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  1. Great pick! Screaming Trees and Mark Lanigan are often ignored or forgotten by most.
  2. I almost did an Elvis Xmas song. Little Less Conversation could work for Elvis/SoulCycle
  3. This is probably the week I take sole possession of last place. At least I'm not paying for these beat downs like some of my other leagues.
  4. This is a tough round because I love grunge and cover songs- almost went with covers for the jukebox draft. Some covers work and some don't but I still listen to quite a few just in case. This is one that sounds like a bad idea but I really like it. From one of my fav tribute discs Round6 Covers The Cure- Purple Haze
  5. Are you getting alot of 504 errors? Thought it was just me cause I can't use my work WiFi network
  6. I actually like Elvis and was going to draft one but switched to SoulCycle at the last minute. There are multiple channels where an Elvis song can be used so he may get some love latter.
  7. Round 5 Lithium A track from the first so called grunge album I ever bought and began my love of Cornell's voice. To me this music was melodic blues based metal. Temple of the Dog-Four Walled World
  8. Round 4 If it's good enough for Rocky Balboa, it's good enough for me. Survivor-Eye of the Tiger