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  1. So if your QB gets hurt your season is done. No thanks.
  2. And who would that "deep threat" be that is currently on the Browns roster?
  3. Come on, man. EVERY SINGLE WR in this draft, including Blackmon and Floyd, had question marks. Face it, there are no Calvin Johnsons or Andre Johnsons in this draft.So that means you don't address the position? Good luck with Little, Mo. Mass, Cribbs, Norwood, and newly acquired Hornswaggle
  4. I'm done with this team. Biggest need was WR and they draft a 5'9" kick returner in round 5. Brilliant
  5. And now the Raiders take the other guy (Juron Criner) the Browns should to taken. Brutal.
  6. And the Bengals just drafted the guy (Marvin Jones) I wanted the Browns to take over the guard. This draft went from an "A" to a "D" really quick.
  7. I made the call yesterday. I'm still in the first year of my contract, and the lady said she couldn't give me any discount on my package yet (she said call back in November when my first year was up and they would give me a discount) I did however get the ST for free, but she wouldn't budge on the ST to go. All in all, I'm pleased with just the ST for free.
  8. What did you say to them?that i was looking to switch to dish. also, say cancel when you get the auto opbeen with them since 95 and I have my bill set to auto paytalked to some guys yesterday that have had the ST for years. I asked if they ever got an discounts on the ST. both said they have also paid full price.That's my dilemma with them. Only been a customer for about a year now.
  9. Unlock/JB has been released. Good luck getting through the server is getting absolutely hammered.So is the other link.
  10. Unlock/JB has been released. Good luck getting through the server though.
  11. They will not release the jailbreak until they fix the facetime issue.