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  1. Why is this such a big issue on Fox news?
  2. I couldn't feel better about myself.
  3. What would you tell an Incel that wants to change his behavior?
  4. Our sitting president tweeted boring during the debates. This has what we've become
  5. I was not alive during Reagan’s presidency. How similar are the two criminal investigations led by congress?
  6. I was banned from Tigerdroppings and the Donald for posting a link about his tax returns. How is this fair and balanced? Why is his base against learning about the truth?
  7. Doesn’t his base understand the consumers lose out when we’re hit with tariffs?
  8. Ps I appreciate the insight from you guys.
  9. I think going back to school to become a children’s librarian sounds more ideal.
  10. How do you break into the world of food? @Joe Bryant @tipsy mcstagger I work a boring office job and am looking for a career change. I thought about culinary arts because that's what I did at a vocational high school.
  12. Why do we shame men again for wearing sweats or yoga pants in public?
  13. Omg the national is releasing an album and touring with Courtney Barnett