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  1. sounds cool, count me in! send info needed. jjheerts@aol.com
  2. Kool- Aid. First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH for doing this thread. It is awesome and a HUGE help to others in full IDP leagues. IT IS APPRECIATED! Quick question tho, how come only certain players are listed? Would it be possible to follow more of the IDP players? Seems like I only see 4-5 of my players listed each week, and i have a full IDP roster and play 14 guys a week. Thanks, and btw, brilliant call on MD Jennings last week, glad i benched him.
  3. Kool- Yeah we get pretty good stats on returns and yardage, which values Hyde more. Jennings has an ideal matchup, but how much he plays is anyone's guess now. I would guess by "radioactive" you mean stay away? Maybe i bench em both and just go with another LB like Suggs, or DE like Brockers. Suggs at least plays monday night which is at least intruiging.
  4. Just wondering if you would consider either one of these guys a good play vs Dallas this week or just avoid them both? Hyde appears to be getting more PT while Jennings might be getting benched. Thoughts? Hyde has been giving some sneaky good stats lately.
  5. Brown bad matchup with Cardinals Ridley ok matchup with Denver. Brown trending up, while i sense serious Belitricks for Ridley come sunday. Site projections have Ridley higher, member rankings have Brown higher, by 1 spot. Who do you start??? Thanks, will respond!
  6. Ellington and Thomas for me, love FJax but he does split the load and spiller back to full strength supposedly. Please respond to mine!
  7. Reed and Nelson for me, please respond to mine!
  8. Projections have them about even. Wright (plays jax) with more catches and yards, but Jones (plays balt) a bigger threat to score TD i think. Who do u play? Right now i am leaning Jones, does TEN get ahead of Jax and just run the ball?
  9. thanks man, i had Stacy on the bench like i said, but his projections seems to be going thru the roof now, wright is definately the lowest rated going into the week now. Fred Jackson is TEMPTING not to start, playing the Chiefs, Spiller is gonna play. But i think that EVERY week, and all that guy does is keep giving you points!
  10. standard PPR. All positions flex pretty much. Right now, i got Stacy riding the pine, but since he's a go now against a terrible run D, i am leaning maybe benching one of the WR's instead? Torey Smith seems to stink it up about every week now, and plays a tough Cle D, but ASYS? THOUGHTS! HELP!!!!
  11. Holy hell, #4
  12. holy crap, another td?
  13. I have waited on this guy in quite a few dynasty leagues. Good to see he is FINALLY showing some value and rewarding his loyal followers. He was a Waldman guy.
  14. You would do well at QB and WR that's for sure. Probably fall too far off at RB and TE tho to actually win like that.