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  1. Ps I appreciate the insight from you guys.
  2. I think going back to school to become a children’s librarian sounds more ideal.
  3. How do you break into the world of food? @Joe Bryant @tipsy mcstagger I work a boring office job and am looking for a career change. I thought about culinary arts because that's what I did at a vocational high school.
  5. Why do we shame men again for wearing sweats or yoga pants in public?
  6. Omg the national is releasing an album and touring with Courtney Barnett
  7. They were trying to get out of gym class and the chanting occurred while other students were using the urinal.
  8. My son's friends literally made a “pee club" to spoof fight club to raise awareness for the drama club. They went to the bathroom between 3rd and 4th block and crowded the tiny bathroom chanting “PEE CLUB PEE CLUB PEE CLUB” over and over. I got a call from principal to meet with him tomorrow. What is the proper response if your child did this during school?
  9. I caught myself reading the politics forum over at tiger droppings and the Donald. I was wondering how many of these trolls actually believe what they are saying is true. Like do they fact check to see if the president is ever wrong on an issue? How did we become so divided?
  10. I was watching a BBC doc on a nudist family and was wondering when does it become creepy and inappropriate?
  11. I'm just bored at work and forced to listen to Chris manix bash e sports.
  12. I don't get these parents criticism letting their kids play forenite competitively.
  13. Favourites of 2018 Parquet Courts Liz Cooper and the Stampedes Soccer Mommy Hop Along Phosohorescent Guerrilla Toss Speedy Ortiz Grimes Blood Orange Courtney Barnett Kurt Ville