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  1. Only filled to 9.6k. I had 4 entries and got 1 $4 nba ticket.
  2. I entered a couple in .50 contest for a $4 nba ticket that has only sold 1.3k of 23.8k spots and pays out 2500 tickets.
  3. Had my last $6 in play and turned it into $11 so will be on FD at least another week.
  4. Decent week, $7.50 in and $10.75 out.
  5. Ouch. I've got 129 with just Gurly left who is 88% owned and only 14 over cashline. Going to be close.
  6. Looks like another day of the chalk being chalk. Howard and Mixon sucking killed some lineups but hopefully can still make a couple $$$
  7. $5 50/50 Winston/Gurly/Gordon/Ridley/Boyd/Rogers/Brate/Howard Chi After whiffing in PGA this week this is the last of my FD $$.
  8. No way I'd play Fitz in any kind of cash lineup right now. Gabriel, Rogers and Godwin all same price or less with higher floor and ceiling imo. Do like the Mixon,Green and Julio calls tho.
  9. Is Claiborne hurt? He's one of the best in the game right now.
  10. I didn't realize that is a London game. Also looks like rain and storms could be in play tonight
  11. Actually thought this was the FD thread so the pricing could be way different. ETA- checked it out and he is basically min price at DK so could make some sense playing him there even in cash.
  12. People have been touting seals-jones for weeks and he's basically done squat. If a floor of 2pts is ok with you feel free to roll with him. I'd rather spend a little more for someone more consistent or save $400-$500 and go with Swaim or McDonald.
  13. If you did hit on both TEs in a gpp it could give you enough differential to take down a gpp if your other picks were good too. Like last week if you had Ebron and Ertz you likely did pretty well. This is where the pros or people who spend $200+ a week have an advantage. They can afford doing a weird lineup or 2 in the hundreds they are playing.
  14. Probably more to do with pricing, Powell is a few hundred dollars cheaper.
  15. If you're going with 2 TE I think 1 has to be Ertz. I like him more than either of those this week and he is cheaper.