itself back on when water needs heating more does it? Right now I look through the little window and nothing is little pilot flame.
  9. But after it goes out I can immediately respark pilot light and run it again for 10mins just fine.
  10. Noticed not getting hot water this morning. Go down to hot water heater and see no pilot light on. Relight pilot light perfectly fine and fire it up by turning temp up. No issues at all for 10 minutes and then all flames just instantly go out (both the big heating flame and also the pilot light) I tried this about 5 different times and each time...pilot light fires up immediately with a nice blue flame and good blaze when I turn up temp. Then like clockwork around 9-10mins it all just stops and pilot light out. What’s the deal here?
  11. My stance on Nicole is that a group of All-Stars won't want to create a 2-time winner before all but one of them haven't even won one. Not much would need to sway opinion to Cody, and that right there should do it easily (not to mention Cody played a much better game than Nicole anyways).
  12. Why in the world would they take Cody though? They both have voiced they know he’d win, so it’s not some brainwash thing going on. Makes zero sense to me.
  13. The wall mounts pull out almost 2 ft., swivel, etc. Mount it in the recessed area and just pull it forward. You can still put a console below it for components, etc. and it doesn't need to be wider than the TV since the mounted TV will just float over it.
  14. Wall Mount. I got a nice one off of Amazon for $50 for my 75".
  15. Yeah, Enzo actually played it right. At this point it has to be all players for themselves...especially someone like Enzo who has no resume really other than pairing up with Cody. I can't believe they are not all figuring out a way to get rid of Cody. If he's in the final, he wins easily. It seems like they all realize this but are really not taking action against it. ETA: The HOH (Enzo) obviously is safe, but ultimately whoever wins the Veto gets to the final 3 and is the one who gets to choose who goes along as the 3rd. Lots of power with the Veto, but Enzo is in final 3 regardless.