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  1. Were you planning on participating again this year? Sign up thread is on first page of Shark Pool.

  2. Can someone explain this to me. The stuff is often cut with baby laxatives and stimulants in general are a natural laxative.
  3. You'd have a super tired dick too if you were pounding all that ###
  4. That is way more sad than the Calvin & Hobbs fan fiction. Damn
  5. I think Waldman is nuts saying his "absolute upside" is 6-7 TDs
  6. Wolfenstein for PS3 out... I haven't heard anything yet but I used to love that on PC as a kid.
  8. I think there is more to this character than we've seen so far, yeah yah, yoo betcha. Fixed
  9. That's a thing he does. Saw it on Gruden's QB camp. Okay... he's still Dbaggy... not sure why I said or.
  10. What's with the "money fingers" celebration he did as he walked out? Is that a thing he does or is he just a Dbag?
  11. If I told you there was a 6-4, 250 lb. wide receiver in this draft who runs a 4.53 40 would you think there should be hype for him? I don't know.. can he block?
  12. There's instant travel.... go off the path a bit and set up a campsite and then you can travel to your way point. Or you can pay a stage coach to take you and insta travel. The horse riding is cool, but it does get old
  13. I don't get why people aren't liking Bob O is this role. I think he's doing a great job. Not a very likable character, but he's playing it well.