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  1. at linked can do better.I'm looking at some brogues that may fit the bill for you: (the dark brown not the British tan that displays first). Don't know about the brand but they're cheaper than the Florsheim Veblem that I've been coveting.
  2. I know Peter Dinklage is a good actor but I don't understand why his Emmy is so much bigger than everyone else's. *stolen joke.
  3. You don't need the platform that BIAB provides. Just put some plywood over your boxspring and you'll be good.I say this after assembling the platform and there's really nothing special about it at all.
  4. Good night of sleep. With my previous mattresses, I tended to flop around throughout the night and this night I doubt I moved much at all. The Mrs didn't have any complaints which is also a first but that may not have always been completely about the bed. Seriously though, how can I can remember what goes where (and what doesn't) when I'm that uncomfortable on the mattress?Pleased with the purchase but it is just one night. If this thread gets bumped again down the line I'll check in with another review.
  5. Bed and platform delivered today in two big boxes. One box holds the mattress (in a duffel bag), the mattress protector, the 1500 thread count sheets, and two "Earth pillows" which were added for free. The other box contains the wood for the platform, bolts and such, and the foundation "ticking". Working alone, I assembled the platform entirely with the tools included and a cordless drill for some wood screws. (FYI: the installation instructions are in with the ticking) The platform took maybe 45 minutes to complete including time to look for the directions, guzzle a beer, and figuring out what to do with my old bed and such; that's now in the kitchen which the wife should love. Platform fits perfectly in the frame from the previous bed so this setup was a breeze. You'd have to be a complete unhandy chump to struggle with the platform setup. The mattress is wrapped in in plastic to assist in keeping it compressed in the duffel bag. I set in on the platform and removed the plastic with some scissors. I'd guess it was completely inflated in about 5 minutes. Putting the mattress cover was as simple as putting on sheets so there was really nothing to it. After about 1.5 hours, bed's ready to go and looks like, well, a bed. Total cost? Foundation - $172 PacBamboo 11" Mattress, Queen - $676 Mattress Protector - $35 Sheet Set - $79 Earth Pillows - Free No tax, no shipping fees. So, for $962 I have a new bed and hopefully some relief for my aching lower back. (Shout out to Offdee for shining me on to this thread and to the others who provided the feedback which prompted me to take the plunge.)
  6. Why not order it ASAP to take advantage of the still "cheap" pricing? The 120 day trial option looks solid to me so what's the worst that could happen? Bamboo Bill - I made my purchase via the website and it was as easy as you would expect. Delivery should occur tomorrow.
  7. Chiming in to report that I've purchased a Bed-in-a-Box thanks to this thread. Should be delivered on Tuesday. Giddy with excitement. Giddy!
  8. Points awarded for "Murray Head" reference.
  9. Just now getting acquainted with this story and this is the first I've heard that the 60 year old man with a cane skulked his way over a gate with a backpack full of God knows what.Don't think I've called for one before
  10. Apparently so. These guys are talking about them like my wife and her friends talk about handbags.I'm serious. I thought watches were fading since everyone has access to a clock on their phone.I'm serious too. They've become fashion accessories since their actual usage is dead with cellphones, etc.I don't think this is true. With a watch, I can sneak a look at the time without someone assuming I'm bored with them or have more important matters to attend to like checking my phone for whatever. I know I get annoyed with folks who can't go 5 minutes without looking at their phone for whatever reason. I know it's 5 minutes because my watch sneakily told me so.Now, I don't have to wear an expensive/flashy watch for this maneuver so in that aspect it is a fashion thing.
  11. This has only happened to me in two scenes in two separate books -1. The nose job scene in Thomas Pynchon's V.. The crazy part is it's written with high comedy and excruciatingly precise medical detail. It turns your stomach while also trying to make you laugh. I trudged through it, but I felt like throwing up. 2. The scene in the Marquis De Sade's Justine, when a group of libertine monks rapes several nuns. I got to the part where they suspend a pregnant nun over a small flame (if she slips, she gets burned), and proceed to violate her with various objects. Couldn't trudge through that. The Marquis won. I flipped pages and never looked back. I guess I have an iron stomach/mind when it comes to fiction, because I never understood the uproar over Ellis' American Psycho. Was it graphic at points? Yes. But the author's satirical stance was always clear to me, so I was never turned off by it. The pathos of the narrator (unconscious to him) was always 'there' for me. Hey, everything was going along smoothly and then Patrick Bateman had to go and get himself a hungry rat. That's when things got difficult.
  12. This is a very helpful thread. Finished "American Psycho" a few weeks back and it's still on my mind. I couldn't bring myself to fully read some parts but I think I enjoyed it. "Savage Season" is the first of the Hap and Leonard books from Lansdale and was a very good time. Looking forward to more in the series. On to "Relic" now and after a few chapters this should be a good summer read.
  13. Cool image.Looks like you need to mow your yard.