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  1. What's your opinion on local news in comparison to national news?
  2. What's a fun hobby that anybody can do? Ive thought about woodworking, snooker and taking up sky diving. Any suggestions is seriously welcomed.
  3. How in the world does someone like Trump become so successful? He has the emotional intelligence of a 6 year old.
  4. I really want to learn more about taking good photos. Most of my professional photos don't look as good. What's a good starting point for researching this topic?
  5. Yes to both drinking and eating meat at the protest. Hard to say no to free meals and beer.
  6. Invited to both events next Sunday, FFA. What's your advice for picking which one?
  7. Feels like I'm stuck in a nightmare of 1984 and Infinite Jest.
  8. What's the ruling on approaching women in public? She chatted me up but I was too nervous to give my number.
  9. Sessions is anti disability too. https://twitter.com/SenateDems/status/818979639716515840
  10. I was wrong about being compassionate is weak. Sometimes it's okay to cry.
  11. More of the same failed Bush policies.
  12. Thanks again, NV.
  13. Phew, so glad that Trump University degree has payed off.
  14. His lack of foresight and impulsiveness is astonishing.