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  1. Probably, but I have him in play anyway. I have to get my grass cut and cook dinner, can you give me a weather update on Det/Cin? TIA
  2. On DK B Dozier is only 3.5k but has good career numbers vs Sale- in 41 at bats .293 with 3 HR and 11 RBI. The Mets SS Rosario is 3.6k and gives you cheap Coors exposure. There are some cheap bats in Det/Cin but the weather there has me fading it for now.
  3. For a cheap (5.9) SP I'm going to take a flyer on J Rodriguez from Wash to pair with Clevinger so I can get in Arenado and a couple Mets.
  4. Just played 2 .25ers last night and both finished mid 90s about 30 from cashing. 1 I got the SPs right but no bats and the other had hitting but SP sucked. Today at SP going with a mix of Clevinger, Vasquez,Hamels and Taillion. Hitters I like Det,Tex,Phil,LAA and Coors of course. Looking like another day where there could be weather issues.
  5. Of course none of my guys shot under par while Koepka Fleetwood and Fowler cruised up the leaderboard. Started the day 12pts out of 1st and up 18+ on 3rd only to finish 25th 50+ behind the leader. That same lineup was good enough to win in the 3man so $7 in $6.20 out.
  6. DJ blew his lead and now tied with Finau and Koepka. Best case for me is if Finau wins, DJ 2nd and Koepka falls out of top 5.
  7. Bum, lost by a point. $2.50 in .62 out. On to the power drinking.
  8. Need 1 more hit from Yelich in the last to innings to win my 3man
  9. 2 .25ers Scherzer Guerra Maldonado Desmond Pirela Arenado Galvis Jones Mancini Pinder Freeland Castillo Ianetta Desmond LaMahieu Arenado Profar Trout Yelich Jones Good luck all!!
  10. Finau did hos job but Cantlay not so much. Still in 2nd but much farther from 1st and a little closer to 3rd.
  11. In order to stay in the top 3 where the $$ is I need my guys (DJ,Stenson, Poulter Steele,Cantlay,Finau) to play well and Rose,Koepka, Fleetwood,Grace and Mickelson to tank.
  12. I never do the 5man either because the way it pays youre better off doing the 3man. My 3man for today is almost the same as yours but have Turner over Gattis. Going to be driving alot today(taking Dad out for Father's day and 2 grad parties) so going light. Doing the 3man and 2 .25ers, 1 Scherzer/Guerra and 1 Freeland/Castillo. Arenado is in all my lineup as he's finally on fire.
  13. Decent night considering the SPs I paid up for tanked. Stripling Skaggs cashed in a .25 and $1 SE. Gio lineup missed cashing by .15. Also won a 3man pickem. $4 in $8.15 out.
  14. They are and I have 6 left but so do alot of the top 10. Cantlay and Finau need to shoot under for me along with the rest of my guys. Good luck to you too.
  15. Arenado HR locks up a 3man win, now need the above to come thru to cash 2 gpps