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  1. I might as well embrace feeling lonely, anxious or insecure. Had fun going to a concert by myself. PS, thanks for the book recommendations Henry Ford. I got a copy out of the local library.
  2. I can only imagine what you guys would be like in a political science class.
  3. I'm really grateful to be working with compassionate folks at school and therapy. I also have seen some positives using the ACT method.
  4. I realized that acceptance, purpose and authenticity come from inside of you. Now trying to live it is a different story. PS, really enjoyed watching Twin Peaks tonight.
  5. My first class with yoga was went not as expected. Not because the yoga instructor did something wrong, but just because I was so stressed out that I couldn’t stop moving and yoga seemed to force me to slow down. So, my first yoga class felt like torture. I was constantly watching the time, trying to hide my anxiety and, of course, it was not certainly on my side. It's really hard to let go of the struggle with social anxiety, and depression.
  6. Stop going to church and supporting their hypocrisy.
  7. No, he is the sole reason why news media is terrible.
  8. I'm surprised this thread lasted so long. I gave up after a week of trying the Keto diet.
  9. I start my first yoga class on Monday.
  10. I thought Trump was tremendous at playing telephone.
  11. Laura Marling is just so fantastic.
  12. I opened up to a few friends and was met with indifference. Does this say more about them?
  13. It's hard to admit that I was wrong. It's easier to blame others than have self-awareness or self-reflection. I feel like half the battle is trying to adapt a more optimistic outlook. It's really on me to overcome my own insecurities and ineptitude.