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  1. Is this @shuke
  2. Pick: Dave Chappelle - Equanimity/The Bird Revelation Pick - Tenacious D - the pick of destiny the metal, master exploder
  3. 35.04 - Charlie Daniels Band - Million Mile Reflection Song: Devil went down to Georgia Need to beat the devil at his own game to escape the island.
  4. 30.37 Guns N’ Roses - Chinese democracy If I need something to start a fire, might as well pick this one
  5. I feel deeply saddened by this weeks events and wonder what we can do as a society to improve.
  6. This week has gotta be the most darkest timeline in recent years
  7. 23.04 Spiritualized , 2012, Sweet Heart Sweet Light Songs : hey Jane, So Long You Pretty Thing
  8. 20.37 pick St Vincent, self titled album 2014 Annie Clark is a badass on guitar. Song - birth in reverse
  9. Hard to say as properties in Boston especially town houses are bunched together. They argued it was growing on their side.
  10. The roots was growing underneath their driveway causing cracks. All that’s left is the stump.