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  1. Just made it, finished with 341.3 to win by 4+
  2. Need 62 points from Ingram, Randle and Lopez to win my FD 3 man.
  3. The flat earthers believe that Antarctica is a giant wall of ice around the edge of the earth that holds all the water in.
  4. 1 of 7 in my pool knocked out by KC loss leaving only 2 teams left.
  5. Don't leave us Lions fans out of this conversation. In the last 50 years the Browns have 6 playoff wins to the Lions 1 and Buffalo played in 4 Super Bowls.
  6. Lions homer here and going with a repeat by the Saints.
  7. won a ticket for a $7 contest a few weeks back in the freeroll and turns out its a thursday only qualifier playing for a ticket worth $250. Lions fan semi-stacking vikings and fading the home team. rivers gordon mckinnon allen thielin doctson rudolph forbath chargers
  8. won both my 2 mans but lost everything else. still have 1 going tonight with ryan,julio,coleman and baldwin but am almost 70 from the current cutline.
  9. cash lineup could only manage 119+ which was 4 and 12 points from cutline. $4 in 0 oiut.
  10. Going to win my 5th in a row while also collecting my 3rd high of the week in the last 4 weeks (at $30/week). Need 38 points from Wentz/Graham to set the new single game scoring record. Since starting 0-4 have been in top 3 in scoring every week while going 6-1.
  11. Me too. Have at least 1 Raider in every lineup o DK.
  12. Did a $1 gpp Curry Murray Bradley Holiday Chandler Jackson Green Kuzma Jokic
  13. KC loss knocked me out of my survivor pool.
  14. LOL
  15. 1st down runs starting to pay off.