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  1. On a five day streak of going to the gym, and eating vegetarian meals. No fast food, puking or diet crash meals.
  2. Now we just need judges for the competition @Aaron Rudnicki @mr furley
  3. How about a virtual thanksgiving pie eat off for a COVID charity of your choosing @shuke @General Malaise
  4. British bake off winner right here
  5. I went to the local farmers market this morning, and was wondering how you guys would rank the top five pies of all time? @shuke @General Malaise @Otis
  6. New adrianne lenker and Fuzz in one day @Northern Voice? Rules.
  7. Today's my grandfather's 91st birthday. He served in the navy and was honored with a purple heart. I am thinking of him and how he can't go out in florida because people are selfish #######s.
  8. Good news guys, i got a job interview monday, possibly working in DC at LOC next spring weeeeeeee
  9. What five stocks would you pick of fractional shares for five year growth?
  10. Why is chipotle and auto zones stock so high?
  11. I had a dream last night an antifa member pelted Trump with an avocado
  12. Is this what they mean by october surprise
  13. note to self: invest in beyond burgers