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  1. How is the disease spreading so quickly across America?
  2. So on the third virtual date, is virtual sex off limits?
  3. I wrote my research paper, and defended it in my pjs take that covid-19
  4. Is it wrong to laugh at folks purposely sneezing on those not following the social distance measure
  5. One positive thing of the pandemic is having pizza chains have finally put an end to the questionable practice of putting their bare hands all over our freshly made pizzas
  6. I am just grateful this community exists in a weird time of existence.
  7. Now would be a strange time to start a naturist cult in Belize
  8. Is this God's way of punishing us for polluting the air?
  9. Has anyone heard of Stomach Ache And Diarrhea as symptoms?
  10. next thing you tell me @LHUCKS still roams this forum
  11. How do you guys feel about colleges moving grades to pass/fail?
  12. And go figure.. I open a dating profile in February and we hit a global pandemic 😂😂
  13. Has congress officially passed anything about refund checks?
  14. Why wouldn’t college and universities just close the semester at this point?
  15. Ugh. I've had the cough, diarrhea and vomiting today. I don't know where to look for testing in Massachusetts. I don't have the flu though. I do attend a school where there was one case tested positive. :unsure: