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  1. Joe Mixon and David Johnson is not a good backfield 😳 Avoid running backs on dog crap teams.
  2. Assuming he’s traded, I’d say it’s 7% he DOESN’T play this year. No one will bother trading for him and not give him a chance to showcase his ability. He did score last week so he’s not that rusty. Now does he play in all 14 remaining games? Maybe that’s closer to 7%. I’m sure it won’t be without plenty of drama.
  3. Well in fairness Mack is a top 5 overall defensive player. Cousins is an above average QB. I don’t see the similarity To add to that, Mack was the 2016 DPOY. Cousins barely cracked the top 100 of NFL players. I like Cousins and I’m glad the Vikings signed him, but there is no comparison between the 2
  4. And the schedule is vicious from week 7 on
  5. Was thinking about this today....Royce reminds me of Michael Turner when he was on Atlanta. Big guy that doesn’t look like he runs very fast but is powerful and has good balance. I see Royce having a similar type of production as Turner did. Not many catches....better for a TD heavy league....but a productive, not a flashy runner.
  6. We do an empire league. If an owner wins back to back years or three times in 10 years they drag the whole pot. If no one does either after 10 years the league ends and everyone gets an equal share of the pot back.
  7. This, my friend, is a fresh post. Well done
  8. Fair point. “Anywhere near their current ADP” is maybe the best way to re-title it.
  9. I think it’s understood that if Ezekiel Elliott was available in the 3rd, everyone would draft him whether you love or hate him. The thread title assumes that at guys’ current ADP they are do not draft candidates.
  10. Garropolo or Graham? Asking for a friend.
  11. I don't think he's better than the 3 WR's you mentioned. I also don't think Washington is a good fit as you don't want Alex Smith as your QB on a 1 year prove it deal. He won't force the ball to Dez. The NYG and the Eagles are pretty stacked with offensive talent and really don't need him. I would suspect he has to settle for a 1 year, $2 million type deal with a team like the Texans.
  12. 2nd most points of any team given up last year. Their offense got a lot better which should help the defense. But it's hard to think they will suddenly be a good defense. Maybe middle of the pack.
  13. The Browns will be better on offense, but their defense is still putrid. Which means they will be playing from behind a lot and using Duke Johnson. Lots of potential bad game scripts for Chubb to be considered in the top 3-5 of the rookie RB's.
  14. It's Cleveland. They will be playing from behind A LOT and the few rushing TD's the team actually scores will be shared with 2 other solid RB's. I'm the complete opposite....I can't see why others like his situation.