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  1. Currently in 6th in 10x at DK but Hadley and Palmer probably blew my chance to stay above cash line. Oh well, fun while it lasted.
  2. 1st song I thought of for this category. Could actually go either way since he wrote it but she recorded it .
  3. my safe cash lineup is the worst lineup Ive ever made- currently scoring a pathetic 30.5 no player in double digits and Woodland leads the team with 6.5. My gpp team doing much better and only 2.3ish from cashing despite Hoge scoring -.5 (84.80) better on DK where one of my 10x lineups still has a chance. Currently at 117 only 14 pts from cashing.
  4. I know it's too early to panic but other than JT all my guys are 2+ over so far, this could be a blood bath.
  5. Love this, watch it every time it comes on.
  6. LOL, this is probably the worst possible course for Tiger to be playing in his current form. I predict he finishes no better than 3 over and misses the cut.
  7. Probably the Jr part. Never see that with girls.
  8. True Romance for me
  9. All the people playing Tiger ( over 18% in every contest) should help me out because if you can't hit the fairways on this course you're done. Also heard that the putting surface is actually mostly sand painted green so that could be interesting.
  10. thought I had until 7 for lineup lock so got caught with my pants down this week Wanted to get some Sergio into my lineups but didn't which should be good news for you guys. FD 2 $2 50/50 and $2 3man woodland palmer kizzire hadley knox hatton $1 SE gpp thomas rcb hatton dufner ohair hoge ( was going to fade jt and duf to get in sergio, gay and whoever over ohair) DK 2 entries in $2 10x thomas dufner henley hadley kizzire palmer hatton dufner rcb scott hadley aphibarnat ( hate this lineup-wanted to scrap everyone but rcb and start over) $2 casual 3man fleetwood woodland knox kizzire palmer howell ( dont mind this one other than howell) good luck guys, I know Im going to need alot of it
  11. She is. Was hoping she'd appear as the Hellcat in Defenders so maybe this season of JJ will get her moving in that direction in time for Defenders 2.
  12. Other than the fact that I've rarely seen the nominated or winning movies until after the awards are given, no.
  13. Thought it was a draft of either Oscar winning music or music from Oscar winners.
  14. hadn't checked in on this thread due to the title but clicked it by accident last night and WOW-- great idea and execution. I'll be