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  1. Ah gotcha, so the timbers are more of just a aesthetic border around the shed to cover up the gravel foundation underneath. Nice.
  2. The point of the 6" of compacted gravel is for it to be the solid foundation. That should be underneath ALL of the structure to avoid sinking and shifting. Putting the shed frame on the ground and then just the gravel on the inside of the shed frame defeats the purpose. Things will shift and sink on soil. May be fine for a year or so, but you'll regret it down the road. ETA: I'd recommend to make the gravel foundation square min. 1 feet wider on all sides of shed base size (so will have a 1-2' foundation border around). Don't want to put the shed right up to the edge of the gravel foundation.
  3. This is all installed and so cool. It claims to only light up with a pure swoosh but I have a breakaway rim so needed to mount the sensor a bit different then directions stated (shows on a non breakaway rim so no spring cover)....the angle now lights it up on any make (even if it hits the rim). I actually like this better as lights up more often after every score. Pretty much everyone who's walking by the house or drives by slows up and gawks at it and gives it the "that's cool" thumbs up. Yesterday one guy walking his dog said "don't make any shots when my son is driving by on his bike or I'll never stop hearing him ask for one for our hoop!" Son thinks it's the coolest and can't wait for sundown shooting.
  4. I just went and spun the Random wheel about 20 times and Potawatomi Casino only came up once. Are you an online gambler by chance? For anybody curious, the MKE Randomizer Wheel is what is always the biggest talking point of the site....a few scrolls down on the homepage. Creatives did a great job branding the the vein of "what stays in Vegas" and "Keep Portland Weird". City is really gaining popularity traction quick.....recently granted the Democratic National Convention next Summer (2020). The week after Summerfest. The city is going to be crazy electric next summer!
  5. My city, so I can't put it in the mix, but I project managed the build of this award winning website and Milwaukee is indeed a cool up and coming city (especially in the summer!). Humor me and check it out.
  6. Like clockwork, every time I see this thread title I read it as "Fisting" and have a moment of WTF?!?!
  7. I always internally moan every time they pull out that that gun that shoots the green dots everywhere and shows mini stick figures doing the cha cha.
  8. No, they'll ultimately sink and shift. You'll need a minimum of 6" of depth dug in ground and then fill it with 3/4" traffic bond. Buy a $30 Hand tamper and compress it all down. Then you can level off with 1/4" traffic bond, if needed (and then tamp that all down). The 3/4" traffic bond and tamping it all down to compress it as you go is what is key. This site's calculator will help you figure out how many tons of the 3/4" traffic bond you'll need: I recently finished a cement patio extension with nice stepping stones that were ultimately bonded together with polymeric sand (links of pics a few pages back) and by doing the traffic bond base gave me a solid foundation. Turned out great and is solid.
  9. But they do at times. See my link above of the brick being thrown. Other episodes do have rare instances where things are thrown from tables unexplainably, etc.
  10. You have any video links to the lighthouse and bag moments?
  11. I believe Ghost Adventures guys got originally famous for their very early documentary where they captured on film a brick just catapulting itself
  12. I'm weirdly intrigued by Ghost Adventures. I know it's got some cheese to it, but when I try to get into any other Ghost shows they all seem EXTRA cheesy and fake in comparison.