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  1. I would have to say both QB's are very good players. Peyton is easily the best passing QB in the league and he has all the stats to prove that. Brady is also a great QB whose stats are alright but miniscule in comparison to Manning. If you want to compare stats how can anyone argue that Brady is better than Manning. Yes, Brady has the 2 SB's however if you were a GM and you had a chance to start a franchise and the option was to have Manning being your starting QB or Brady who would you pick???........ I think the answer is easy. I am not saying that Brady isin't a great QB but you would be dumb to not take Peyton Manning. There is no fair way to decide who is better but if anyone believes that if you swap Peyton and Brady teams and Peyton could not have done what Brady has done and won those SB's you are clearly mistaken. Is Karl Malone not known as one of the greatest PF's to play the game of basketball because he has not won a championship??? I think the answer is no. Everyone seems to be viewing Brady as Michael Jordan esque while he simply benefitts from playing on a great team. Brady is great don't get me wrong but I take Peyton as my QB.