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  1. dead space 2 out in stores today. Bulletstorm/Crysis 2 demo on Xbox live.
  2. I'd like to re play this. How much for a copy?Anything to trade?nothing good
  3. I'm not seeing it. Oh... see it now. Haha. I doubt that will go through.Yeah, It was trending on twitter. Has to be a glitch.
  4. If your a fan of "Shaun of The Dead", Or "Zombieland", check out Tucker & Dale vs Evil. Highly entertaining. Hopefully it will be on Netflix soon.
  5. this was my strategy.. but after playing that demo I might be picking it up sooner than expected.20$ on Xbox 360.
  6. link In an interview with Eurogamer published earlier today, Xbox and Entertainment Director Stephen McGill confirmed that Microsoft has no plans for a new Xbox console. Instead, the company will be focusing their efforts on supporting Kinect. "We'll continue to evolve those gaming and entertainment experiences through the power of software updates, rather than new chipsets and plastic," McGill said. (Source) This statement should not come as a surprise by any means. Microsoft executives have routinely denied any plans for an "Xbox 720" for years, vehemently insisting that the Xbox 360's lifecycle was merely at the halfway point with another five years left in the tank. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer even referred to Kinect as the "new generation Xbox 360" during a speech at the London School of Economics last month. It is clear then that Kinect is supposed to be the Xbox 720. With a marketing budget of half a billion dollars, Microsoft is banking on Kinect's success. But is it a smart move on Microsoft's part to consider a motion sensing periperhal as the next generation Xbox? If early software review scores on launch titles are any indication, it is still up in the air whether or not Kinect will be a success in today's world of video games let alone against the future generation of beefed up consoles. Could the Xbox 360 with Kinect really compete with a "PlayStation 4" and "Wii 2" if/when they are released in the future? Hopefully they are at least working on a new Xbox in secret. Microsoft, you are really digging a hole for yourselves by thinking that Kinect should be the "Xbox 720".
  7. that might be where BC lands, with your QB facing his old team.I'm hearing Kraft Hunger bowl or El Paso Sun Bowl.
  8. OnLive has been available for awhile. From people I know who have tried it, I haven't heard great things. But it's a good idea. The problem is the bandwidth and the lack of support from big developers.Really? I just saw a commercial for it last night.
  9. I actually like this.ninjaNovember 16 at 7:05pm Comment · Likesociety is full of clowns and weirdo'sNovember 15 at 11:53pm · Like · Commenti think its very interesting when you walk up to someone you know and they can't even remember who you are and just walk away wowNovember 15 at 4:05 pm · Like· Commentvery interesting day and nightNovember 15 at 12:43am · Like · Commentstupid drunk drivers out there almost lost the 1986 cadillac brougham tonight November 13 at 12:29am · Like · Comment
  10. There are only 3 more episodes before this season ends. Might as well just finish it out. I didn't have high expectations, and have been enjoying this show.
  11. I have a friend who posts one word statuses. raccoons Thursday at 4:18pm · Comment · Like FOOD!!!!!! November 3 at 11:45pm · Comment · Like bed November 2 at 1:58am · Comment · Like