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  1. I disagree. He will have at least 1 team willing to take the chance that if THEY pay him what he’s worth, then he will give total effort. Just because he refused to play for the Steelers who wouldn’t pay him what he feels he’s worth doesn’t mean he won’t play for a team who will pay him what he’s worth.
  2. This is true, but $14.M (less now) has to be reserved to cover Bell if/when he signs. Therefore, it’s not really available to the Steelers. If they went out and signed D. Murray for $10M, (obviously just an example) they wouldn’t have enough room to fit Bell under the cap if he signed. His tactic is essentially forcing Pittsburgh to play with a smaller salary cap this year than other teams.
  3. I own Ingram & could use help at QB & TE, but I can’t agine I’d sell low.
  4. I don’t know what to tell you if you don’t understand the difference between stating a fact (past events) and making a prediction (future events). I’ve done the former, but not the latter.
  5. Can you please show me how I’m being antagonistic? I’ve explained my position numerous times & have multiple posters telling me I mean something other than what I actually posted. I’ve asked them to show me where I said what they claim I’ve said so I can change it & they ignore me. Where is the antagonism on my part?
  6. While true, the Conner fumble was also a big part of why it was a tie.
  7. I’ve asked for this several times, and all the posters that have their panties in a wad over my posts vanish: can you please show me where I posted that Conner is the reason they lost? I’ll gladly go edit/delete that post, because I never believed that. I’m assuming you won’t reply (because that post doesn’t exist). Whay I HAVE posted is that Cle (& maybe KC’s D-haven’t seem game pass for week 2 yet) seemed to be focusing on AB (Ben has said as much, too-does that mean he’s saying Conner is why they lost?), and that if Bell was on the field, maybe they’d have to pay more attention to him, freeing AB up more.
  8. You have reading comprehension issues, then. If I say “the Steelers CAN’T win with Conner,” I’m saying there is causation. When I say “the Steelers haven’t won with Conner,” I’m not, I’m merely stating a FACT. Its not my fault that YOU can’t tell the difference and are inferring something that isn’t there.
  9. Why do you keep talking about betting? That's completely irrelevant (and you're wrong, anyway-the spread is not set to reflect which team is better or not, it's set to guarantee money for the book). Bell is a better player than Conner; that's not a debate. That doesn't mean that Conner isn't good, just that Bell is better. There has been no discussion/debate in this thread that Bell isn't better than Conner. So, you try to introduce a completely irrelevant sub-thread, do it wrong, and call someone else a troll. Good one.
  10. We're not even talking about gambling or point spreads, and you try to introduce it, and you don't even do it correctly. Spreads aren't indicators of whether one team is better than the other. They are set up to try to let the books make money. Stick to the point. Do you disagree with the idea that better players give teams more of a chance to win? Not beat the spread, win games.
  11. Just that a yes or a no?
  12. Okay, you have 200% of $10. Feel free to take the word "more" out of my post. It's a grammatical error, not a math error. The Cardinals paid DJ 246% at signing what the Steelers offered Bell at signing.
  13. Who was talking about the spread? Who was talking about gambling? Do you disagree that better players help team win?
  14. Awesome post showing your complete lack of reading comprehension.
  15. 10,000,000 X 2.46= 24,600,000, right? Freely admit math isn't my thing. How am I wrong?