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  1. If you guys have an ipod touch,ipad, or iphone check out their comic books under Comics in the app store.First book is available free, rest are 1.99.
  2. how do you stop the pump fake glitch on NCAA? i might stop using ncaa online because of this.
  3. I find prizelive(GPT site) a lot easier to use,instead of waiting on goozex.
  4. I'm going to DL this right now. Ive heard it's everything The Godfather II should have been and more.Played the demo last night. The play control/camera is a mess. I will give it another go tonight.yeah, it felt the same way to me.
  5. enough with lady gaga on my news feed.
  6. hfs
  7. Just got laid off for the summer(not enough printing jobs being a Printing Machine Operator), and my girlfriend dumped me today.
  8. Any new info on socom 4? I might shell out some cash for a ps3 just to play this if its good like socom 1/2.
  9. It looks like it just got easier to watch the ESPN360 games with a new deal between XBox and ESPN. I can't wait to start streaming games this fall.
  10. EA also released a demo of mass effect 2(1 hour gameplay) today as well.
  11. Bayonetta- I didn't like the demo when I first played it but I found myself going back to it and playing to improve my score even though it's only a limited amount of enemies and not the full game. I then caved and brought the game and am not disappointed. I loved all the little jokes and references that were made through out the game. solid A- from me,imo