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  1. Raging weasel

    DraftKings Week 15

    Having a hard time putting together a lineup I like for cash this week in the main slate. Other than Zeke and Barkley don't really like many other position players for their price or matchup.
  2. Raging weasel

    Bragging, venting, crowing, grieving...

    Lost in 1st round by 4 thanks to Cooks last minute TD
  3. Raging weasel

    Draftkings Week 14

    Cashed a $1 SE MNF showdown game for $4
  4. Raging weasel

    Draftkings Week 14

    Cash was- Rogers,Zeke, Barkley,Sutton, Humphreys,Ellington,Kelce,Samuels,Dal Best gpp- Winston,Zeke,Richard,Evans,Cooper,Brate,Samuels,Jets(184.82)
  5. Always sitting, never even thought to do it standing.
  6. Raging weasel

    What do you need on MNF?

    I need Cook to get less than 12.2 in ppr to advance.
  7. Raging weasel

    Draftkings Week 14

    $7.25 in and $11.50 out. Best score was 184+ and my cash game score was 148.64 good enough to cash.
  8. Raging weasel

    FanDuel Week 14

    Cam has a bad shoulder and can't throw very far
  9. Raging weasel

    FanDuel Week 14

    Think they're talking about Jaylen Samuels. I did pull Moore from some of my lineups due to the Cam news though.
  10. Raging weasel

    Anyone lose hair on their legs?

    You're right I got mixed up. I also have shingles which comes from the chicken pox virus.
  11. I see what you did there. Another great episode and tribal in the best season in years. Rooting for Nick,Davie,Kara final 3 but agree Angelina will be the token 3rd.
  12. Raging weasel

    Anyone lose hair on their legs?

    Same thing happened to me 5 years or so ago. Lost lower leg hair,forearm hair as well as eyebrows and eyelashes. Went to a dermatologist and she said it was Alopecia and it can't be cured. You can get steroid shots to the area in hopes it spurs new growth but that's about it. Very common if you've had other immune disorders like chicken pox, psoriasis or excema.
  13. Raging weasel

    Draftkings Week 14

    Yeah in my $.25 gpps I have 3 lineups that have either Zeke or Kamara, 2 good WR(Julio,Adams,Brown,Hill,Allen,Evans) and a bunch of cheap upside guys/cheap chalk. ETA- in my $5 lineup I keep going back and forth between Kelce+Humphries and Hilton+Brate or Ebron. 2 of my $.25ers are basically teams I'm facing in my season long playoffs so if I get trounced I may at least get some cash back-lol.
  14. Raging weasel

    Draftkings Week 14

    Didn't want to clutter up the FD thread so starting this one. Just like on FD there is crazy value everywhere due to injuries. I'm going to bypass most of the cheap RBs and try the cheap WRs who should at least get volume. My $5 2x as of today Rogers,Zeke,Barkley,Sutton,Humphries, Ellington,Kelce,Samuels,Dal Also have 4 $.25 gpps for Sun and a $1 Showdown lineup for Jax/Tenn . The Showdown lineup is Fournette at mvp,both Ks,both D's, and Firkser. This leaves 8.4k on the table but these teams are so bad I didn't know which QB to take a shot on. If nothing else it will be unique.
  15. Raging weasel

    Survivor Contests - Currently Week 14

    Both of us took GBay so we split the pot- $570 each