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  1. Cousins Cooper and Pryor all under 5% owned- now just need them to put up 70-80 points LOL
  2. I need 28 from Carr just to hit that.
  3. I got screwed by almost all my picks. Crowell Ajayi Anderson Monty Adams Benjamin Ebron Fleener Doyle
  4. Had changed this to Cousins Hyde Zeke Thomas Cooper Pryor Witten Bailey 49ers Probably need 100+ from remaining guys to have a shot to cash.
  5. My 5 $.25 PGA/NFL contests cashed for $3.25--- too bad my other lineups cost me $10
  6. Green and Hunt just missed 3x value and lots of chalk in the late game left. Other than my Thur-Mon gpp that has 6 players left I don't have much exposure either. Carr is my cash QB and have some Pryor and Crabtree but probably not cashing anything this week.
  7. I honestly thought Lewis retired.
  8. Did 4 / .25 pick ems last week and cashed in 3 for $2.75 which is technically success. Good luck all!!
  9. $1 pick em Carr Bell Ajayi Green Benjamin Freeman Anderson Crowell $3 gpp Rogers Anderson McCaffrey Adams Cooper Sanu Ebron Monty KC
  10. Cash Carr Bell Monty Green Benjamin Sanu Fleener Bryant Den $1 gpp Stafford Bell Hunt Julio Pryor Funchess Ebron Gonzalez Browns Freeroll Brees Bell Crowell Thomas Crowder Crabtree Fleener Gano KC
  11. If you don't usually play in gpps you should probably start out crawling instead of sprinting. Something like $130 in cash and $20 in gpp until you get the hang of it. At best gpps pay out the top 20% so you could easily lose everything on a bad week.
  12. I tried a Steps contest and round 1 is basically a cash game with 4/10 advancing. 3/10 had Hyde 1/10 Gurley (1 had both) and no other players from that game used.
  13. I'm going with plan A and hoping to min cash with the guys I have. No use making a bad week worse.
  14. Could be one of those weeks where stacking the Thur game pays off. A bunch of teams at the top with 150+ pts and 2-3 players left to play.
  15. I kind of like it, definitely unique and has a lot of upside. It will either score big or flame out.Brissett is the only one of these I have zero exposure to.