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  1. Wondering if anyone would notice that. Here in Detroit, Canada is actually to the South.
  2. Have got to get something from the best band from our friends to the south(sorry Rush fans)-- The Tragically Hip. This is my fav album by them and listen to it at least once a week when I need a break from the metal. The hard part is picking the 2 songs to spotlight- everyday it seems I change my mind as almost every track is stellar. After giving it a listen earlier today these are the 2 that made the cut for today. The Tragically Hip- Road Apples(1991) Little Bones Cordelia
  3. I voted 3 but either get up before the alarm or hit snooze 1-2x before getting up. I don't like to just jump out of bed and hit the ground running-prefer to ease my way into the day. But I'm also afaid to fall back to sleep for too long so use snooze as my safety net.
  4. Ive seen Sabbath 8 times with 4 different singers and thought Dio did a great job on the Ozzy classics. I'm kinda sick and burnt out on Ironman having heard it live 20+ times but liked Dio's version best. I don't think I ever heard Ozzy try and sing a Dio era song.
  5. Catch up pick as I fell out early last night 34.17 Black Sabbath- Heaven and Hell(1980) My second from this band but with Dio on vocals it's like a whole different but still awesome band. This is the second non-Beatles album I ever bought with my own money back in 1981 and Ive loved it ever since. The 3 previous albums had gotten further and further from the classic Sabbath sound and this one does to but in a good way. After the firing of Ozzy and a 2 year break the addition of Dio added new life and energy to the band. Yes there are a couple clunkers but the title track is one of my all time favs so this has to be on my island. Heaven and Hell Die Young
  6. That was my next pick! Figured this was safe as I've rarely seen him taken in these drafts. Plus I'm a Detroiter and grew up listening to him - he's like the Bruce of Detroit.
  7. Tracks added. Also props to whoever drafted White Lung. Good stuff and listened to 2 whole albums in 44mins.
  8. Need something from my 3rd fav band Metallica- Live ####,binge and purge(1993) Am I Evil? Welcome Home(Sanitarium)