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  1. Is there any internet alternative to xfinity?
  2. YouTube tv just jacked their price up to 64.99 boooo
  3. I bought an Apple Watch from the Apple store and they shipped it from China. It was nice knowing you guys lol
  4. Remember when the history channel was about history
  5. Like I'm happy to have received a great education from a small state University. However I feel a tad bit jealous of those who got the experience at Clemson or an SEC school with football and basketball at an ACC school. Am I being petty?
  6. Shrill On Hulu Meh, seems like a show @Christo would enjoy
  7. The great on hulu Funny show and Elle Fanning gets naked
  8. Baseball games, country shows and hiking
  9. What cities do you recommend? Is Oregon similar?
  10. He was looking at Pittsburgh or Charlotte North Carolina
  11. What cool city in the USA could you get by living in on 50k? Is it still possible? He is in health care as a nurse.
  12. Is this @shuke