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  1. He's such a genius that the Pats D has gotten better since he left while the Lions has gotten worse while supposedly adding more talent.
  2. Where did you go- 1 of the places in Ann Arbor or the 1 by Flint? I"m in Mich too and look forward to at least check one out but don't like the idea of an hour drive each way and then an hour or so in line to do it. Sounds like at least April until a store opens in Detroit because like everything there it's now turned racial. None of the places ready to open there are owned by Detroiters or African-Americans so city council is holding off letting them open until some Detroiters can get approved and ready to open at the same time.
  3. Mahommes,-Better passer and football IQ and less chance of injury.
  4. The Lions need to either draft Tua at 3 or convince the rest of the league they are going to take him there to maximize trade offers. If healthy, taking Tua would be a no-brainer for the long term outlook of the team but with Quinn having to "win now" to keep his job probably not something he will do.
  5. I thought he was the coach who went to Wendy's drive thru naked but had the wrong Joe(Cullen).
  6. I didn't really like any of the final players and really disliked Dean but thought he probably deserved to win it all with his strong finish and having to fight to get even that far. He also seemed like he was killing the other 2 in the Q and A so was really surprised it wasn't even close. Probably a bottom 3 season overall due to casting and all the social drama involved but still entertaining.
  7. My bold move was before week 13. Traded away Godwin, Fournette and Goedert for Julio,D Adams and Singletary. Lost in week 13 but beat the team I traded with to make the Superbowl by 6 and have healthy receivers.
  8. Was down 25 with Buf D and 30 seconds of Julio and then down 4 with 2 mins to go in Buf game. 2 sacks and a pick for the 2 point win
  9. Yeah, I wonder how long her alliance switch rant went on in real time- 10,20,50 minutes? Also when looking for the idol Noura asks what color was it. After they tell her blue she says just keep saying the word blue and it will program your brain to find it, we won't even have to look it will just appear . And through the magic of TV it did.
  10. Yes people shaking things up at tribal is the best part and can make for great blindsides or alliance flipping depending on what is said. Im all for players speaking out so all can hear but hate when they break up into groups and whisper to each other a new target or whatever.
  11. Ive lost track of whether more idols left the game unplayed or were used incorrectly-worst season ever for idol use either way. The only way the minority alliance had a chance to not get picked off 1 by 1 the rest of the way was if Elaine used her idol on Karishma last night and voted out Tommy or Lauren instead. I really wish they would end the tribal council get togethers and whisperings somehow. Hated this trend when it started 3-4 seasons ago and keep hoping it gets stopped. Maybe seat them further apart and if you leave your seat you lose your vote?
  12. Sure was. After all the tribals where everyone was almost too nice to each other and nothing really crazy was said this one went of the rails fast.
  13. Lineups above all cashed, had another that didn't. $13 in $22 out.