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  1. Ain't Talking bout Love And the Cradle will Rock Everybody Wants Some
  2. Went with other- hot sauce.
  3. Metallica is one of my fav bands especially live. I've seen them 16 times and they always put on a great show especially back in the day when they were playing 3 1/2 hour sets. I prefer Kill 'em All and Justice for All but this is a solid album and Welcome Home is one of my favs by them.
  4. Bert's? She was the last of Detroit's living legends and a great ambassador of the city, she will be missed. RIP
  5. I Need to Know Refugee Breakdown
  6. Purple Rain Do Me Baby DMSR
  7. Urena 1st starting pitcher in MLB history to hit a batter with their only pitch. What an ###
  8. Billie Jean Dirty Diana Shake Your Body(Down to the Ground)
  9. That reminds me - Hand of Fate belongs in this thread too.
  10. Some have already been mentioned but here are mine- Memory Motel, Play With Fire, Memo From Turner, Fingerprint File, Moonlight Mile, I've Got the Blues, and Jigsaw Puzzle. Also like their covers from the early years Little Red Rooster,Route 66.
  11. Huge Beatles fan and my favs change all the time after Abbey Road Medley at number 1. I'll eliminate that and cover songs and go with- Strawberry Fields Forever Let It Be For No One
  12. Was going to post basically the same things. Extra annoying when these are rolled into 1 owner.
  13. My favorite album by my favorite band. If the Abbey Road medley was considered a single song it would be my fav tune of theirs by alot. A perfect end to their time together it showcases all their different styles and talents.
  14. 2nd biggest MLB win of the year, won a 15man $1 winner take all pickem for $13.50.
  15. Black Immortality Indifference