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  1. Which Freeman is that? I like Royce for gpp but probably not good for cash.
  2. $5 50/50 cashed with 142.70, used a $3 ticket I got from NHL last week and finished 6/118 with 174.84 for $16, 2/4 of my 25cent gpps cashed for a total of $2. $8 in $27 out
  3. Played light this week, $5 50/50 cashed with 138.74. $1gpp didn't with 109.7. $6 in 9 out
  4. yeah, my wife says he looks like he's high all the time- bloodshot squinty eyes and a plastered on smile.
  5. Cashed all my 50/50s with 174.84 but gpps didn't cash at all. $12 in $16.20 out.
  6. No Cmac and Wentz at QB for cash so total bloodbath for me. Oh, and no Fuller at 35%+ owned. I did cash 3/4 of my $.25 gpps so $7 in $2 out.
  7. I'm only using him for cash too. Have a 25cent gpp with Dalton,Tate and Uzomah who may get more targets but is less likely to score.
  8. This was actually in the 25cent contest and cashed along with 2 others. $1 lineup had Carson at Capt and cashed for $3. Off to a good start to the week - $2 in $5.25 out.
  9. Yeah I like DKs showdown much better-capt costs more,more contest selections and having team D as a choice. I min cashed with 103.87 and "won" 60 cents
  10. I have 4 25 centers too with Capts of Carson,Wilson,Kupp and Zuerlein
  11. I have a $1 entry in showdown-Goff(Capt),Wilson,Gurly,Kupp,J Brown,Zuerlein
  12. Its alot harder to make a cash lineup I like on DK than FD but going with this for now Wentz,Cook,DJ,Fitz,Sutton,Dionte,Eifert,Fournette,Chargers If I upgrade from Dionte or Eifert I end up with Hyde as my flex-this feels somewhat safer
  13. He may be the highest owned player in cash and gpp at his price point and matchup.
  14. Was thinking the same thing earlier, lol. Definitely doing a Watson/Hopkins stack again this week for gpp, they are bound to go off at some point(like Evans 2 weeks ago) and have been under 9% owned the last 2 weeks. Also like your Montgomery call and I like Hyde as a gpp flyer too.