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  1. Got a letter from the president
  2. I'm so glad I got covid 19 relief. However, how do you not spend it on stupid stuff? I grew up in a household where my folks were not good at saving or spending money wisely.
  3. 2020 college graduation will take place at my home next month
  4. Is the mass effect series worth revisiting on steam? What about fallout 4?
  5. I like the band snail mail, then I realized sheโ€™s only 20
  6. Should I make a request to the roast master Jeff Ross to chime in on this thread? @shuke @General Malaise @Otis
  7. Frontline doc on covid 19
  8. Any one have advice to hunker down and get work from home done?
  9. I worked in a public library as a student worker and apparently that wasn't good enough.
  10. Oh cool, I lost my job due to covid 19 and don't qualify for regular unemployment
  11. Is it possible to run Windows games on a ๐Ÿ–ฅ? I would love to play fallout 4 or red dead redemption 2
  12. Bought this game for my MacBook pro on Steam
  14. I was watching a Frontline episode from 2013 earlier and couldn't help but notice this young gal had similar symptoms to covid 19 Wtf
  15. How is the disease spreading so quickly across America?
  16. So on the third virtual date, is virtual sex off limits?
  17. I wrote my research paper, and defended it in my pjs take that covid-19
  18. Is it wrong to laugh at folks purposely sneezing on those not following the social distance measure