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  1. So if your QB gets hurt your season is done. No thanks.
  2. Need 2 WR (PPR) Dez vs TB Watkins vs CLE Lee vs HOU Boyd vs PIT R. Matthews (TEN) vs KC Which QB? Siemein vs NE Bottles vs HOU
  3. Need 2...1 ppr Baldwin Marv Jones Robinson Jeffrey
  4. Need 3, 1pt per catch ....thanks Baldwin Jeffrey Marvin Jones Robinson Sanders
  5. Need 2 ppr.... Baldwin, Jeffrey, M.Jones, Sanders, Sharpe
  6. PPR need 1... J. Matthews, Sharpe, Diggs, Marvin Jones
  7. And who would that "deep threat" be that is currently on the Browns roster?
  8. Come on, man. EVERY SINGLE WR in this draft, including Blackmon and Floyd, had question marks. Face it, there are no Calvin Johnsons or Andre Johnsons in this draft.So that means you don't address the position? Good luck with Little, Mo. Mass, Cribbs, Norwood, and newly acquired Hornswaggle
  9. I'm done with this team. Biggest need was WR and they draft a 5'9" kick returner in round 5. Brilliant
  10. And now the Raiders take the other guy (Juron Criner) the Browns should to taken. Brutal.