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  1. I just drop Luck for Alex Collins. Redraft league, already have Wentz.
  2. Desperate GM ??
  3. Sell High: Chris Thompson Buy low: Doug Martin
  4. #Seahawks QB @DangeRussWilson: Chris Carson is phenomenal and comes in with a professional mindset. He doesn't act like a rookie.
  5. Jene Bramel‏ @JeneBramel 10m10 minutes ago More Jene Bramel Retweeted Randy Kessler Think Nelson took knee just below thigh pad on play before he pulled up. Hopefully, more contusion than sprain. Was no comment after game.
  6. Drop Lacy and got Dorsett
  7. Mike Tolbert
  8. Except playing on special team.....
  9. Ben Volin‏Verified account @BenVolin 49m49 minutes ago More More 2017 NFL predictions: Patriots: 12-4 MVP: Russell Wilson DPOY: Joey Bosa Offensive Rookie: Joe Mixon Defensive Rookie: Reuben Foster
  10. Mine (no ppr): 1-Fournette 2- Cook 3- CMC 4- Mixon 5- C Davis 6- K Hunt 7- S.Perine 8- A Kamara 9-M Wiiliams 10-C Kupp
  11. Pack ??? I'd be scare....
  12. Would you trade Gurley for J Howard ? (In dynasty)
  13. Starting him over Ryan Mathews.
  14. Trying to sell him and Jeffery for Jaquizz and D Martin