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  1. Am I nuts for thinking season 10 could of had a guest appearance for Jennifer Lawrence? Larry runs into her, it’s well known she has a crush on her, brings JLAW to Cabo and JLAW has her drunken personality on display at the wedding as a way to poke fun at herself.
  2. Is this allowed @Aaron Rudnicki and or @Joe Bryant?
  3. I am late to Portlandia and binged it on Netflix. Great show.
  4. And if you stopped going there, why? I'm curious to hear your thoughts on eating a big Mac. How do deal with your kids wanting McDonalds?
  5. The sun also rises helped change my worldview in 7th grade, we had to read don Quixote and the great Gatsby
  6. They provide you housing, healthcare and food. No prior knowledge of teaching English. What’s the catch?
  7. Any of the Kurt Vonnegut books Dune Ernest Hemingway George Orwell Will Eisner Watchmen
  8. How did tame impala not go in the first three rounds