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  1. 3 keepers; no pick penalty. Salary-cap league; he’s minimum salary (last buy of three draft), when top RBs who are able to be bought in auction cost about 1/3 of cap. Trade would be a top-5 WR who is prohibitive as a keeper b/c of his high salary.
  2. All of a sudden, after "he's unproven," "Jax sucks, why would I want their RB," "you want WAY too much in a trade for him," I'm getting some offers. Now I'm wondering if I should just hang onto him, though. Would you trade him in a keeper league (lowest possible keeper price) for a top WR? Or is he more valuable as a hold?
  3. I agree with you on that; doubt there’s more to it than a hammy injury they want to be careful with.
  4. Uh......Sanders is on the Covid list. There’s no way he could get removed from that list in time for game on sunday. So declaring him out on Friday is not the “same thing,” when, I’m theory, Thomas’ Hammy could recover enough for him to play.
  5. Huh?😧 Michael Thomas was dropped? And you picked him up, but consider him your WR6? Is there something that wasn't posted in this thread that I missed? Because a fight with a teammate, argument with a coach, a "bad" attitude, and a tweaked hammy don't add up to pre-season #1 WR being dropped and viewed as a WR6 on a FF roster.
  6. Of course that’s true. And that’s one of the possible other reasons for not IRing him yet. But you can place a player on IR without adding another player. So, needing/not needing the roster spot doesn’t fully explain why Dak wasn’t IR’ed for over a week. They knew he wasn’t coming back, so there had to be another factor(s) that led to the delay. Perhaps contractual language? Maybe something incentive-based? I don’t know; I’m just speculating. Best-case scenario, SF doesn’t IR Mostert b/c they think he can make it back sooner than 3 weeks. My point was merely that there could be other reasons he hasn’t been placed on IR yet.
  7. While possible, I think there are other factors involved in these decisions; perhaps that we aren't privy to. The Cowboys knew Dak was done for the year last Sunday, but they didn't place him on IR until after this weekends' games. I don't know why, but there had to be some reason for that delay. Maybe SF is holding out hope Raheem can come back earlier, but there could also be another factor(s) at play.
  8. Watching the game on Sunday, he didn't seem like the hammer type, IMO. Just looked at his thread in the Pool, and this was in the write-up from the original post: He got all his touches in the 4th quarter, so maybe he will be the hammer/finisher/closer, etc. Doesn't seem like that's his best role, though.
  9. He's still wearing his helmet.
  10. 6, 37, 17, 27, 26. Those are his weekly finishes. ONE RB1 week & nothing better than a RB3 since. But now, adding another RB will move him up to the low-end RB1 range?🤯
  11. That’s a good point; but Fournette isn’t Bell. And we don’t really know it wasn’t true for a Fournette. He didn’t play much his first week after just joining TB; greatly outperformed Jones in his 2nd game, then has been hurt since. So not sure your “exactly what Fournette owners were saying” point is completely relevant.
  12. This sound like wishful thinking. Bell didn’t sign somewhere where he wasn’t promised a significant role. And KC sure as hell isn't going to bring him in to make him “earn his touches” after seeing the issues in NYJ after he felt he was being “mis-used.” Best-case scenario is a fairly even split, but Bell gets the most valuable touches: near the GL.
  13. Agree; but at what point do you flip him? WR 2 value? TE1, QB1?
  14. James Robinson a sell high, or did that window close? Salary cap league; he’s at league minimum price.